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Revlon Colorstay Full Coverage Concealer in Medium, Full Cover Foundation in 410 Toast, and Pressed Powder in Medium.

PRICE: Foundation- P825; Powder- P600; Concealer- P625
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in leading department stores, drugstores, supermarkets, and Lazada's Lazmall


Next to Photoready, I think Colorstay is one of Revlon's most notable makeup lines ever and it's arguably one of the most popular drugstore foundation lines ever created. I remember one of the first foundations I blogged here is the Colorstay Whipped foundation.

But where have I been??? Revlon Colorstay seems to have a whole new look now and have come out with cool new additions to the line namely Colorstay Full Coverage Concealer, Colorstay Full Coverage Foundation, and Colorstay Pressed Powder. This trio is great for those with oily skin and hate touching up often during the day!

Colorstay Full Coverage Concealer claims to be a natural- looking, virtually undetectable liquid concealer in a long- wearing formula; special technology claims to keep it intact and fresh- looking the entire day. The range features 18 shades.

Colorstay Full Cover foundation is a full coverage, long- lasting foundation that promises to be heat and sweat- resistant; it comes in 16 shades.

Colorstay Pressed Powder is a long- lasting powder that can be used to set makeup or as a standalone powder. It comes in 5 shades.

L-R: Concealer, Foundation, and Powder
The concealer has medium to heavy coverage; the shade Medium is a light yellow shade; consistency is slightly runny with a hint of creaminess holding it together and keeping it from sliding down my under eyes.

The foundation is mousse; not a huge fan of mousse, but mousse makeup has come a long way; this formula is much easier to work with, doesn't crumble, and overall looks and feels nice on the skin. Toast is a medium dark shade with yellow undertone.

Finally, the pressed powder; it has light to medium coverage and can surprisingly last for hours on its own, about 8 hours if you don't have your friends around. Medium is a medium beige shade with pink undertone.

Let's try out the products:

Bare under eye

With one and a half layer of the concealer

This one's pretty pigmented and I like that it has blurring effects as well; check out the fine lines on my under eyes; it's been filled in by the concealer and my under eyes look much smoother and younger- looking.

It sets efficiently during application and spreads easily with minimal effort so no more tugging and pulling, and feels light on the under eyes despite it being full coverage. Also, it lasts the whole day without the need to retouch, plus resists sweat, oil, and even heat!

Bare skin

With one and a half layer of the foundation

Colorstay Full Cover foundation yields medium to heavy coverage; Toast is a semi- deep beige with golden yellow undertone; it's a tad bit dark on me, but can be easily fixed by any powder.

I'm not really fond of mousse foundation because the ones I've tried in the past are flaky, hard to blend, and cracks during midday; well, not this one! This is a revolutionary mousse foundation formula because it has the great coverage of mousse and the ease of liquid; I use a flat top kabuki brush to spread it out. In the photo above, I never used any primer nor BB/CC Cream nor concealer underneath; it's just the mousse and I love that it managed to look fresh and presentable; impressed by the coverage because it effectively covered my acne spot marks!

Staying power is great; it stays intact on the normal parts of my face for the whole day and on the oily parts, around 6 hours before I retouch. Whoa!

My only problem with the foundation range is it has no in between shades; it's like the shades are either too dark or too light for me.

One layer of the powder
The powder has a semi- dry texture because it's meant to be long- lasting, but it isn't powdery nor coarse. Finish is soft matte and has mild concealing effects. Medium is a light medium shade with neutral undertone. 

I actually like the overall look of this powder; it's matte yet fresh and can take you from a casual stroll to a quick lunch meeting. Another great thing to love about this powder is its staying power: it lasts long, about 5- 6 hours before retouching, and coverage stays intact despite having an oily t-zone. It's really good! However, I just find the shade range too limited. 5 shades??? Really, Revlon?! We're already in the age of inclusivity!

The common denominator between the three products is they all have impressive staying power; that's why Revlon's Colorstay remains as one of the most popular drugstore beauty lines! I actually like the three products: the concealer and its impressive staying power, the revolutionary mousse formula of the foundation, and the soft, fresh finish of the pressed powder all agree with me; I just have a problem with the shades and I really hope that Revlon will address this in the near future. Nevertheless, I recommend the concealer and foundation for those with very oily skin, those who love matte makeup, and basically anyone who dislikes retouching and wants makeup that can withstand a tough day!


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  1. I have the same skin-tone as you so I'll probably have the same issue on available shades. I hope they expand the shades especially the mousse foundation. I've recently tried maybelline and l'oreal similar sets but not one satisfied my need. Will try these and hopefully get better results.


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