TBJ Travels Macau: What to do for one day in Macau

I recently had a vacation in Hong Kong last week with the husband's side of the family. It's been a while since I visited Hong Kong and I enjoyed every minute of that quick break! 

We also had a side trip in Macau. We spent one day there. It's impossible to imagine how one can explore a city in just one day, but after my 24-hour experience in Singapore, I say indeed, it could be done.

If you only have one day to explore Macau, here's what I suggest you do.


St. Paul Cathedral is a surviving 17th century church landmark in Macau. What only remains is the front facade of the church; the rest collapsed after a series of earthquakes, fires, and storms. This landmark is a UNESCO world heritage site. Macau was once under Portuguese reign and the Ruins of St. Paul is the perfect way to take a look at its rich ancient past.


- Macau has lots of narrow streets that are brimming with life and shops. Just below the long stairway of St. Paul is a downtown comprised of shops, from global brands to local hobby shops; there are also other church structures in the area that are worth visiting.


- Fisherman's Wharf (that small town- like area in front of Sands hotel) recreates a quaint fisherman's village; lots of instagrammable areas in here, including a replica of the Coliseum!


- Macau is known as the 'Las Vegas of Asia' because it is home to some of the grandiose casinos in the world; the hotels and casinos here also function as malls and they're some of the largest and most beautiful I've seen!

The popular one is The Venetian Macau, inspired by no less than Venice. Take photos by the Venetian houses or ride a gondola and be serenaded by a boat man/woman.

The Parisienne is also another popular hotel because it is inspired by Paris. That decorated dome above me adorns the lobby area of the casino. Breathtaking!

Another popular spot at The Parisienne is their mini version of the Eiffel Tower. You can visit it for a fee or just go outside and take photos of it for free; there are cafes in the tower where you can lounge and enjoy the view of the city; it's the perfect place to end your one day trip in Macau with a glass of wine in hand.

BONUS: Explore the streets and alleys! Lots of amazing coffee shops and local stores are waiting to be discovered. Also, don't forget to try Macau's famous Egg Tarts! They're everywhere and you will always spot a vendor!

That's it for our one day in Macau! Have you been to Macau? What are your favorite spots to visit? Share with us!

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  1. What a dream! It's always been one of my goals to visit Macau! I remember watching Boys Over Flowers when I was younger and some of the best climatic episodes were shot in Macau (Venetian). Thanks for this post! Definitely helps a lot and brings back good ol' memories.


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