Commenter of the month for February 2018 + Gifts for this month's COM

AAAAAANNND we're now down to the last month of the first quarter of the year! That was fast! How are your goals/resolutions for 2018 so far? Made good on some/most of them already?

February 2018 COM gift

I was sorting out my beauty stash in preparation for my last house move with my husband, which is now our condo. I realized I have a lot of whitening skin care products in stock and I thought of sharing some to some of you guys out there who want to achieve/maintain fair skin.

But first, let's announce the COM for February 2018!

Congratulations to...


**Congratulations! Please email your full name, complete address, and mobile number to Claiming of gift is good for 5 days only. Thank you!

So this is the whitening beauty stash I was talking about! I call it the inFAIRness beauty loot (LOL). The set features:

1. Cathy Doll Ready 2 White Instant Whitening Set (Facial Foam, Cream, silicone face scrubbing pad, sachet mask)
2. BiorΓ© UV Intensive White Sunscreen SPF 50
3. Avenine White Extra Kojic Acid lotion
4. Hadabisei Brightening Mask pack (30 sheets)
5. Neutrogena Fine Fairness Overnight Cream
6. Watsons Collagen White Intense CC Cream
7. Dove Whitening aerosol deodorant
8. Vitapack Megawhite supplement (9 packs)
9. Seoul White Double White Soap x 2


Mechanics are the same!

1. COM lasts from the first to last day of the month.
2. Chosen COM will be announced via a blog entry.
3. Claiming of gifts is within 5 days only from the day of announcement. Unclaimed gifts will be awarded to the second COM candidate.
4. Everyone is welcome to join, Blogger or non-Blogger.
5. Delivery will be shouldered by TBJ.
6. Prizes are not convertible to cash.

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. yay! Thank you mam! this is so much po! learning and winning! May God Bless you more!

  2. Fiona Aileen ValleMarch 5, 2018 at 11:04 AM

    Wow! Congratulations to the winner! I am more excited tho for the March loot. My birthday month and I hope my lucky month. ❤️

  3. Congrats po 😘❤😍

  4. Those are vita pack for sure my cousin will love it...I have to sceen shot this to her.

  5. wow!!! Ang bongga!! Congratulations to feb commenter. 😘😘

  6. Wow so lucky. Congratulations to COM of February.

  7. yey! Congrats to the winner! And yes March it is, summer heat is here also LOL

  8. Congratulations! 😍😍😍

  9. Congratulations and Goodluck to all followers of Ms. Martha!

  10. wow! congrats sa winner sana ako naman hahhahahah

    pang late birthday gift..


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