VV and Co by Vern and Verniece Enciso: Thoughts on Vern's Perfume

VV and Co by Vern and Verniece Enciso Vern EDP.

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All aspiring fashion influencers should look up to the sweethearts of the local influencer community, Vern and Verniece Enciso. I've known the sisters way back when we all started with blogging and I admire how the sisters were able to utilize their influence by taking calculated, smart steps and moreover, how they managed to stay relevant after being in the scene for nearly 10 years. Fame can get the best of some influencers, but the sisters knew that it is a gift that should not be wasted. So, young padiwan, if you're aspiring to break through the world of online fashion, take a cue from these ladies.

Last Christmas, Vern sent me her newly- launched product under her venture with sister, Verniece, called VV and Co. I was ecstatic because apart from being a perfume lover, I really like trying out influencer- born brands and products; no other explanation aside from it's probably just a community thing.

A lot of the #TBJBeshies at THE BEAUTY JUNKEES UNITE have been wondering how the perfumes smell like. Is it any good? We'll find out.

VV and Co is a lifestyle label by popular Filipino fashion influencers, Vern and Verniece Enciso; the brand is not boxed in terms of product category; I think it will soon foray into fashion, accessories, and even home, but the first step is beauty and it's perfume.

 There are two fragrances:

VERN EDP: A floral scent for a woman who knows what she wants to attain and how to get there.

VERNIECE EDT: A sweet fresh scent for girls taking on life one step at a time.

First off, I like the fact that they launched a perfume; it's a fresh breather from makeup and skin care launches of local influencers in the past months and years; second, it just fits their image so much; I'm a marketing girl and I like good branding, and I think they have put much thought into this.

The product comes in a gift box that is completely reusable; just remove the foam pads and Konmari whatever you want with it. It also comes with dainty message and scribble cards. Feels personalized, but I wish I got more information about the fragrance composition because I'm geeky like that with fragrances; I can't find it in the website too.

There is only one size for the perfume; 30ml. Verniece's EDT is the same size too, but much cheaper at P999 because it's EDT and has lesser oils than EDP, which is what makes a perfume expensive. Product is compact and lightweight, and doesn't command too much space in the bag. It's one of the perfumes I always reach out for lately just because it's so easy to lug around.

The fragrance vividly reminds me of Miss Dior Cherie L'Eau, one of the nicest variants of Miss Dior perfumes; White floral and green notes with a hint of mint, and a dry down of musk; it's elegant, confident yet unassuming, happy, and youthfully feminine.

I've had no luck with staying power with most local perfumes that I have tried, but this one surprisingly held up! I can still smell it on me 3 hours after spraying and it's the kind that sits nicely on the skin, at least to me.

Vern is nice, semi- warm perfume that you can wear to work, to a meeting, or to a daytime event; any event that requires you to look prim and polished, but not overwhelming. I like it because overall, it smells good and it's my kind of fragrance, and most of all, it's an affordable alternative to my favorite (but discontinued) Miss Dior Cherie L'Eau!


Please visit VV AND CO on Facebook for more details. You can buy Vern and Verniece perfumes HERE.

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