TBJ 9th Mega Anniversary: Event Highlights

Shot taken by the amazing Mr. Villarama

Last week, I celebrated The Beauty Junkee's 9th year and this time, with 65 VIPs, the biggest supporters of the brand. Reminiscing what happened last May 19 never fails to make me smile so I'd like to share with everyone the highlights here!

I arrived pretty early at ASpace _Studio, BGC to set up and of course, I was pretty excited for the day! I had no budget for an event stylist so I did the flatlay and product display area myself, and I think I did a pretty good job at it!

Some of the VIPs are mothers and they did not have anyone to look after their kids that day so of course, I allowed them to bring the kids. I decided to put up a kids section the last minute so the kids would be busy all throughout the workshop and so that the moms could enjoy the celebration; they paid for it and they deserved to learn everything they could from it!

Trina, my model for the workshop who also helped sort out the gift bags.

The guests arrive. I think they all liked the flatlay area! :D

Janine, reader turned avid volunteer for my 8th and 9th anniversary doing the introduction and hosting for me; she also helped with the registration. :D

Time for me to show up! I did a quick gratitude greeting to the guests and then proceeded with the first beauty workshop, Eyeshadow Techniques. I shared my 5- step eyeshadow routine plus a lot of personal techniques in between!

After the first beauty workshop, Kakki Teodoro, actress, host, and founder of one of the best food delivery services in Manila, Diet Diva, gave a talk on how to balance work, passions, and business. Some things Kakki swear by when it comes to managing all her tasks between work, passion, and business.

1. Move and organize
2. Get help
3. Have lots of positivity
4. Have boundaries for yourself

After Kakki's talk, Ms. Gert Libang of GABRIELA talked about women's rights, especially rights that most women are not aware of, but should know. Did you know that it is not allowed by law for women to give birth at home? Shocking! The talk definitely gave us more perspective when it comes to being more aware on and fighting for our various rights as women. The session also turned into a great opportunity for the guests to consult with a GABRIELA representative regarding their various  experiences at home and the workplace that concern women's rights.

And finally, Billion Dollar Brow workshop, my signature workshop!

Gift bag giving time! After the workshop, I gave out gift bags and also quickly acknowledged the birthday celebrants at the event, Margaret Cabuenas and Kristine Padernal; Margaret celebrated her birthday with me at the blog anniversary party! Thank you!

Finally, I shared with the guests that I donated a portion of the entrance fee to my chosen foundation, Philippine Eagle Foundation. I have been active lately in donating and supporting charities and organizations that help save the environment. I want everyone to know that you don't need a huge amount or to be someone big just to make a donation. One person with a donation matters and imagine if all of us are donating at least every month. If you can spend on eating out every week, surely, you can donate to a charity so please consider doing it to help save our environment, communities, and YOU!

We reached about 100 attendees!

And that's all! I still feel blessed whenever I look at this photo. I have never imagined that the community of The Beauty Junkee would get this big and would continue growing throughout the years. 

Sometimes, I look back and wonder if there's something good I did with my 29 years of existence and then I see this photo and the many photos I've taken from my previous celebrations. And then I realize, through the smiles on everyone's faces and killer eyebrows, I did good--I did good.

To all the brand sponsors, you've all been instrumental in The Beauty Junkee's success; thank you so much for the love you've shown me the last 9 years and for sharing your wonderful products to help my community achieve the best version of themselves. I couldn't thank you all enough and I look forward to our future partnerships. To ASpace, thank you for trusting in me and for the wonderful space that accommodated everyone! To Randy, Janine, and Trina, thank you so much for lending a helping hand and for making me realize that if you truly believe in what you do, people will believe in it too; and you all did, so thank you.

Finally, thank you to all the beautiful #TBJBeshies in this photo. It was rest day, traffic was horrendous, the weather was unforgiving, and yet you all spent time with me last week to celebrate this momentous occasion. I couldn't thank you all enough. I promise to always deliver better content and even if I sometimes lag behind, I won't stop!

Cheers to 9 years and let's look forward to #TBJ10THMEGAANNIVERSARY! Who's excited????

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23 Lovely Thoughts

  1. So sad i didn't make it :( But so happy for you Ms. M. Hopefully next year I'll get to join you :))

  2. Happy to be part of the #TBJ9thMegaAnniversary! It was a fun and had learned a lot especially about the women's right. See you on the #TBJ10thMegaAnniversary Ms. M! Congratulations again!

  3. i am always been excited on your anniversaries Ms M! i am so proud to be a TBJian, your success is ours too! hugs!!! thank you for never giving up! hugs and kisses! Rhania (rhaindropz)

  4. Your dress <3 <3 <3
    Congrats Miss Martha!

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    Filipinow | The Modern Pinay's Nipa Hut of Beauty

  5. Congrats ulit miss Martha. So excited to see you and more #TBJBeshies on TBJ10THMEGAANNIVERSARY. God bless you and sir Rhandy.

  6. Yeeeey! Always a pleasure to be a part of your special day Martha! Congratulations!!! And of course, looking forward to more articles. You have no idea how much you have inspired us all!!!

  7. Yeeeey! Always a pleasure to be a part of your special day Martha! Congratulations!!! And of course, looking forward to more articles. You have no idea how much you have inspired us all!!!

  8. Yay! Thank too Ms. M! Sharing time with like minded and passionate people is the best gift I received this year πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  9. Cheers Ms martha! You never know how happy i am..Been watching some techniques on YT and nahihirapan din ako sundan. Your workshop really helps a lot lalo kitang kita ko siya at nasundan ko. Also, saved plenty of pics for back up hihihi. Lahat ng speakers too gave something na really helpful as a woman as a mom..Kudos to you! πŸ˜™

  10. Thank you for choosing me again! I always learn a lot from your workshops and the speakers were amazing!!! See you next year and around!!!

  11. Always and forever thankful for being part of your TBJ Mega Anniversary celebrations and here’s to looking forward for the #TBJ10thMegaAnniversary! Enjoy your vacay in Melbourne! Take care Ms. M!❤️❤️❤️

  12. Pwedeng pwede na maging event stylist Ms.M! Congratulations and more TBJ anniversaries to come! ❤

  13. Hi Ms Martha thanks for choosing me. I enjoyed the anniversary immensely. I love the talks because they are relevant for women of today !I learned a lot from you and from the talks. Thank you for the gifts . Thanks for the tutorial , you have taught me to put on brows better. Salamat sa lahat!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  14. Yay!! Congrats to every one who joined. CONGRATS AGAIN ATE MARTHA TO πŸ’“ 9 years of blogging 😱 You really deserve it. Thank you for the tips and makeup reviews and etc. You share in your blog. And even though you are in your trip you still havent failed to update us in your blog and in instagram πŸ’“πŸ’“ Thank you so much for sharing love to all of us πŸ’“

  15. Na excite ako when I see a new blog post. Grabe I still can't move on sa experience namin with the #TBJ9thMegaAnniversary. Super thankful that I got to see and talk to you in person Ms. Martha. Thankk you for this unforgettable experience. I got to see some of the #TBJBeshies too. Plus I learned a lot from this event.. Grabe ang success ng event! Cheers! Tonmore anniversaries to come. Super excited for the #TBJ10MegaAnniversary. See you again soon Ms.Martha! ������

  16. Looking forward to attend your next blog anniversaries! It's always fun to learn from you, meet other makeup lovers like me, and of course bring home new makeup to play with! I'm so happy to be chosen as one of your attendees. ��

  17. I am very thankful that I was part of the tbj 9th mega anniversary! I learned a lot and enjoyed the talks especially from Gabriela. :) Thanks Ms. Martha for the efforts and love. It is my first time to see a blogger who is so thoughtful for her mom attendants. The play pen is a great idea and even the snack box! I feel so relaxed the whole day and forgot about the time. It is all worth it! Thank you for sharing your blessings to us. You are a very generous lady and not to mention humble too! The event is very complete from beauty, which I learned new tricks about eyeshadow and of course ze brows! I learned a lot about balancing life and dreams and what I want to do as well and of course about women rights. Indeed, beauty comes in many forms and I am very lucky to learned a lot that day. God bless your good heart Martha! <3

  18. I'm so glad to be part of #TBJ9thMegaAnniversary! Thank you so much Ms.Martha! 😍😍😍

  19. I missed this event because of my mom’s 70th bday celebration. Wish I can come na on your 10th Anniversary. Sana wala ng kasabay sa event. Congrats again Ms M and more power on your blog.

  20. Nakakainggit talaga sila!
    That's so thoughtful of you to put up a play/art area for the kids. I always tag along my daughter everywhere i go so if i'm one of the attendees, i could concentrate on the workshop and my daughter will be preoccupied and have fun with other kids, too!
    Happy anniversary again, Ms. Martha! Sana sa mga susunod na anniv. maka attend din ako.
    -Jhake O.

  21. Such fun event!! Congrats again Ms. Martha for another year!! More years to come for your blog ♥️

  22. Hey that's me at the flatlay area! *KILIG* Thank you so much for the invite, Ms. Martha! Not only did I learn a lot from the talks and workshops, I feel inspired and empowered as well! The event was very well thought of. I super appreciate the fact that you considered your mom followers and even brought cakes for the ones who celebrated their birthdays! It goes to show that you really do take care of your followers. You consider them as beshies! Wohooo! That is why we love and support you! Cheers to many more TBJ anniversaries! Oh and, enjoy the rest of your vacay!

  23. It's kinda late but I still want to say THANK YOU Ms. M for sharing your passion with us. I'm happy and grateful to be part (again) of the TBJ 9th Mega Anniversary! Looking forward for next year. God bless!


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