Battle of the best long- lasting eyeliner below P500: Beauty Battles

Last night, I got caught in the rain with a full on face. For a while, I worried about getting raccoon eyes, and then I realized that I was wearing one of my favorite, long- lasting waterproof eyeliners. That moment inspired today's Beauty Battles!

Today, we're pitting each awesome, long- lasting 500- peso eyeliner against each other.

So who will win? Ever Bilena, Maybelline, Careline, Pink Sugar, or BYS?

Let's rock!

Before we start, this Beauty Battles blog post will be a bit different. Since we are talking about best long- lasting eyeliner, the winner will be determined by the staying power of each product; no winners per category this time.

Get to know the warriors: Ever Bilena All Day Eyeliner Pen is a liquid eyeliner that promises long- lasting coverage. Careline Graph-Ink Eyeliner promises waterproof coverage and intense ink effect. BYS Auto Gel Pencil is a smooth, gel pencil with a sharpener on one end. Pink Sugar Eye Candy All Day Liner is a waterproof liner with a smooth texture and super pigmented coverage. Maybelline Eyeliner (I have to be clear that I am talking about Maybelline eyeliner specifically Hyper Sharp Power Black; I just don't have that product with me right now).

L-R: Maybelline, Pink Sugar, BYS, Careline, Ever Bilena


EVER  BILENA- Applies easily and sets quickly. A pretty regular eyeliner.

CARELINE- Super pigmented! It delivers the product continuously and without streaks. It is one of the blackest black eyeliners I have seen!

BYS- Soft smooth, classic pencil eyeliner. The sharpener at the end is a treat.

PINK SUGAR- Super pigmented, smooth, and sets quickly into a no- budge finish.

MAYBELLINE- easily one of the reliable drugstore eyeliners out there. They have a wide variety of eyeliners and very affordable too.


EVER BILENA- pigmentation is okay when you build it, but a little disappointing in the beginning.

CARELINE- crazy pigmented! Love the patent finish as well.

BYS- Pigmentation is okay and buildable. 

PINK SUGAR- Super pigmented too! I love the deep black shade.




BYS- P449.00


MAYBELLINE- Around P399.00


- Now we're down to the major criteria.

What I did was I used a cotton pad with micellar water and scrubbed the swatches off my arm vigorously.

These are the ones that were left. Which products are they?

Pink Sugar and BYS! Hooray!

Left, you have Pink Sugar. Right, you have BYS. Look at Pink Sugar; that thing refused to come off (but not with oil and some considerable swipes).

So who won in this edition of Beauty Battles? It's........


Do you agree with the verdict? Share with me your favorite, affordable long- lasting eyeliners.

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I was thinking Careline would win but Pink Sugar beats them all. You could never go wrong with Pink Sugar products for sure they are really long lasting that delivers great results.

  2. wow galing ni Pink Sugar☺ i have careline and pigmented po siya pero di ko pa natry kapag mabasa na..Thanks po

  3. That’s impressive! Worth it yung price!! I’m not an avid use of eyeliners coz I have big eyes and di ako nababagayan sa itsura ko pag naka eyeliner. Hahaha! But I’ll definitely suggest this to my friends or cousins whos on a search for amazing and long lasting eyeliners. ❤️

  4. Shookt!!! Long lasting si Pink Sugar. Important pa naman ngayon ang stayinv power dahil mainit, mabilis makahulas. Thabms sa comparison na ito.

  5. Wow pink sugar ang bys! Pero super pigmented ng careline hah!

  6. napaisip ako akala ko ang mananalo is si careline, since super pigment at affordable pa. pero when it comes to lasting at talaga namang pang matagalan panalo talaga si pink sugar at bys. good choice of eyeliners

  7. Pink sugar is my new HG after MUFE beats my wallet lol!

  8. I knew BYS and Pink Sugar will win because of how much it sets on the skin. I like Carelline because of the color pay off but it is one of those eyeliners that "cracks" when you wear it for a long time.

  9. I am definitely getting a Pink Sugar Eye Candy Eyeliner. I love your review !!Thank you Ms Martha

  10. Galing ng Pink Sugar ah. Thanks for this post Ms M.

  11. I do use ever bilena..but planning to have pink sugar since its waterproof best for swimming­čśŐ

  12. Yay! I am thinking of getting the bys because i really love the quality of their products (mostly their eyeshadows - which we use on our makeup gigs) now i am considering of trying pink sugar too.. Such a great review ms m thank you for sharing

  13. You should try Shawill's eyeliner it last's all day for only P125 and Nichido's 24hr Waterproof Eyeliner (P198) too!

  14. Been waiting for this because Im also want to know which is the right and can really stays long since bys and pinksugar win i go for it


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