Vice Cosmetics Water Lip and Cheek Tint: Affordable yet diverse!

Vice Cosmetics Water Gel Lip and Cheek Tint review.

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If not for the K-Beauty trend, I would never have that renewed appreciation for lip and cheek tint. I've been using it all the time lately and I am reminded of how easy, fuss- free, simple, yet effective this product is in making you look fresh and pretty even if you only have 5 minutes to do your makeup, making it an indispensable makeup item.

Vice Cosmetics rides the lip and cheek tint trend with the release of their newest product: WATER GEL LIP AND CHEEK TINT. First thing that got me was the wide range of colors! Exciting! Let me swatch them for you!

Whoops! I missed the S in there! LOL!

According to Vice Cosmetics' official website: Vice Cosmetics Water Gel Lip And Cheek Tint is:
Specially formulated for easy blending; intensely pigmented and long-lasting for vibrant color that stays put; lightweight texture delivers all-day comfort. Infused with comfort enhancing ingredients and antioxidants including Vitamin E. Vice Cosmetics is cruelty- free.
The range includes 8 shades that you can purchase individually or as a set with clear pouch for only P949.00.

This is a water- based lip and cheek tint; it has a watery- gel texture, which I prefer than purely liquid lip and cheek tint because it sets much more efficiently and leaves a dewy finish.

Pigmentation is medium to heavy; you can layer it on and you'll be able to see a significant increase in color intensity. 

As you can see, the product stains and quickly at that so blend right away upon application.

Here are the swatches on my lips!


Hot pink shade. I'm also using this shade on my cheeks in this photo as well as in the rest of the photos because I love the pink hue it gives my complexion. So healthy- looking!


- A pink-red hue. IMO, it's the universal tint shade in the line. It looks good on any skin tone.


- TBJ Beshies! Look! There's a tint for us! Beshie is a hot orange shade that looks so pretty and suits warm skin the most; it helps you achieve that vintage peach/orange K-Beauty look. This is my most favorite shade among everything because it's orange and just because…TBJ BESHIE! 


- You classic true red shade. Looks nice if worn on the lips!


- A berry red shade. Perf for those who want a sophisticated red. Great on warm skin too!


- A red-violet shade. This flirty shade matches its name perfectly!


- A dark pink shade with a hint of red. Perfect for sunset cocktails and late noon speakeasy hang outs with friends!


- Berry wine shade. A sexy, sultry shade that's perfect for night!

The shades are generally don't settle into fine lines on the lips, except for the darker shades, especially G na G. The tints hold up nicely, but fades after a couple of hours if worn on bare skin just because it's water- based and our natural facial oil will surely cause it to fade. You can wear this on top of makeup, but do so gradually, carefully, and I highly recommend using a sponge and a dabbing motion to ensure that you don't get streaks. These tints work better on the lips in my opinion.

Vice Cosmetics Water Gel Lip and Cheek Tint is good in a lot of ways: it's affordable, the packaging is cool (doesn't look cheap, which I love about the brand!), there are a lot of shades despite the price point, and works generally fine. I'll definitely keep these as lip tints and for the shades, I highly recommend Seswang, Beshie, G na G, and Chozzz!

Have you tried Vice Cosmetics' Water Gel Lip and Cheek Tint? What are your thoughts?


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  1. Wow Ms Martha naexcite ako. Ganda ng pagkakareview mo naexcite tuloy ako sa Paberjin ��

  2. Ang gaganda po lahat sayo how do you do it po :( Kyondi is probably my fave on you! I've been waiting for your review on this bc u have the best detailed reviews among the bloggers I know. The shades look so pretty! Very versatile for Filipinas. I just wish that they'd release more rosy-natural-kind-of-bloody-red shades soon since I'm getting into bloody reds lately. :)

  3. I really love Vice cosmetics. Lately na lang ako nagkameron nyan kasi nakigamit ako ng isa sa friend ko and then nung nagustuhan ko, bumili ako ang shade ay kyondi. Gusto ko siya :)

  4. I cant choose..angaganda, nakakafresh, nkakabata...that^s why mas bet ko gel tints eh..ganda mo jan Ms. Martha parang no-makeup look!

  5. Wow mam lahat bagay po sa inyo.. Gusto ko yung color na F na F.. Actually lahat sila ang gaganda ng shades OMG buti na lang meron na silang available na liptint tamang tama paubos na yun sakin 😊😊

  6. Love it! 2 in 1 :) Bet ko ung Sisterette and Seswang hehe!

  7. Love the shade of seswang and kyondi Ms.Martha 💄 hope to have this soon 😉

  8. Lahat bagay sau Ms. Martha..i just hope na d nmm nagdry lips mo after swatching all these..lahat dn gusto ko 😊


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