Pond's Welcomes A New Ambassador + #PondsBesties Campaign

I think Pond's facial wash is the official facial wash of the kids of the 90's and at the same time, a tool for official girlfriend bonding. I vividly remember when my high school best friend and I would freshen up with Pond's facial wash every recess, and just talk about studies, families, our fave colors, exchanging stationaries, and boys. Oh, those were the days!

I have no idea what high school girls do in school and during recess nowadays, but I hope they engage in physical interaction and not just 'converse' through social media (Are mobile phones allowed in school nowadays? 'Cuz back in my time, it was forbidden). I hope they are doing precious stuff similar to our 'facial wash moments.'

Pouch designed by Neon Island, brainchild of Alyssa Gibbs

It's good that Pond's Philippines is reliving this very personal tradition through #PondsBesties. Not only that, this campaign also aims to educate teens on how to get #AcneClearSkin.

Pond's chose 200 Student Ambassadors from top high schools and universities who shared their stories about personal transformation to inspire millions of teens to embark on a journey to pimple- free skin.

The campaign highlights Pond's Acne Clear White Facial Wash (P85- 50g; P155- 100g) and Overnight Pimple Care Gel (P320), two simple, easy-to-use products that you can pop in your school kikay kit and use anytime you feel that a zit is about to pop out.

Pond's welcomes Claudia Barretto as the new Pond's Girl

Pond's girl Julia Barretto is a living testament to the powers of Pond's Acne Clear White. As a user for three years, Julia says that it's what's been keeping her pimple- free despite her hectic schedule as a full- time student, actress, endorser, and icon. Julia shares her enthusiasm for Pond's with Bestie and sister, Claudia Barretto, who's now the newest member of the Pond's family. Claudia's so adorable! Together, Julia and Claudia will head the #PondsBesties campaign, and encourage girls to take on a journey to beautiful, acne- free skin.

For more information about the campaign, please visit POND'S PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information on this product.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. yes! Pond's is also a big part of my high school, affordable yet effective. I still remember their colored powders, I forgot what it's called basta it has 3 variants, the pink (which I use as blush), the tan (I use as overall powder since it medyo similar sya to loose foundation) and the glittery one.

    Nowadays, I buy my little sister Pond's to as a starter kit for her skincare routine.

  2. I used to use Ponds when I was younger but have not used any of their products recently. I might check their Overnight Pimple Care Gel because I get breakouts from time to time and I love using spot medications. Thanks for this post!

  3. In my high school, phones are still forbidden. I was shocked when my college classmates said that their schools allowed it o.o Iba talaga sa probinsya. When I was in highschool, recess is spent studying for the next quiz and chatting about the latest anime trend in school XD

  4. I'm a Ponds girl also:) now my younger siblings are using Ponds as their skin care. And this over night pimple cure gel should be part of it:)

  5. Pond's was a staple during my high school days too! Haven't tried their Active White range but coming from Pond's, this surely delivers. Claudia is Julia's sister, am I right? They're both very pretty!

  6. I was a Pond's facial wash girl, too, when I was a teenager! Haha! Until now I use their pink toner so I'm somehow a Pond's girl still. And I like Claudia when I saw her Instagram last year. She has not only a pretty face, but also an innocent and nice aura ;) Thanks for sharing! ~ Starr

  7. yay i could still remember my highschool days too ms m! and yes, mobile phone is not allowed! (3210/3310 pa ang mga unit ng nokia phones na uso nuon)

    Ive been a ponds girl way back my highschool days too ms m! and their first one (yung green) it really gives my skin a very refreshing feeling, lalo na kapag daily commute ka at ang klase mo ay 6am to 5pm! yes ms m napakahaba ng class hours nuon, i heard today na halfday lang ang mga studyante (take note ms m, kapag sa public kasi nuon, may mga evening class they start around 1pm to 7pm -- kaya po merong evening class ay para ma-accomodate ng school lahat ng student) i miss my highschool days ms m hihi!

  8. I used Pond's before during my high school and college days and it helped me fight acne talaga. It keeps my face fresh and clean pa. But now I'm working, I seek other brands that would fit my lifestyle better. :) My younger sisters still use Pond's though

  9. Thanks for sharing your experience with Ponds, ladies! Looks like everyone was once a Pond's girl in their teens! :)


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