KJM Cheek and Lip Tint Dolled: The famous tint. Review + Swatch

Got my hands on this famous lip and cheek tint. Here's what I think about it.

Here's a review on KJM Cheek and Lip Tint in Dolled.

PRICE: P170.00
FROM: Retail Lab
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available through authorized resellers; official KJM website


KJM is one of the makeups that exploded on social media-I remember that there were months wherein I'd only see posts about it. I saw KJM in my trip to the new Retail Lab store in Powerplant Mall and grabbed this shade called Dolled.

So is it KJM worth the hype?


KJM Lip and Cheek Tint comes in about 8 or 10 shades. What I like about this brand is it's Filipino and it's nice to see a lot of Filipinos patronizing a local brand heavily as much as they would foreign brands.

The product comes in a small bottle with a roller; this is the slim version; there's one that came in a thicker bottle, which was the first version, but I think it is still in production today.

Dolled is a reddish pink shade. Consistency is watery and the tint separates heavily from the water. There must be no presence of stabilizers to prevent this from happening.

The separation of the tint and water causes the product to create streaks and uneven coverage. The technique here is to apply in small batches then blend right away.

On the lips, it clings on heavily to dry patches, especially on the underside of the upper lip and inner rim of the lower lip. Yikes! That said, I wouldn't recommend it as a lip tint if you have dry and patchy lips like me.

The tint stays put for hours; I even had a hard time removing it so I think oily- skinned gals will love this one.

It's a decent tint. I love how long- lasting it is, but not sure if I will rave about the overall quality. Glad that it's affordable too.

Have you tried this tint? What are your thoughts?


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. It's a good thing nabasa ko muna review nyo Ms. Martha. I was thinking of buying one too. I think mas okay pa din Skin Genie for me.

  2. Just don't buy fake liptints or makeup products in general becuase it is very harmful to the skin. Anyways saw my office mate using this one, not also a fan of lip tints because I have dry/chap lips LOL. But I've tried other brands which is the same concept as this one. I must say there are affordable and safe lip tints out there so do not buy fake ones. LOL

  3. At first, I loved it. Pero as time passed by, sobrang baho na nya like unpleasant na siya ilagay. :(

  4. ohhhh i do not prefer a roll on type lip and cheek tint since i find it malagkit on the cheeks... but for some expert users ang galing coz the effect is more of a drunk blush talaga.

  5. I prefer colourette tints texture more but KJM's shade is more flattering on me.

  6. I've seen these for quite some time now. I thought it's a product from a foreign country. I was surprised to find out it's Filipino! We are stepping it up daaang hahaha I do hope they'll improve the other elements for this product. I like their color selections. Thanks for this, Ms, Martha!

  7. I have on in Bittersweet Magenta w/c is the bestseller according to the seller. Agree with you that it doesn't work for dry lips as it has the tendency to highlight dry patches. And uggghhhh! I don't know but I really find it hard to apply on lips, really inconsistent application.
    Been using mine as blush. I actually ditched my previous blush for this one because I love how it gives me natural-looking blush. Just the right trick in applying though since application can really be patchy, but for its price, drunk blush effect and longevity, who am I to complain? :)

  8. Papano po malalaman kung fake ung nabili mo??


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