Ofra Glow Up Palette and Long- Lasting Liquid Lipstick + New look!

Here's a review on Ofra Glow Up Palette and Long- Lasting Liquid lipstick.

PRICE: Palette- P2,700; Liquid Lipstick- P850
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Glamourbox stalls; glamourbox.ph


Gone were the days when Ofra's aesthetic was serious and mature- looking; say hello to a brighter, better Ofra! You know what? I love this better because it's more modern, chic, gives the brand a more luxurious vibe, and frankly, it draws more attention than before, which is what I think this brand deserves because it's a really good brand.

Speaking of good, here are a couple of really good products that I think you should try from OFRA, especially Glow Up palette!

OFRA Glow Up Highlighter palette features a 5-color highlighter wheel and 3 minis.

The huge wheel is called Beverly Hills; #6 is Star Island highlighter, #7 is Blissful highlighter, and #8 is Rodeo Drive highlighter. If you noticed the dents on the side of the pans, it's because the pans are replaceable and the palette is reusable.

I love the plastic bubble logo that protrudes on the cover; it gave the palette more character. It's a little heavy though, but feels quite sturdy. You can replace the highlighters with other OFRA products if you wish to make this well- suited to your beauty needs while traveling.

The order of my swatches is confused LOL

When I swatched the highlighters, they felt buttery and creamy, and when I swatched them, BAM! Didn't expect all that pigmentation! A little goes a long way with the highlighters and I love that there's one for every skin tone. I love swirling my brush all over Beverly Hills to get a warm gold highlight. The shades in Glow Up highlighter palette are great for morena skin!

Next: Ofra's Long- Lasting Liquid lipstick got a makeover too!

Check out the two previous versions of the liquid lipstick:



I'm liking the current version because it gives me a better grip on the wand!

Click HERE for a detailed review of the Ofra's liquid lipsticks.

The wand is a medium- shaped applicator that fits almost any lip shape.

Here's me wearing #6 on my cheeks, #1 on my inner eye, and #8 on the tip of my nose and brow bone. I darkened the photo for you to see a better view of how RADIANT this highlighter palette is; it gives you a blinding glow. That said, apply sparingly and blend well.

TBJ TIP: Use a small dense brush to apply this particular highlighter; a fan brush will create a stark, unsightly line (unless this is the look you are going for) while the brush will give a diffused glow. Remember this is very pigmented so you gotta blend it well.

The highlighter lasts the whole day; the creamy texture allows it to sit and stay better on the skin.

Oh, the highlighter doubles as an eyeshadow palette too!

Next, let's check out the lipsticks:


Sanibel is a soft nude pink. It's a pretty color and great for a wedding look!


Brickell is a raspberry red shade with a semi- matte finish. It's a cross between red and pink; great color for those who love both shades and simply can't choose!

I love OFRA more now! The palette is a really good buy, especially if you love highlighters plus it's customizable too. The liquid lipsticks are also great because they have a gorgeous finish, lasts long enough, but doesn't require me to cut off my lips just to take 'em off, and most importantly, the formula won't dry out your lips.

Which of these products are you getting?


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