Top 10 Essentials for Beginner Content Creators

So you want to be a Content Creator? Are you thinking of turning it into a professional career? Then this list is a must- read for you.

When I was starting out, I just used whatever I could find in the house that would allow me to shoot and upload; back then, content creation was just a hobby so no one really cared about so much about the quality of their photos and equipment they used. But the dawning of the digital age has changed this so much and content creators are now seen more as hobbyists-they're professionals and some, business moguls!

I know, the photo on top may seem to scare your wallet, but I'd like you to know that these were not bought all at once; I saved up for them; earned every penny for me to afford these gadgets. Also, you have to know that I've been doing this professionally for 8 years!

But just like every beginner, I've used the bad, mediocre, and best CC stuff so don't you worry, we all go through that. :) If you're starting out and don't know where to begin, here's a list of 10 essentials that you should own if you want to enter the world of content creation (and turn it into a profession!).

Budget: P8,000- P100,000+

- The number 1 essential item in a content creator's list. When I was starting out, I only borrowed my mom's Canon IXUS; that got me through the first two years of blogging until I was able to afford my first, next level camera in 2011, Panasonic Lumix LX3. This was dubbed as one of the best digital cameras of 2011.

Next, I moved on to Sony A5000, which now has problematic buttons, but it served me a good 3 years. I bought it in 2014. This camera is dubbed as one of the best mirrorless cameras of 2012.

Now, I just gifted myself with Canon G7X Mark ii, which is one of the best vlogging cameras, according to tech blogs, websites, and channels. This is dubbed as one of the best cameras of 2017.

If you don't have the budget for these cameras yet, it's okay; there are a lot of decent, affordable digital cameras out there that you can buy first and use until you're able to save for a swankier one. I acknowledge that you can take awesome photos with a smartphone so what's the use of a posh digital camera, but trust me on this one: the quality of a camera- taken photo is different than that of a smartphone. Influencers and vloggers would even use camera- taken photos for posting on Instagram!

For travel, adventure, and sports vloggers, an action camera is also necessary. GoPro is the top choice, but there are affordable ones for beginners to try first like Supremo, SJCam, and Xiaomi to name a few.

Budget: P10,000-P40,000

- If you can't shell out for a camera and smartphone, then at least get a smartphone with a good camera. No, it doesn't always have to be an iPhone. There are good android phones with great cameras like Huawei, Vivo, Asus, and OPPO to name a few.

Budget: P4,000- P20,000

- One of the secrets to great photos is good lighting. Natural lighting is always best, but it's not always there, plus it shines quite unevenly so you will need help from lighting equipment. The ring light is the best friend of Beauty content creators and it's also the cheapest, most compact, and easiest to use and set- up. Seasoned content creators would even have a light box set- up to boot for studio quality lighting (I'm thinking of getting light boxes now, but I just have to figure out where I can fit it in our 1-BR condo unit!).

Take it from me, the ring light is one of my best investments because it allows me to shoot anytime, anywhere, plus I get to control the light, which I can't do with natural light. The result is better photos!

A ringlight starts at P4,000. I got my set for P6,500.00 from APEX Digital; you can read about it HERE.

Budget: P150.00-P5,000.00

- Why of course, you need a tripod to support your camera. I have four tripods: an air cushion tripod for the ring light, a regular tripod that costs P2,000+ from Photoline in Market! Market! and brand is called Fujiyama, a bendable tripod from CDR-King that's only P150.00, and the spider tripod which I got from a random bazaar for only P300.00.

You need at least a regular tripod and one small, flexible tripod so you can shoot on high and low levels without letting your camera touch the ground.

Budget- P800.00- P3,000+

- Battery is LYF for content creators and you always need to have one! You don't want your phone to die on you in the middle of a Facebook Live video!

Budget: P15,000- P100,000

- Just as important as the camera and smartphone. I use a Macbook because I like how user- friendly it is. Other laptop brands that most vloggers are using are ASUS and Dell. I also heard that gaming laptops have superior durability, making it great for Youtubers who require heavy laptop usage.

If you're a beginner, you can stop at #6. Now if you wish to take it further either because you have the budget, you are seriously considering turning it into a profession, or both, then read numbers 7 to 10:

Budget: Starts at P1,000

- One of my investments are accents and accessories for flatlays because it's essential in a beauty content creator's life. I invest in paper, cardboards, fancy jewelry, fake plants, ornaments, textile (like faux fur sheets), and anything and everything that I can put on a flatlay. Accents make photos beautiful!

P.S. Here's my guide on how to slay the flatlay.

Budget: Probably starts at P10,000++ for a couple of sessions with an expert

- They say it's not the gadget, but the skill that enables a person to create beautiful content and I believe in this. Invest in knowledge and education such as workshops in photography, creative writing, video editing, website coding, and whatnots. These workshops will provide you that much- needed knowledge to cultivate your talent.

Budget: Starts at P4,000

- You know what? I realized that the secret to great videos and photos are not really the gadgets, but the editing. I've seen iPhone- shot vlogs and films that are STUNNING because the editing is SUPERB.

Would I advise you to invest in a lot of software all at once? No.

Ask yourself this question before purchasing: Do I value video or photo more? Your answer will determine which software you will invest in first!

BUDGET: Starts at P1,000

- Seasoned content creators know very well the pain of a corrupted SD card (oh I know this too well!) so heed our advice: buy back- ups. Buy a back- up battery, chargers, cords, SD Card, or lens, for example, for uninterrupted filming, shooting, and to prevent accidents like a deleted 30- minute video (yikes!).

To all aspiring content creators out there, good luck!

Any tips on what a beginner content creator should own/buy before starting? Share and help them out in the comments section!

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  1. This is very helpful! Thank you Ms. Martha 💓

  2. Love this post and I'm glad that you included and empahsize the importance of workshops, lessons and the like.

  3. This is very interesting to read and quite a delight to do so! Few bloggers actually posts what newbies really need to start b/vlogging. So post like these really make my heart melt ♥ I'm not even blogging but I'm touched by this post 😊

  4. Woah! This is cool! Thank you for encouraging new bloods.

  5. Agree on your opening that some 10-15 years ago, you would seldom see people taking videos of themselves anywhere. But now I think its a trend! whether a starting or professional blogger/vlogger or just simply making ig stories haha! For the essentials, I love love the ring light! nakakaganda talaga siya haha! and don’t forget the powerbank coz it is really Life!

  6. Bookmarked this for future use / my checklist! ��

    I am trying to blog / vlog from what I currently have right now which are:

    An Oppo phone + laptop + natural light and if not a desk lamp. �� Works for now but I am planning to upgrade and continue blogging seriously this time around.

    Thanks for the tips! ����

  7. wow! thank you for sharing po.. I am starting palang din po, malaking tulong po talaga ito.. thank you <3 <3 <3

  8. I've always wanted to start writing my own contents pero di ko alam san magsisimula. Thanks for sharing this ms.martha! :)

  9. What video editor do u use?

  10. Thanks for sharing this post for aspiring content creators Ms. Martha! So nice of you to share these useful tips to newbies :)

  11. Oh wow. Thank you for the helpful tips, Ms. M. I've honestly been inspired by your blogs and vlogs especially since I'm a newbie in the world of makeup and skincare. I'm glad that you've shared these tips to help other people who seem to be interested in content creation.

    Thank you for the advice not only regarding skill building, but also how to develop content through your (financial) means. I have an Asus smartphone and true enough, I think I have to practice and practice until I get quality photos.

  12. I would love to upgrade my Canon EOS m3 lol, but I don't think I can let it go because we've been through a lot HAHAHA! I hope I'll have the energy and will to continue my blog. I just have a lot of set backs and laziness lately also the very poor internet connection from Smart. But thank you Ms. M for your sharing your knowledge.

  13. It's my dream to be a content creator. I have many attempts but loses hope along the this post resparked my dream again! Thank you for the tips Ms. M!

  14. Akin po siguro what I recommend as essentials for beginner vloggers eh to have the passion kasi even if you have all the material things pero you don't have the heart naman in creating your content, you won't ever survive that long. In all aspect naman po talaga not solely in vlogging.

  15. This is so jampacked with all the necessary information one must get in order to finally establish a name in the vlogging world! It really reaaaalllyyy doe srequire a lot of time and effort AND MONEY HAHAHA This post helps a lot in narrowing down even the top choices for equipment. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  16. Grbe eto pla ang need laht ng isang creator, lol klngn ng mahabng ipunan nito! Thank you for sharing this po Ms. Martha ang dami po plng dpat i-consider akala ko sapt n un mgndang phone lng, hndi pala madli at basta-basta lng mging creator.


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