How to develop determination: Three questions to ask yourself

This is a photo taken while I'm on a tour during wintertime in Noosa Everglades in Australia, one of the only two Everglades in the world; it's a 5km stretch of tannin- infused river. By the 3rd kilometer, my arms were starting to feel numb and I wanted to give up and just join the boat. The problem was, the boat was already ahead of us and to get on it, we had to paddle. What got me through the last 2 kilometers was the fact that temperature was dropping and I didn't want to freeze in the canoe.

Today I'd like to talk about determination.

I come from a middle class family. I live a comfortable life; not lavish, but enough for me to do what I want. I thank my lucky stars that I was born to a mother who did everything she can to provide me good education and that I am fortunate enough to find my way in the real world and earn a pretty good living for myself.

Someone told me that the problem with the attitude of the middle class is that they think they're okay because they survive. I was pissed at the comment, but after looking deep inside and when I juxtaposed it with my attitude towards my business sometimes, I realized, it is true; well at least to me.

Just to be clear, there is nothing wrong with being contented with where you are; if you are at peace with your situation, I am happy for you. But if you want to get to the next level, you have to develop your determination.

You see, I say develop because I believe we all have determination; but the questions is not whether you have determination or not, but what level of determination you have. Going back to my canoeing moment, I had the determination to finish rowing through the 5km stretch of river, but if I hadn't conditioned myself to be more determined to finish it in a matter of 30 minutes, I would have frozen terribly in the cold.

I don't say that my determination is raging and can match those of the most successful people on earth. I'm always learning and trying to develop my determination; I hope I get there one day, but for now, let me share with you the three questions I ask myself everyday to develop determination, to encourage myself to get what I want, or to simply just get things done.


- A question I always ask myself while working out, especially when doing power lifting (and to other situations as well). I like how fierce this statement is and it's an instant courage boost. Because if you want it bad enough, you will do anything and everything to achieve it.


- I hope you see this statement as empowering rather than morbid. I always ask myself this before going into a make-or-break meeting, pitch, or engagement because it instantly gives me that 'all or nothing' attitude that not only impacts my performance, but those around me as well.


- One valuable thing I learned from my mom is to always ask for whatever you want because what can go wrong anyway? You may get a yes or no, but really, what can go wrong? Most of the time, we're fearing something that isn't there and it's just all in our head; this prevents us from standing up for ourselves and not getting what we want and we think we deserve. This question helps me shut down fear and helps me build my confidence day by day.

I hope this post has inspired you today. :)

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  1. Not many bloggers make this sort of exceptional and personal kind of post. Thank you for this much needed lift, Ms. Martha.


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