Big Haul For The Home

And yet, we have another haul.

Finally, the husband and I are moving to our condo; we've been temporarily staying in a house owned by his sister while our condo was being furnished and now, it's time for the big move.

I purchased starter stuff, mainly household cleaning items because we're having the place cleaned today plus organizers to maximize space.

First, cleaning tools. I purchased most of these from True Value; I got basic cleaning stuff and my, oh my, I'm so happy with the cleaning caddy I got! It's what I've been looking for! The colored cleaning cloths were from True Value and are at P495/set, but was on a buy one take one promotion; I like the fact that the cloths are labeled so we won't confuse these with bath towels!

The orange pad is a foot pad for scrubbing tiles and floors; pretty ingenious. The green pads are scrubbers for the walls and other stuff.

Husband and I have talked about transitioning to using natural home products such as dishwashing liquid, detergent, and home cleaning products to help save the environment and at the same time, protect our health too; if we can't fully transition, we'd love to use these products primarily, at least.

The wash bin, peeler, meat tenderizing tool, and tiny tipper were from Japan Home.

Organizing racks! The black stackable racks are for organizing pots and pans. I like the idea of converting a single cabinet into a tiered one because it's the best way to multiply space for me. I also got a kitchen scale, hanging chicken wire basket (I intend to hang this on my dresser and put hair tools on it). An acrylic tray for makeup, medicine storage box, Muji- esque PET bottles that came with labels, and a sink rack that I'm thinking of hanging on top of the sink to house hand soap and toothbrush.

More random stuff. Set of 2 rugs from True Value. Trash bin and a steel trash bin + toilet brush set. Shower mat. Dishwashing scrub. Mini dust pan. Set of dishwashing sponge. And a rice bin that I got on an P88.00 promotional sale when I purchased items worth P2,000 from Japan Home; it's pretty useless IMO because the lid on top won't shut completely. #Regrets

And finally, room and kitchen stuff. Customizable dividers for my clothes dresser. Anti- slip mats for the cupboards, lining for cabinets, and a suede, anti- slip hanger; I like the hangers because each can hold 5-6 trousers; what a space saver!

That's all and I gotta bring this to the condo!

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. After seeing everything beauty and cosmetics, I see this different kind of post of home haul... I can really relate it to my own home :) Loved it.. Keep it up girl.

  2. I love how you and your husband are both proactive in saving the environment <3

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  3. Had to buy that much also when we moved out. It's so therapeutic for me to buy hiusehold products, next to buying makeup 😊

  4. It^s so clean of you Ms. Martha..this would be the things ill gonna buy if im moving to his home also..but wait i think is^nt it pricey to buy those organic cleaning stuff than those in the market?


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