5 gifts to make mom feel more loved this mother's day

The most awesome woman in the world

Mothers are indeed the epitome of selflessness. 

I realized this after watching this video by Watsons:

In the first few seconds when the moms were asked to describe the perfect women, I couldn't believe that they weren't saying "Me!" They all deserve to nominate themselves to the question because moms are truly super beings! But then again, they're selfless and they will think about others first before they think of themselves; aside from being selfless, I also think they're one of the most noble beings on earth.

This Mother's Day, make it all about mom; take her out, greet her, tell her I love you as many times as you can, and make her feel even more loved and great with these five gifts that will encourage her to look good and feel great:


- One of the most nurturing ingredients known to skin care, Argan Oil, is a perfect gift for the most nurturing person on the planet, mom. Watsons Naturals Argan Oil Collection is a hair and body range will provide mom the most supple, nourished hair, hands, and body.


- Admit it or not, we've all contributed to mom's wrinkles haha! Time to make it up to her and her beautiful face with one of the best anti-aging skin care lines from Olay.


- Show mom you love her by helping her take care of her health with health and wellness lifestyle products.


- Since it's summer and colognes are a preferred means of smelling fresh and good under the sweltering heat, get mom a bottle or two of new body mists from popular cologne brand, Body Fantasies.


- Moms will always love a new tube of lipstick so get her one or two (make it three to say I love you!) of BYS Velvet Lips Liquid lipstick, smooth, matte lip color in a wide array of colors to suit all moms.

Hope you found this list helpful! Happy Mother's Day to your lovely mothers, TBJ Beshies!

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. ohhhh myy!!! the video is soooo perfect!!! only her children can describe a mom in the best words and acts. Thank you for this reminder!!! and yesss I willbe giving my mom Olay total effects coz she has been loving this brand for so long!

  2. ohhh the video is so perfect! only her children can really describe their mom in the best words and acts. Thank you for the reminder! I must be buying na the olay total effects for my mom since she has been an olay user for many years! :)

  3. Charm bracelet is good too but nothing bets greeting them personally on the day.

  4. Thanks for sharing your gift ideas Ms. Martha, which gave me an idea to give my mom a perfume this Mother's day. She loves to smell good at all times..well who doesn't!😁 I'll have to go to Watsons to buy a gift for my Mom and sister too who is also a mom, aside from my kids they are my strength.

  5. They are amazing person in this world and they really deserve a bounch of blessing and gift this mother's day.all of this are perfect for her especially the olay to minimize those wrinkles adds up a manicure and pedicure.Thank you for this and Happy Mother's Day 😘

  6. Hi Ms Martha. First of all, Happy Mother's Day to your mom. Thank you for all these suggestions on what to get for our moms. All of these are great products like the Olay line. I use it as well too!!!

  7. Beautiful bride and gorgeous mom!
    I'm really interested about the Argan Oil though for myself lol.

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  8. I love Argan Oil Collection from Watsons! And btw, Happ Mother's to you rMom too Ms. M

  9. Beautiful mother and daughter photo from your wedding.
    ChrckinC out tomorrow what I can give for my mom this mother's day.

  10. since my mom is a senior na best gift ever is to give her some multivitamins to protect her health, and a cologne to para laging fresh. most of all a personal greetings from me with a hug and kisses.
    thanks ms. martha for sharing this. i am a mom too so happy mothers day to all mom out there.

  11. If given a chance gusto ko ibigay sa mom ko ung olay..pag^ipunan pa..kc parehas kmi mhilig sa skincare

  12. Last Mother’s Day, I simply greeted my mom and kissed her. Sabay na ang celebration ng 70th Bday nya at Mom’s Day nmin sa May 19, kaya hindi ako pwede sa anniversary celebration mo Ms M. Sayang talaga. Next year nalang.

  13. Wow thank you for the ideas will definitely buy some of them for mom next year I bet she will be happy to own anything of those. Should have read this blog earlier since I hard a had time to buy my a gift for mother's day. Love the photo of you and your mom ate Martha you look so cute together ❤❤❤

  14. Last mothers day I have my mama a set of her beauty regimen


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