Neutra Organics Ms. Jane Cosmetics: Organic Makeup that works!

Neutra Organics Ms. Jane Cosmetics Review.

PRICE: Powder- P400.00; Lip Soufflé- P500.00; Lip and Cheek Tint- P200.00
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OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Neutra Organics on Facebook


I fancy organic makeup once in a while because I feel that it gives my skin a breather from all the synthetics. My problem with organic makeup is most of the time, they're mediocre and don't work the way I expected them too.

Lately, I discovered Ms. Jane, a makeup range by Neutra Organics. I was pretty impressed by the range and I'm sharing the cool ones that you should try today or in case you are looking for organic makeup to try.

Neutra Organics is a local organic skin care and makeup brand started by Jane Lacap, thus the name Ms. Jane.

The makeup range of Neutra Organics Ms. Jane cosmetics include lipsticks, cheek products, and bases.

In here, I have a couple of my favorites. From left to right, we have:

Mineral Powder: contains Black Rice Powder, Pearls, and Morrocan Rhassoul Clay that promise to absorb excess sebum, tighten pores, and provide antioxidants to name a few. The powder comes in a light yellow shade and feels slightly silky, which immediately gave me the impression that it's good for oily skin (dry- textured powders fare well on oily skin). It is unscented, low- dusting, spreads easily, and doesn't leave dry patches on the skin.

Rosy Tint- a water- based lip and cheek tint made with Rosewater, Beets, and flower pigments. It has a slight rosy smell, fresh, watery texture, and surprisingly pigmented. It's the type that stains if left unblended for more than a minute so blend right away after applying.

Lip Soufflé- a rich, soothing, moisturizing lip color that promises to remove fine lines, absorb impurities, and heal dry, cracked lips. It comes in five shades. This lip color is a rich mousse that's very pigmented, smooth, easy to apply, and dries into a semi matte finish. Not a huge fan of the applicator, but it does its job in spreading the color across my lips.

Let's check out the swatches:


- A deep earthy red shade. What a pretty shade! It brightens the skin and it's a red lipstick that isn't bright and shocking, therefore good for every day use.


- Warm brown with a rosy undertone. A universally flattering MLBB lipstick shade! Great for office, school, and casual makeup!

With Mineral Powder and Rosy Tint

The tint mimics the natural flush of the cheeks, making it great for those who only want a hint of flush on the cheeks. It is also impressively long- lasting. I don't think there are other shades for this, which is a limitation, but that's really how it is because the product does not use synthetic dyes.

Mineral Powder is my favorite makeup in the bunch; I like its texture, the color- correcting effect that brightens and helps correct pinkish foundation. Oil control is pretty good at 3 hours too and keeps makeup looking fresh. I like this powder!

This is my first time to try Neutra Organics Ms. Jane cosmetics and I must say, the products are good! Since these are organic products, you can't keep them longer than regular makeup because there are no strong preservatives. Nonetheless, I like how the products perform and it's arguably one of the better organic makeup lines out there. If you're looking for an organic makeup/makeup brand to try, look no further and go to Ms. Jane!


Visit NEUTRA ORGANICS on Facebook for more information about the products.

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  1. Same thoughts about organic makeup!! I love them! The price range is not that bad. The coffee vita is a nice shade but it will not suit me best so I’d go for the rosy tint. As for the powder, i love that it has some sort of coverage and it really goes well with the tint for that no makeup makeup look. ❤️

  2. me too! I like the organic ones once in a while for make-up. cheers to this new discovery again! i love how fresh and natural it looks!

  3. I like the Coffee Vita of the Lip Soufflé. The Mineral powder and the lip tint combo is perfect for everyday on our hot and humid weather. Great for oily skin like me!

  4. Cofee vita is similar to my shawill vogue noble no.9 though, the good thing isthis one is organic and has Demi matte finish and I can see it doesn't settle heavyly in your lip lines.

  5. Been looking for Organic makeup too! Thank you for this post Ms. Martha! infairness, budget-friendly.

  6. I love the Rosy Tint! And yes to Organic and locally made products :)

  7. Omg! Ngaun lng ako ngkachance tingnan to Ms. Martha eto ung pinkagusto ko na look mo sa wood auburn..sobrang npkganda.

  8. I love Rosy Tint and Mineral Powder, perfect for my oily face. Lalo na ngayong super init. Thanks for this post Ms M

  9. YASSS! To locally made products and organic makeup products. I love everything you reviewed espcially the rosy lint it looks super perfect on you 💓


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