Battle of the best Lip Treatments

I don't know where I'm still getting all the strength to do the things I'm doing nowadays because I'm doing three major things since last month: pulling off 7 events, big move to our permanent home, and of course, blogging. I also miss doing FB videos and I'll definitely do one very soon. I actually miss just sitting down, thinking of colors to mix and match on my face, and hamming it up on the camera! Ah, but life happens; so let's let life happen first then back to business. Oh, I'm actually excited to show our new home maybe that's why I'm trying my best to get everything together asap!

Today's beauty battles is inspired by by recent Melbourne trip. My lips were dry like a prune during my entire vacation because it was the beginning of winter in Australia that time and thicc lip balms were my best friend; they're so thick, they're more like lip treatments already, not balms.

Ladies, let's find out which one is the best lip treatment. I have three of my favorites in today's Beauty Battles.

Carmex Lip Balm is a classic lip balm that promises to soothe, heal, and protect chapped lips. Nivea Lip Butter that's rich in Shea Butter that moisturizes and softens. Vaseline Lip Therapy is the lip balm version of the good ol' petroleum jelly; it protects and heals lips.


- They're all in tub form so when it comes to the hygiene factor, there's virtually none. But with Carmex and Nivea, they at least have stick forms, although they're not as rich as the ones in the tub so nope, won't count those as plus points for this round.



- Carmex is at P149, Nivea at P129, and Vaseline at P125. It's obvious who won this round!



- Carmex has a minty scent, although a bit synthetic to me. Nivea is unscented. Vaseline Lip Therapy is scented depending on the variant you choose and they have an unscented one as well. I love Rose and Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips is right up my alley!



- Carmex has a semi- rich consistency and finish is glossy. Nivea has a semi- pasty consistency because of the Shea Butter content; it tends to leave a white cast too so definitely best worn before going to sleep. Vaseline Lip Therapy leaves a semi- glossy effect and if you're wearing Rosy Lips, there is a teeny weeny hint of rose on your lips.

As for the effect, Carmex is a classic staple and great for daytime use because it's the lightest between the three; Nivea is super effective in keeping lips supple while sleeping. But Vaseline kept my lips from dying in winter; the latter is the only one I've used under harsh weather so call me biased, but I love it!


These three lip treaments are GREAT; they're three of my most favorite lip treatments and I go back to them all the time when my lips are in need of serious moisturization. But I'm profoundly amazed by Vaseline Lip Therapy during my Melbourne trip so for this Beauty Battles Best Lip Treatment edition, the winner is...


How about you? What's your favorite lip treatment?

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thank you for never forgetting to keep us up to date :)

  2. I am also going for Vaseline!!! I love how it really moisturizes my lips and also on days where I am lazy of applying a lip tint or a lipstick, I can just go out for an errand using this!

  3. Im currently using sephora lip butter and lip balm. Now i think i need to hoard those products as i am getting ready for my migration in switzerland na grabe p nmn ang winter season.

  4. Lucas Papaw is a miracle, it's from Australia. In Watsons it is sold at P599 but online sellers price it at P350. It's a staple for celebrities. It's a game changer for me.

  5. I'm currently using Clivia Organics' Papaya Ointment but this Vaseline lip treatment looks so tempting!

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  6. I'm a balm addict lol! For scent I'm into benebalm, for tint and cool feel I'm for lip ice and for moisture I'm for nuxe.

  7. I haven't tried anything yet from this list hihihi I still have my Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask and it takes forever to finish :D kasi just a small amount covered my lips fully na. It's just heavy sa feeling so sometimes I stop using it at night

  8. I remember having Vaseline (the one in a very large tub) at home and we use it for crack lips, heel and dry areas of the body. It is a staple for us! I love Carmex as well but I agree with its smell which I am not a fan of. Nivea is something that has a hit and miss for me. I love vaseline and will forever stick with it because it is so versatile sometimes I also use it as a low-key highlighter (like what they do with petroleum jelly) and love the results! :)

  9. I so love Vaselline espcially the Cocoa Butter, I have a big tub of that from Beauty MNL


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