Purple Tree Miracle Balm is a good alternative for Lucas Papaw!

Purple Tree Multi-Purpose Miracle Balm.

PRICE: Around P300.00+
FROM: Free
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Multi-purpose balms are all the rage nowadays, thanks to the rise of Lucas Papaw. Actually, even way before balms became a thing, I loved having one in my bag, namely Lucas Papaw, Rosebud Salve, and the good ol' petroleum jelly. These are miracle workers and work on just about anything from dryness, soreness, itch, or whatever! I highly suggest anyone to have a balm in hand!

Another promising balm has landed in the Philippines all the way from UK and it's Purple Tree, a multipurpose balm chock- full of healing ingredients to address minor concerns. I'm digging these lately! It's a good alternative to Lucas Papaw too!

Purple Tree Miracle Balm is a multi-purpose balm brand that's vegan, cruelty- free, paraben and sulfate- free, and made with natural ingredients. The range has 11 variants of the multi-purpose balm.

It all started with the signature multi-purpose balm infused with Jacaranda and Sweet Almond oil, both known for their intrinsic healing and moisturizing properties. From there, Purple Tree has expanded the Miracle Balm by introducing it with special skin care ingredients.

L-R: Coconut, Vanilla, Pomegranate, Grapefruit, and Aloe

Coconut- highly moisturizing; Coconut oil mimics the natural oil of the skin, thus preventing the oily feel.

Vanilla- rich in antioxidants and aids the skin.

Pomegranate- rich in antioxidants.

Grapefruit- has rich Vitamin A content that's good for skin aging.

Aloe- rich in fatty enzymes that hydrate and heal the skin.

The balms function just like Lucas Papaw: apply it everywhere and anywhere, except that this has more variants to choose from and highlights a specific ingredient. It feels less goopy than Lucas Papaw and feels much more like a cream, but it's still petroleum jelly, just like the former. Best of all, it doesn't feel greasy!

Each balm has unique fragrance relative to the featured ingredient. My favorite is Coconut because of the warm, sweet, tropical fragrance. 

You can use Purple Tree Miracle Balm can be used not only on the skin, but as a moisturizer for the cuticles, hair ends, lashes, eyebrows, and lips.

If you want an alternative to Lucas Papaw or you get tired of it and you want something new, try Purple Tree!


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  1. Hi martha, i really want to try lucas papaw😀, might as well try this too😀.

  2. First time I've heard about this brand. But I'm delighted to know that it has bariants unlike lucas papaw. 😊 I'm most interested to try aloe and vanilla variants

  3. I haven't tried Lucas Papaw but if this is similar to it then this is a better option for it has different variants.


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