European Makeup Invasion!

Philippines, we are under attack. A beauty attack, that is and it is soooo wonderful! :D

We've already experienced some of the best makeup brands America and Asia has to offer, but what about Europe? This is the exact driving force behind Color Society Philippines, a subsidiary of Bhagi's International Trading Corporation. It all started with the no. 1 European Drugstore Makeup brand, Essence Cosmetics, and now they're set to launch FOUR MORE hit European brands in the cosmetic- savvy modern Filipino market.

Click READ MORE and get to know more about Misslyn, Flormar, Deborah Milano, and GOSH! :)


Misslyn is an anagram of the name of one of the world's most iconic bombshells, Marilyn Monroe. Currently a sister company of ArtDeco, Misslyn is known for their always-up-to-date nail color range and eyelash styling products. Truly inspired by the essential beauty of Marilyn Monroe, Misslyn combines old glamour with modern trends for a look that is sophisticated but with a dash of funk!


Flormar has been catering to the beauty needs of women for the last 40 years. This Turkish brand offers a collection of professional- grade products at wallet- friendly costs. The Mat Touch Foundation, along with the Nail Polish line, are cult favorites.


Deborah Milano is Italy's number one and biggest makeup company. Always innovating and striving harder to discover more and more beauty solutions for women, Deborah Milano provides top- quality makeup and skin care products specifically formulated to match the contemporary needs of women. Best- sellers are the eyeshadow palettes and liquid foundations.


Oh my gosh...IT'S GOSH! I guess you're all familiar with this brand already as it is heavily featured in a lot of Youtube beauty vlogs so I'll just leave you with an interesting fact: This Denmark- based, entry- premium brand started out as a pharmaceuticals company in 1945! Their mission? Provide high quality products at reasonable prices!

The quaint launch was held at Manila Polo Club. It was also my first- time to be with a bunch of Beauty Vloggers and I had a great time with them!

Liz and I had excused ourselves for a little while to take advantage of the nice lighting in the area. This is just one of the bajillion photos we took! :D

Anyway, looks like this is going to be a drugstore- filled blog in the next couple of weeks! So which should I review first? Deborah Milano, Essence Cosmetics, Gosh, Misslyn, or Flormar? You guys decide! :)

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. In what store are they available? Thanks :)

  2. In what store are they available? Thanks :)

  3. Interested in the Essence nail polishes and Flormar lippies. Am also interested in Misslyn nail colors too!

  4. i'm definitely checking out flormar and essence! :) but essence is on top of my list! :D

  5. I´m happy to know Gosh is now available in the Phil. :) I live in Denmark and Gosh is one of my favourite drugstore brands. They are very good quality, indeed!

  6. I´m glad Gosh is now available in the Phil :) I live in Denmark and Gosh is my favourite drugstore brand :)They are good quality, indeed!

  7. yay! GOSH! they're here! i love the lipstick i got (its orangy in shade) my sister ask if she can have it because when she tried it, it really compliments w/ her skintone =) and im happy that the lippie was almost empty! yay!

    i have tried essence i got from yette =)

    i saw flormar from beauty bloggers unboxing of BDJ's box =) --nail polish and lipstick =)

    im most excited about is the GOSH brand! hope to see review on their other items like e/s, eyeliner and more!

    hugs ms m =)

  8. Yehey I'm a sucker for drugstore makeup because I'm kuripot like that :) Can't wait for your reviews!

    I just knew some of that products by watching foreign beauty Vloggers on youtube! And now.. They`re finally here in the country! How exciting is that? :D

  10. Review the GOSH first please :) haha
    Been so curios about that brand. :D

  11. Jing: Hi there and welcome to my blog! Everything's available in SM Watson's Makati and SM Aura Dept. Store. :) Gosh will be launched this August, I think. :)

    Betsbygolly: Was thinking of reviewing the same product too. :)

    BrownOso: Sure thing, although some of them are not that affordable, especially GOSH. :)

    Redshoetraveller: Alright! :)

    Rhaindropz: I wanna try the foundation products of GOSH. When the brand is finally launched, I think I'll get one. :)

    Erian: Hi dear and welcome to my blog! We're equally excited about it too! :) Hugs and kisses from PH! :)

    CJ: Don't forget to check out Essence's foundations-quality is pretty good, I must say. :)

    Becomingsleek: Okay! :)

  12. I love the Flormar especially the lipstick! Will check these out! Where are these available?? :)


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