Absynthe Bath and Beauty Happy Girls Are The Prettiest Talc- Free Face Powder Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Absynthe Bath and Beauty Happy Girls Are The Prettiest Loose Powder Review.

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Audrey Hepburn indeed knew the secret to immortal beauty: Happiness, love, kindness, strength, wisdom, and inner peace-these qualities are what made her one of the most gracious women the world has ever seen and this, without a doubt, is the reason why she remains as an icon for all women of all ages.

I, too, agree with Ms. Hepburn, but to make it a little more personal, I'd add that an oil- free, smooth face and a powder that blends seamlessly with my skin tone make me whole (haha!) as well. Lately, I'm loving Absynthe Bath and Beauty's Happy Girls Are The Prettiest Talc- Free Face Powder because it brilliantly comes in the shade of Yellow, imparts a nice, cooling sensation, and a soft finish.


Absynthe said that this lightweight powder controls shine and softens skin and the appearance of imperfections. It comes in one shade only, Yellow.


This powder is proudly Talc- Free so if you're afraid of Talc, this will be good for you. Also, there are very nice ingredients in the list namely Nylon 12, Zinc Oxide, and Silica. If you noticed, Titanium Dioxide content is pretty high (because it is at the topmost part of the ingredients list), but product did not say that it has SPF so it's best to wear one underneath prior to makeup application.

More about this affordable, smoothing, cooling powder after the cut!

Product is very travel- friendly at 10g, but you can lift the sifter cover in case you want to transfer it to an even smaller pot. I use a powder brush instead of that puff for a softer and more natural- looking coverage, and to also minimize the white cast (due to Titanium Dioxide).

I was told that this powder's shade was inspired by Ben Nye Banana Powder. Haven't tried that yet so I can't make a comparison, but if you're a user of Ben Nye's famed powder, you might consider trying this out.

The first time I saw the shade, I thought that I'd literally look like a Banana because it seemed too yellow, but when I swatched it, it turned out to be a very pale yellow shade. When I blended it, it disappeared into a translucent finish. Texture is super soft and smooth, and consistency is a tad bit creamy so I believe this will be good for those with dry skin. It has no scent and it yields a cooling sensation upon skin contact that lasts for a couple of minutes, but I don't use this to set the makeup on my orbital eye because it makes me tear up!


One layer of the powder

It sets and goes well with any liquid base, and look how it smoothed out my skin's texture (thank you, Nylon 12). Regarding the white cast, it doesn't look too off nor does it appear too obvious in photos because the yellow tone of adjusts the powder very well onto any skin tone--it also feels pretty lightweight despite the semi- creamy coverage.

Oil control is pretty good at 4.5 hours and it doesn't cake too. However, I do not know how long (and effectively) it can control sebum on severely oily skin types.

Nylon 12, again, is a smoothing agent so if your problem is your skin's gritty texture, go for a face powder that has this as an ingredient. This powder's finish is very comparable to Benefit's The Porefessional Agent Zero Shine loose powder because both products contain Nylon 12-the only stark difference between the two is the color: Benefit's powder is peach- toned, which is good for minimizing the appearance of marks while Absynthe's powder is yellow- toned, which helps brighten the skin and adapts very well to Filipina and Oriental skin tones. I'm happy with this powder because it comes in a versatile, morena skin tone- friendly shade and the cooling sensation it gives lets me refresh my skin anytime! I shall buy it again!


Please visit ABSYNTHE BATH AND BEAUTY on Facebook for more information about this product.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. What does Talc-free means? Is there a controversy about talc recently? I heard about Ben Nye too, but I don't really know that. You look so radiant in the picture. Yellow is good to conceal dark areas right

  2. I don't quite like the packaging as well, but the coverage looks great!


  3. It blends on you and that's probably the most important thing in a face powder. I work so hard to find a foundation shade that perfectly matches my skintone, only to be sabotaged by a powder that has its own color instead of appearing translucent! --Matromao

  4. This looks like a very promising product. I wonder how it would compare to Ellana's Sheer Velvet Mineral Finishing Powder though, because I've been using the Ellana one for these past few weeks and it seems to work ok for me, one thing i did not like was that it leaves a white cast on my face plus it emphasizes the dry patches on my skin. Does this Absynthe one do that also?

  5. First of all, the name's too long. Haha. And then, I don't think it would fit my fair skin. :/ too bad, the product looks promising pa naman. It's also affordable for a good powder ha. ") I'll ask my sister to try that out. I think it'll fit her. :)

  6. In terms of texture, ano pong mas fine? Yung sa Ben Nye o yung sa Absynthe? Ang problema ko po kasi sa Ben Nye sobrang fine niya na pag napasobrang apply ako nung powder, nalalanghap ko. :( And ano pong mas yellow-toned? Naghahanap po kasi ang ng yellow-toned powder din like Ben Nye pero a shade lighter. Parang medyo umiitim po kasi ako sa Ben Nye Banana.

  7. Ooh this looks interesting. I've been looking for a Ben Nye dupe since I hate the smell of Ben Nye. Will surely try this one, cheaper too!

  8. I remember this powder since Say used this on me for an impromptu retouch when I asked to have a photo taken with her during her blog sale hahaha!

    As far as I can remember, this is more yellow toned than ben nye banana (as in parang mas bright ang pagkayellow nya but it didn't made my face hepatitis-yellow naman). And the cooling effect was for real! Kaso it's pricier than Ben Nye. :(

    But I have a question: in these kinds of powders, is there a certain manner to apply them to maximize their oil control powers? I've been using ben nye but I still don't find that it has lessened my need for retouch. I still oil up after 1.5-2 hours. :(

  9. Oooh I've been looking for an affordable (yet sulit!) loose powder recently. I was thinking of getting the Essence Fix & Matte which you always recommend but it looks like the Absynthe loose powder is giving me second thoughts... Especially since my skin is already yellow-toned, this powder matches. Oh no!! Haha what a nice problem.

  10. It's interesting to know that the finish is pretty comparable to Benefit's The Porefessional loose powder. I really does brighten the skin based on the pictures above and your skin looks so even. It being unscented and Talc-free is a plus for me! However, I don't know how I'd feel about its creamy consistency since I'm pretty oily. But nevertheless, I still would like to try this one especially because it fits Filipina skin very well. :)

  11. I have tried the Ben Nye Banana Powder and it does control oil for almost 5 hours (on my skin). The fact that it is extremely yellow the disappears into skin after application might be comparable to this product. I would love to try this one. I believe this will not break me out since the Absynthe products have improved my skin in great depths.

  12. must have for OILY skin beauties like me.. =)

  13. Teri: Talc, apparently, is linked to lung cancer, but it has to be proven yet. :)

    Mabelita: and me too! :)

    Majorie: Wow! Glad to hear that! I'm loving this too and I shall repurchase-I'm almost out of it!

    Cath: I have pretty oily skin and so far, it works fine on me. :)

    Katrina: On extremely warm and humid days, what I do is I still set this powder with a drier setting powder like Essence Fix n matte because this one is a tad bit creamy-I find that this technique solves the oil control issue. :)

    Shary: let me know how it works for you! :D

    Jona: I wish I can help you out, but like what I said, sorry, I haven't tried Ben Nye yet. :/

    Abegaill: I think it will because it's pretty translucent and the powder's shade is a cool shade of yellow. :D

    Fionabelle: It does leave a white cast, but not a lot because the yellow shade counteracts it somehow. :) I have a review for the ellana setting powder. :)

    Matromao: Oh, I hate when that happens haha!

    Zoe: thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)

    Jessy: IKR! Nice problem indeed. Well you can try both because they're both affordable! :)


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