FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Is Squeaky Clean good for the skin?

Happy Friday everyone! May you all encounter less traffic, less stress, and less hassle today. I wish you all a happy weekend!

Happy weekend starts with here at FMF because we'll put one skin care myth to rest. Thanks Tiffany for the question!

Hi Martha,
I've been reading advice that squeaky clean is ideal for the skin, that it is a standard for clean skin. Is this true? Isn't it bad because squeaky clean means dry? I will greatly appreciate your input.

Hey Tiffany!

Thanks for writing! Blame it on advertising, people have long believed that squeaky clean is the ultimate goal in skin care because it has been associated with cleanliness and beauty. But the truth is out that the squeaky clean feel is probably the worst state your face could be in.

Please take a moment and find a clean, glossy surface and rub your finger against it. Does it squeak when you move your fingers? Do your fingers look immaculate after touching the surface? Does it feel very dry? That's what squeaky clean is. Imagine having this feeling on your face. Squeaky clean should be left to floors, tables, and mirrors; they don't have any pH that can be disrupted while your face does.

Heavy surfactants cause the squeaky clean feel. Surfactants are known to elevate the skin's pH, which means disruption and can lead to dryness, irritation, and breakouts. Overtime, skin will be compromised if it's always subjected to these harsh ingredients and the squeaky clean feel.

The skin has natural moistness and softness to it; that's what it should feel like even after cleansing. This is to sure that your skin stays in a balanced state and its pH, retained.

I can see why some love the squeaky clean feel. I, for one, loved getting that super dry, but clean feeling because my face is naturally oily; surfactants help dissolve sebum along with dirt from the skin, which benefit a lot of people with very oily skin and who get clogged pores all the time.

I'm not a pure skin care idealist because every now and then I like a bit of surfactants in my cleanser especially during summer, but I make sure to alternate with a low pH cleanser and use surfactant- based cleansers with high concentrations of moisturizing ingredients such as plant- derived oils and emollient ingredients like stearic acid and lauric acid. Keep this in mind when you're trying to balance your usage between low pH and high pH cleansers. I believe both types of cleansers have their own merits; just make sure that you're using them wisely and always listen to your skin! :)

Hope this helps! :D

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I raise my hand and agree that once in a blue moon it is okay. Having that squeaky clean feel all the time could be too harmful for the skin. Our skin needs to rest once in a while from chemicals or exfoliants. Personally, I have this rest day for my skin from all the products that I use except moisturizer and sunblock of course!

  2. Yeah I noticed that squeaky clean leaves my skin dry that I have to put on lotion afterwards, especially when I take a bath. Skin must feel hydrated even when you washed it. Thanks for the advice here!

  3. Agree with what you said Ms. M. Not all the time that it's nice, that is why they are advertising the 999 % thingy because they are not sure that it would be cleaned 100% lol!

  4. personally, I also like keeping a balanced relationship with low pH and high pH cleansers and soaps. I actually keep two (soaps) so I can use whichever depending on my skin's needs at the time. Thanks for sharing this, Ms. Martha!

  5. We need to have both worlds. Haha. Lagi ko iniisip na it's not so good na super clean. I remember kasi I wash my face like all the time mas masipag ako magwash ng face than my sisters pero mas maganda mukha nila kesa sakin I even go to derma and use tons of products. Hahaha

  6. Not a fan of squeaky clean feeling on my face but yes, love the feeling once in awhile especially when I've been commuting a lot. This post really explains a lot. Way to go Ms. Martha!


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