J.Cat Flash Metal Liquid Lipstick: Affordable metallic lipstick + swatches + review

J.Cat Flash Metal Liquid Lipstick review.

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Confession: I used to dislike metal lipsticks because I thought they were tacky plus they used to come only in either pink or brown. But thanks to modernity, metal lip color has gotten more sophisticated and varied. Now I like 'em!

I think metal will be the new statement lip in the coming months. If you want to join the trend, then take a look at J.Cat Flash Metal lipsticks, affordable metal lipsticks with stellar sheen and a no- budge formula!

J.Cat Flash Metal lipstick features a whopping 18 colors and yes, you can find them locally. Colors range from pink to blue to suit your mood, style, and uniqueness. 

Product comes with a medium doe foot applicator (+1 for the size!) and has a smooth formula that glides on like a dream and very evenly at that. It's very pigmented that I only need a swipe for some colors, especially the darker ones. It sets efficiently and won't budge if left to set for about 10-15 minutes. It comes off gradually during the day and you may or may not need to retouch during wear. Formula has an appetizing choco mint scent.

Now let's look at the swatches:

FM 110

Deep rose with pink-silver metal shine.

FM 116

Light copper with gold metal shine.

FM 107

Rose berry with tone on tone metal shine.

FM 108

Cool pink with silver metal shine.

FM 111

Golden bronze with pearl metal shine

I like how the metal effect doesn't shine full on, giving you awkward, space- inspired lips; instead, it has a dimensional shine that appears whichever angle the light hits; it looks classier for me. I didn't encounter any issue with dryness during wear.

Great quality overall. If you're into the metal lipstick trend or perhaps you want one for moments when coolness is called for, check out J.Cat Flash Metal lipstick because it has good quality, but at a friendly price tag. 


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. waaahhh i think I can’t pull off a metalic lippie. pass for me coz I am more of a traditional one. hehe

  2. Fiona Aileen ValleMarch 14, 2018 at 9:50 PM

    Matagal nakong nakakita nito at matagal ko na rin gustong itry kaso baka masayang yung pera kapag hindi naman bagay sakin. Pero girl infairness ang ganda nung FM 107! Feeling ko bagay na bagay sakin 💐

  3. Wow!..the colors are pretty, 107 standout to me the most. It's nice to try on a differennt lippy once in a while.

  4. I love the colors, however hindi ko ata keri mg metal na lipstick lOL


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