February 2018 Favorites

Wow, I've almost forgotten to blog about this! It's the Holy Week, a week for contemplation and for some recreation; whatever you will be doing, I hope you make the most out of it and it's nothing short of restful and relaxing for you. :)

Sharing with you my favorites for last month! :)


- A rich, emollient cream packed with minerals from the Dead Sea, plus contains a generous concoction of anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients. It's a great night cream that leaves a good amount of non- greasy moisture on the surface to keep skin hydrated longer under cold temperature, plus it has also helped even out my skin tone by lightening up some of my post- acne marks.


- A 10-piece nose strip set that takes whiteheads out like a boss! I love this thing!

- My favorite concealer to date! Rich, creamy, super pigmented, and provides a smooth, flawless finish to the under eye, plus has skin care benefits to boot!

- My favorite liquid foundation today. Full coverage, long- lasting yet stays natural- looking and lightweight. The 10-hour wear time seals the deal for me!

- A pocketable eyeshadow quad that's affordable with pretty good pigmentation. I love the Cotton Candy palette!

What are your favorites for the past month?

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. My favorites fot the last months are colourtints of colourette ( thalia and coco ) longlasting ,mattefinish, blendable d madaling mg set dahil oil base d rin nag iiwan ng spot spot compare sa ibang tints kaya sobrang love ko ang baby ko (colourtints) ,and maybelline stick foundation dahil my anak na ako kylangan madalian lahat kaya yan gamit kong foundation kasi kahit fingertips lng keri na and powder finish narin ...

  2. They all look insteristing to try on pero mas gusto ko yung nars concelear & foundation both got full coverage at alaga ang skin

  3. Winner para sakin ang Miniso Rose Spray dahil nakakahydrate sa init ng panahon. For make up naman love ko ang Maybelline Baby Skin Primer and KJM lip and cheek tint. 💐

  4. My favorite lately is bulgarian rose night cream it makes my skin feel supple.

  5. I have the Tiramisu palette of the Pink Sugar eyeshadow quad. I like it because it is multi-purpose. The brown for my eyebrows and nose contour and the black to set eyeliner. I would like to try the Cotton Candy palette.
    - Jhake O.

  6. I tried the Bear Bears Nose Strip from Miniso and I loved it! Nakakatanggal atalaga ng mga keme sa nose. As for NARS all day luminous founda, I am reuniting my feelings for that foundation. Ok siya for pang matagalan at pang bonggang outdoor event. But for everyday use, masiyadong OA hahaha. As for the Cotton Candy Palatte, I would really love to try them very soon!


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