Goodal Green Tangerine Skin Care: Fresh, Lightweight Skin Care!

A skin care system that's favorable for our weather because it's lightweight, but highly hydrating!

Here's a review on Goodal Green Tangerine skin care.

PRICE: Facial Foam- P420.00; Toner- P820.00; Serum- P920.00
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When a skin care line proves to be great for our weather in terms of texture, I favor it right away and Goodal Green Tangerine is exactly that. This basic, hydrating skin care system is what every person who's living in the tropics can ask for because not only it provides freshness and hydration, the formula's extremely friendly to humidity as well.

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Green Tangerine is a skin care system that features six products: facial foam, toner, serum, gel cream, emulsion, and eye cream. Formula contains Jeju Green Tangerine, vitamins, and antioxidants that hydrate, freshen, and bring back vitality to skin.

L-R: serum and facial foam

Green Tangerine Moist Serum is a very light serum that gives skin a surge of moisture when you spread it. Great for day use and even if it's gel, I find that it stays and persists even without a night cream to seal it, making it great for day and night use. I like this feature because it makes it great for traveling when I always prefer bringing versatile products.

The facial foam is a high foaming cleanser; it's not low pH, meaning it can cause dryness, but it's packed with enough hydrating ingredients that my face doesn't feel taut and tight after use. But still, I'd recommend that you moisturize right after using a high pH cleanser.

The toner is light, refreshing, non- sting, and hydrating; I also use this as an alternative to setting sprays.

After 3 weeks using Green Tangerine skin care system 

I've used this range consistently for 3 weeks and I like how my skin looks bouncy and it helps keeps my skin balanced. Great to wear with makeup, no breakouts too, and the range has an amazing, citrus scent.

Nothing much to say, except that it's a VERY hydrating skin care line and I've nothing against that because a lot of you know that I swear by hydration and it's one of the important pillars of my skin care regimen.

Green Tangerine skin care is a basic, hydrating skin care range that' s great for normal, dry, and oily skin types; heck, I can even say that it's a universal skin care range because everyone can use hydration everyday! The greatest feature for me would be the fact that everything is pleasing to use and wear in this tropical weather.


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  1. Goodal is really a good-alternative to your skincare. I haven’t tried this line yet but I love their sheet masks! It’s a bit pricey but worth every penny for sure!

    1. Cool! May pagka high end pala price nya. It's good though! :D

  2. One thing I've learned in reading blogs and watching beauty videos about skincare or skin prep whether oily or dry skin...SKIN HYDRATION is the key to have a great looking skin.
    Goodal is included in your faves. Hopefully, I could try any on their line.

    1. True! Hydration is the pillar of great skin for me :)

  3. I've been addicted to skin care review ever since I've read in one of your blogs that it's important. I was sadden by the fact that it's pricey. However, trusting your review, it must be worth the price.

  4. Your skin look gorgeous and so are you Ms. M.

  5. I bought the moist cream of Goodal because they are on bogo last time, and I fell in love in right away! It's so lighweight and I didn't break out whatsoever. I use them day and night, under makeup and under the heat of the sun LOL! Perfect for the fast approaching SUMMER in the land of the SUMMER HEAT - PHILIPPINES lol. Then I bought the serum, facial cleanser and the toner from LuxAsias sale last last week, I haven't started using them because I am currently using another cleanser and toner but I will be sure to use them right away, just hoping it will also have good effects on me.

    1. wow! shopping! glad you loved them. I want to try the eye cream and moist cream you just said. :)

  6. Ang ganda nito sobra hehehe, next on my skin care list 😍 thanks a lot πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

  7. This site definitely has all the info I wanted concerning
    this subject and didn't know who to ask.


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