K-Palette Real Lasting Cheek Tint: A long- lasting cream blush!

K-Palette Real Lasting Cheek Tint review.

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A lot are still at odds with cream blush because some comments I read about it are: "It gets hulas on oily skin", "it doesn't last long", "how do you even use this thing???".

To address the first two comments, here's a long- lasting cream blush solution by K-Palette, the new Real Lasting Cheek Tint.

The latest product to join K-Palette's signature Real Lasting range is Real Lasting Cheek Tint. According to Beautyboxcorp.com:

Give your cheeks a healthy, dewy-looking flush with K-Palette Lasting Cheek Tint.
Its special penetrating formula and half-circular powder particles apply smoothly and lasts long. It comes in a mirrored flip-top compact for on-the-go application. Natural color - Comes in a blendable dose of color that gives a barely-there blush for a glow coming from within.Cheek Tint Skincare formula - Contains moisturizing ingredients that leave your skin smooth and dewy Botanical Squalane, Water Soluble Collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate.
Cream texture, powder finish - Applies like powder for a non streaky finish. Non-sticky and lightweight on the skin.
Lasting color - Promises a long-lasting rosy/peachy sheen.


This is a limited edition product. It comes in three shades: Orange, Peach, and Rose. It's like one for each general skin tone: fair, medium, dark.

The products comes in a slim, round mirrored compact. Great for traveling and isn't bulky, unlike other cheek tint packaging.

L-R: Rose, Peach, and Orange.

Rose is best for warm skin, Peach for fair skin, and Orange for medium skin. These are superbly smooth, moisturizing, and quite pigmented. It blends nicely on the skin with zero tugging; dab or spread, whichever application technique you prefer, this cheek tint will cooperate.

Rose on me

You can use this product on bare skin or on top of makeup, whichever you like. I like using it both ways. On bare skin, it stays put even without a powder blush on top as long as you apply it on a primer and lightly dust translucent powder over it; great for makeup- free days, yet you still want to look fresh and blooming. On top of makeup, it's best applied gradually and in a dabbing motion.

On its own, it has good staying power; I used it in a Crossfit sesh and even if it faded significantly, I still saw a bit of it left. I can imagine how long- lasting your blush will be if you use this as base!

K-Palette real lasting cheek tint is great for oily skin types and even dry skin because of the moisturizing properties. Sad that it's not permanent, but good news is it's still around so there's no better time to get it than now. For morenas, I suggest Rose.

Have you tried this product already? What are your thoughts?


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  1. Long lasting cheek tint is life. How much is it po kaya Ms. Martha? 😊

  2. Wow ang ganda ng mga shades ng K-Palette Real Lasting Cheek Tint Review

  3. OMG i love the shades of K-Palette Real Lasting Cheek Tint Review :*

  4. Im one of those few people who doesn't know how to use a cream blush properly πŸ™ˆ After reading this, ganun din pala as other cheek tints. I once bought a cream blush but I didn't use it. Lol. I guess im just intimidated on itsconsistency. But after reading i think i wanna have one again. πŸ’• The shades are just too beautiful not to have one. And i love how it comes with a mirror too. Easy for on the go girls that still want to look fresh and glowing after a stressful day. Bye haggard-ness with these blush!

  5. Thank you for this review! great help for girls like me with oily skin but loves cheek stain

  6. I've never really been a fan of cheek tints like this but the shades are giving me life! After reading that the K-Palette real lasting cheek tint is great for oily skin types, I'm hooked. I hope this'd be permanent for a week or so tho hahaha!

  7. Cheek tint is love❤️ ang ganda ng packaging and pati na din ng 3 shadesπŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  8. Thank you for the review :) love all the shades then perfect pa for my oily skin :)

  9. Elite looking ang packaging! Hindi ako ngbbreakout sa cream blushes unlike powder blushes..surely ill buy one


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