10 Beauty Moves You Can Do To Save the Environment

Funny to say for a beauty blogger that the beauty industry is one of the biggest pollutants of the earth; think of sachets, compacts, boxes, microbeads, glitter; I even think this industry has a bigger impact compared to fashion.

But then again, we don't have to be. Our everyday choices define the future of Mother Earth. In this post, I'd like you to know that you can still enjoy your passion for makeup while still being environmentally- conscious at the same time. Here are 10 beauty moves that I strongly encourage you to do to help save the earth today and in the future.


- I think single- use compacts are pretty much a waste of money and earth space; imagine if every single woman on earth uses up one compact every month; that's most likely billions of compacts that end up in the landfill every month! This is why I think refillable makeup is a concept that brands should explore and begin embracing. Japan makeup brands are big fans of compacts because aside from it uses up minimal resources, water, and energy to make compared to an actual compact, it's probably easier to recycle and won't take up too much space because of the size and width.

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- Instead of buying bottles and bottles of home and beauty products per month, go for the gallon instead and refill existing bottles. A gallon may last you 1-2 months depending on usage and that saves the earth at least 2-3 regular- sized bottles.


- While I don't think I can be a pure natural and organic product user, I want to minimize the chemicals that I contribute to the oceans by switching to organic/natural products for some of the products I use, most especially for the household. I encourage you to find beauty products that you can swap for an organic/natural substitute; the whales will thank you!

Also, I strongly encourage everyone to use organic beauty products such as sunscreen, shampoo, conditioner, and soap when going to the beach. Because when you use regular commercial beauty products near a body of water, the chemicals may enter the water faster, ergo higher chances of water pollution.


- It is a known fact that microbeads are one of the top pollutants of the ocean. These small beads get eaten by marine life like fishes and it goes back to us through the seafood we eat. Starting today, opt for exfoliants with plant- derived/sugar/salt exfoliators, use an alternative exfoliator (like acids), or go for the manual exfoliator (face brush, towel, face loofah).


- A classic Beauty blogger challenge that I just realized is helping minimize waste! The golden rule of the Hit Pan project is to hit the pan on your makeup, meaning use them until you see the bottom of the pan aka finish it up. The strategy here is to focus on one product for weeks or months until you hit pan on it; in turn, I believe this challenge prevents people from purchasing and purchasing cosmetics, and accumulating waste!


- One of the biggest reasons why I am into makeup palette nowadays is because I realized that it's saving up so much resources versus the creation of individual packaging. With palettes, you can save the earth and save some dresser space, too!


- There are noble brands out there that deserve your entire support because they give to the environment. There are a lot of socially responsible brands to consider like Venus and Mars Naturals and their repurposing program wherein they encourage buyers to return empty containers to stores for a discount and in return, the containers are pulverized and turned into eco-bricks by a recycling company called Green Antz. 

Chantecaille is known for their seasonal collections that highlight various endangered species and proceeds of sales from the collection go to the preservation and rehabilitation of the featured species.

The Body Shop is known for their fair trade products that encourage sustainability and ethical farming. 

Burt's Bees has seasonal campaigns that help promote the preservation of Bees, which have unfortunately joined the endangered species list this year.

MAC Cosmetics has a Back 2 MAC program where they give you a free lipstick when you return 10 used MAC product packaging.

VMV Hypoallergenics encourages customers to leave excess product packaging like boxes, ribbons, and paper bag in store for re-use, especially if the product is for personal use only.

These are just some of the noble brands that do good while making you look good so I encourage you to support them!

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- Applies not only to beauty products, but to all products as well. The sea is polluted with shampoo, conditioner, and soap sachets and packaging; all you have to do is just put them in your bag/hold them in your hand until you find a trash bin. Don't flush down tampons, toilet paper, napkins, wet wipes, and anything you can think of down the toilet or drain because these go to the waterways that lead straight to the sea. 

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- Some beauty brands, especially luxury brands tend to overdo packaging because it's part of the experience. I get it, but as human consciousness evolves, I believe more people won't mind if brands will cut down on packaging and save the planet. 

You can be a proactive shopper too; say no to excessive packaging like skipping wraps, ribbons, cards, and paper bags, especially for items that can fit right in your bag. Better yet, bring a canvas shopping bag!

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 - Glass packaging can be highly repurposed and they look pretty too! For glasses, jars, plastic, and cloth, find a way to reuse them by turning them into everyday household items or decorative items.

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"The power is yours!"- Captain Planet

Hope you like this list! Share your ideas on how we can all cut down our beauty waste!

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Glad to know beauty influencers like you are also voicing out care for our environment! :)
    Ellana Cosmetics also do refills of their foundation plus their products are 100% vegan and cruelty free.
    A local brand, Zero Basics PH, sells organic skin care products like toners, serums, facial masks in refillable glass containers and they have pop up stores for refill. No waste.
    There are also lot of online stores which sells shampoo bars and conditioners so we do not contribute to additional wastes of sachets and plastic bottles. Of course, packaging must be plastic free, too.
    And though it's hard to adjust first, I also started transitioning to cloth napkins so I don't need to buy commercial sanitary napkin which contributes a lot of plastic, too. A lot of stores are also offering those now.
    A good lotion and moisturizer choice would be Nivea creme in blue tin can because you can repurpose/reuse the tin can.
    Hope a lot would also rethink the small steps we can do to help Mother Earth! :)

  2. For this year, I am currently into the #HitPan project hahaha 😂 and I really enjoy and get thrilled when a pan shows up.

    PS: Panning videos in yt made me do it

  3. During your TBJ anniversary, I was moved by the fact that you are also an environment saver which made me admire you more. Reading this blog post made me realize a lot of things... and one is that I am being selfish pala... i love scrubs with microbeads coz I feel my skin is really clean but have to stop it so my kids will have a great future world to live in. Also the big bottles.. I was offered to buy the big one but opted to get the smaller and just buy per month coz I love seeing it on my vanity rather than a big bottle in the shelf or a refill bottlw without a name. Ugggghhh enough of this.. will try to follow your list so I can help save our world

  4. Awesome tips! I'm hapoy that I'm already doing most of these. I buy gallons then buy refills, reuse packaging, buy organic products, buy refillables, hit pans, don't use something with microbeads, and disposing trash properly. If we could all do these, our mother earth will be so happy


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