Unboxing: Pink Sugar Mystery Box!

Mystery boxes are becoming more and more popular among brands lately; it's really a fun way to engage customers and make them more interested in the brand. Besides, who doesn't want unboxing gifts?

From books, to clothes, to trinkets, to makeup, mystery boxes are popping up; perhaps the most notorious for churning out mystery boxes is the beauty industry. Locally, Pink Sugar joins the trend with their Mystery Boxes at Lazada. I got one and I'll unbox it for you today!

Pink Sugar has recently launched their mystery boxes over at Lazada; I believe we're on the second round of the launch now, which is scheduled on February 11 (save the date!). I got a sample; it's in a pouch and I don't know if the actual collection will come in a box; I hope it does!

The box contains 4 full- sized Pink Sugar products with a value of P1,200. The box is only P499. What a steal!

What did I get? Here!

I got These Lips Don't Lie crayon lipstick, Our Lil' Secret Eye Makeup Remover, Creamy Matte Lipstick in Hot Mess, and Brow Gel in Taupe.

Coolness! I've been meaning to try Pink Sugar's eye makeup remover and besides, it's always nice to receive makeup removers because I use it on a daily basis. The lipstick shades are my type and the brow mascara shade, even if my favorite HIG Brow Gel shade is Blonde, will come handy when my hair gets darker in the next few months.

Overall, the product selection is great, from the shades to the assortment of products, plus it's P499 only for everything! Items are not the same in each mystery box so that's something to look forward to this Monday!

Again, Pink Sugar Mystery Box will launch this February 11, 2019 at Lazada Philippines. There will be 4 full- sized products in each box worth P1,200, but the box is P499 only. Buy your Pink Sugar mystery box HERE.

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