Sumptuous Sundays: 1521 Fifteen Twenty One

Happy Easter! I hope that the past Holy Week has been very meaningful and spiritual for you. Any plans of eating out for lunch or dinner today to celebrate this day of renewal? Consider 1521 Fifteen Twenty One-nothing satisfies you better than good ol' Pinoy fare, especially after cutting or fasting!

Fifteen Twenty One is where ancient Filipino and modern tables meet. This restaurant serves classic Filipino dishes with either a homestyle or Asian twist, all given with the quirkiest names imaginable-sample dish names are Talong Mo Kay Tulfo, Anyhow Na Liempo, Bonggang Bonggang Binagoongan, and Satay Kang Bata Ka! Haha! :D

PRICE RANGE: Appetizers start at P105.00; Main Course starts at P180.00; Dessert starts at P65.00

Click READ MORE and kain tayo (let's eat)! ;)

Busog Na Bangus

For Bangus and ensalada (salad) lovers, this is one dish that you shouldn't miss. It's fresh, steamed Bangus with a yummy, citrusy flavor due to the ensalada. Make room for more rice! ;)

Tom Yum Inasal

- Omigosh! Tom Yum and Inasal, two of my favorite dishes in one bowl. I never thought that the two would go so well together! The soup on this one doesn't have a spicy flavor though unlike traditional Tom Yum, but the savory taste of Inasal makes up for that! If you want it spicy, just ask for chili sauce or fresh chilies. ;)

Bonggang-Bonggang Binagoongan

Here's one thing that you have to know about me: I do not eat green mangoes and shrimp paste-nope, nothing and no one can until I had this dish. I swear, the three just made great music together and I finished two cups of rice because of this! Definitely a must- try!

By far, 1521 Fifteen Twenty One is one of the best Pinoy restaurants I've ever tried because I love their personal twist on these cult Pinoy dishes!

Must- Try In 1521 Fifteen Twenty One

1. Bonggang-Bonggang Binagoongan
2. Tom Yum Inasal

1521 Fifteen Twenty One is located in Forbes Town Center, Forbes Town Road, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City (If you're going there via cab, just say Burgos Circle because cab drivers are more familiar with this name). Give them a call at 552-1909.

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Thanks for the info Martha, nakikita ko itong restaurant kpg nadadaan kami s Burgos Circle..kala ko super pang mayaman LOL! affordable naman pla..hehe will try this week.

  2. Nasty names!! I totally love it! hahaha... (^....^)

  3. Do you still ever do meet-ups? Sorry, I'm a fan girl who's in Manila for a short time. Again, big fan of your posts! :)

  4. Bonggang bonggang binagoongan sounds so Bongga!!!! The names of the dishes makes them even more interesting. Too bad i'm allergic to poultry and seafoods. I'm missing out a lot of great dishes. Haaaay....

  5. Samantha: Hi Samantha! Sure, I'd love to meet up with you quickly while you're still here. Just leave your email and let's talk. :)

  6. The food looks so yummy! Specially the bonggang-bonggang binagoongan. Not bad for the affordable price =)

  7. I haven't seen a restaurant (pinoy) with this set up! Cool!

  8. All of the food looks yummy and tasty especially the binagoongan. :) And the names are so witty. Haha. Would love to try that resto soon. I've been craving for filipino food pa naman lately. Ako naman I super love shrimp paste. As in I'll have it whenever it's available. But from the outside, the place doesn't look like it serves filipino dishes. Akala ko nung una, parang ramen house. :)

  9. Tom yum inasal sure looks interesting. I would want to try that for myself. They surely amped up regular pinoy ulam

  10. Thanks for your comments, girls. :)

    Flexxy: Let me know your thoughts on their food! :)

    Abegaill: Interesting observation. As for me, it looks like an Italian resto from the outside. :)

  11. I always prefer Filipino Cuisine more than any other cuisines!Hope I'll visit this reataurant soon! :)

  12. Tom Yum Inasal for the win! I'm so curious, and I have to admit I'm the type to order the more unique menu items to keep the dining experience interesting.

  13. Wow! Very affordable considering it's near Forbes Park! hehe!


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