Five Luxury Bags that you can take out in the rain

The first thing that always pops in my head  90% of the time whenever I get caught in the middle of a downpour is my bag because I use my luxury handbags all the time. Water is one of the biggest causes of handbag deterioration, especially leather as it may cause water stains, water marks, spots, and can even cause wrinkling and dye fading. A luxury handbag costs a hefty premium (as well as handbag cleaning and maintenance) and now you understand why it's my primary concern whenever I'm out and it's raining!

I got caught in the rain today while waiting for a cab and I was using my recently acquired Issey Miyake Bao Bao bag; the bag got significantly wet and good thing the bag is made of resin and mesh, materials that repel water; I only had to blot the surface! What a relief!

That experience inspired this blog post today. To my readers who want to invest in a luxury handbag that's practically low maintenance and most of all, can adapt to the rainy season, here's a quick list of 5 luxury hand bags that you can take out in the rain without getting a heart attack!


- Issey Miyake created the Bao Bao bag in 2000 and it eventually became one of the most iconic luxury handbags. It is made from resin and mesh cloth. Resin is a type of plastic that is water repellent. If it gets wet, you can just wipe it clean. Easy peasy!


- Agneau (lamb) leather may be the softest, but it's arguably the most resilient in my opinion because it is more flexible compared to some common luxury bag leathers such as chevre (goat) or cowhide, thus it can withstand damage better. This is my experience with Balenciaga City; it's so flexible that I can compress it and hide it between my arms so it won't get too wet in the rain. I also find that Balenciaga's bags have pretty solid dye work and I've never experienced color bleeding in all the years I've had it!


- LV's coated canvas bags are the most affordable in their range yet the most weather- proof. Coated Canvas is practically water repellent and doesn't require a waterproofing solution for assurance. Overtime though, it does get a bit dirty so you will need to have it professionally cleaned after a few years of usage.


- Tessuto is a material that is a signature of Prada's first handbags. Until today, it is still one of the favorite materials of Prada fans, like me. Tessuto is lightweight and pretty much resistant to accidental scratches, hitting, and bumps, and most of all, it can keep water on the surface before seeping into the holes of the material, giving you enough time to wipe off water droplets.


- One of Furla's famous handbags. It is the first luxury handbag I bought with my own money. Furla's Candy Bag is made from PVC and is literally waterproof and protects your stuff from getting wet, except when the water falls right on the zipper lining. When you get caught in the rain, no need to panic because you can just wipe off the droplets. Heck, you can even stay a little longer under the rain with this bag lol!

These bags may be great to use during the rainy season, but I highly suggest to keep these bags dry all the time, in case you have these; bear in mind that you should still follow proper bag maintenance to ensure that your bag will stay pretty for a long time and to ensure that the materials won't degrade right away.

There goes my list! What's you pick? Share your favorite luxury handbags in the comments section too!

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  1. We have the same bao bao bag ms m 😍 also purchased it when i was having my holidays in HK! It’s indeed a bag for rainy season.

  2. For my leather skirt and anything leather that I own colonil is the beast.

  3. Hello! Great post. I think I depends with LV. While the canvas is waterproof, the leather trim is usually untreated and can get water stains. The Damier one has treated leather trim, while the original logo does not. I love the Bao Bao. Is that the tote?


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