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Welcome to The Beauty Junkee. It is a celebration of all things girly and beautiful. It is a celebration of YOU.

"I empower women one make-up at a time. I inspire everyone to become the best version of themselves through make-up."

Follow Martha's daily musings about life, love, art, food, dogs, fashion, make-up, skin care, perfumes, and inner beauty. Be updated on the latest, hottest, and hippest brand/product to hit the local beauty shelves, the must- visit restaurants in town, the latest sale events, coolest trends, awesome beauty tips, and tidbits on how to let that inner beauty shine through.


Martha has a penchant for anything and everything that inspires beauty. She embodies art through performing, and celebrates her femininity through make- up.  Apart from being a blogger and PR Consultant to brands, she's also a loving daughter and doting mother to Denver, a lovely, adorable, and gorgeous male Golden Retriever. She spends her free time singing, reading books, and dominating the world with her better half. :D


1. All reviews and opinions on make-ups, skin care products, and perfumes are based on the writer's experience. Whatever works for the writer may not work for you. Please exercise due discretion and always seek professional advice before trying out any product reviewed on this blog. Martha Sta. Barbara and The Beauty Junkee cannot be held responsible for any negative bodily reaction that you may experience from the usage of any beauty product reviewed on this blog.

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3. All product reviews will not be influenced by the brand/establishment/company.

4. The Beauty Junkee will only endorse products, brands, and establishments that she believes, based on her expertise, are worthy of such endorsement. The Beauty Junkee will remain truthful to her readers.

5. On luxury bag/footwear/accessories/clothes reviews: The authentication points are based on Martha Sta. Barbara's personal observations, research, and gathering of third- party tips and recommendations. These authentication blog posts do not represent the opinions of and are not verified by the featured luxury brand. 

6. On Exercises, Fitness, and Dieting Tips, Tricks, reviews, and recommendations: Blog posts that cover the aforementioned topics are based on the Martha Sta. Barbara's experience, research, and gathering of third- party tips and recommendations. Such blog posts do not represent the opinions of and are not verified by the featured Fitness establishments, trainers, authors, dietitians, and nutritionists.


1. The comments of the readers of this blog do not represent the opinions and interests of The Beauty Junkee and Martha Sta. Barbara.

2. Any product review on this blog does not represent the opinions and interests of brands.

3. On luxury bag/footwear/accessories/clothes reviews: The authentication points are based on Martha Sta. Barbara's personal observations, research, and gathering of third- party tips and recommendations. These authentication blog posts do not represent the opinions of and are not verified by the featured luxury brand. 

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8. The following terms and conditions may change without prior notice. All concerned parties will be informed accordingly if any change has been implemented.


1. This blog accepts different forms of advertisements and compensations.
2. The author is open to product/brand collaborations and campaigns.


Bashing and negative comments will not be tolerated in this blog. This is to ensure a harmonious environment for the readers and to nurture positive relationships.

I am one of Nuffnang Philippines' top bloggers! ;)

L-R: Lori Baltazar of Desserts Come First, Me, Jeff Lo of Pinoy Fitness, David Guison of DG Manila, and Peachy Adarne of Peach Kitchen

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If you're a company or an entrepreneur, and you'd like to send me products for review/feature, please email your proposal/s to martha(dot)stabarbara@yahoo.com or martha(dot)stabarbara@gmail.com. Or if you simply want to send me some lovin', please don't hesitate to email me as well.

*Due to the large volume of emails I receive on a daily basis, I may not be able to respond right away, but I will try my best to respond to you as soon as possible.


Please email me at martha(dot)stabarbara@yahoo.com or martha(dot)stabarbara@gmail.com if you would like to promote your company/product on this blog.


I am a:

1. Personality Development Coach (one-on-one or group coaching)
2. Social Media Manager (Facebook and Twitter)
3. PR Consultant
4. Speaker/Teacher for the following topics:
A.) Improvement of People Skills
B.) Character Development
C.) Boosting Self- Confidence
D.) Basics on Makeup and Skincare
E.) Personal Makeup
F.) Basic Acting (Kids and Adults)


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