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Ibuki, the newest line created by Shiseido is specifically targeted to the Millenials. Who and what are the Millenials, really? They're me and you, individuals ranging from the early 20's to mid 30's who lead very busy, passion- driven, and highly- active lives. The common negative thing with Millenials is the lifestyle: It's pretty unhealthy as we sit in front of our gadgets all day regardless if at home or outdoors, experience a lot of personal, work- related, and societal stress, get tons of sleepless nights, and have an unhealthy diet. All these factors contribute to accelerated aging and less-than-stellar skin.

Inspired by this growing generation, Shiseido had created Ibuki to match the lifestyle of the Millenials by strengthening the resistance of skin from the inside out. If you're a Millenial, right inside this box is the ultimate skin care kit for 'Ready For Anything Skin.' Click READ MORE and see the unboxing!

Voila! You get an almost complete set of Shiseido's brand spankin' Ibuki line. If you're interested to know the science behind this skin care range, please visit THIS LINK.

Let's break down the contents:

You get the following Ibuki products: Shiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser (P1,495.00), Shiseido Ibuki Eye Correcting Cream (P1,800.00), Shiseido Softening Concentrate (P1,600.00), Shiseido Refining Moisturizer, the star product of this line, and Shiseido Ibuki Purifying Cleanser (P1,495.00), which is more of an exfoliating cleanser. What we're just lacking here is the Shiseido Ibuki Protective Emulsion SPF 15. Nevertheless, this is pretty much complete.

You also get samples of Shiseido's best- selling Benefiance Wrinkle Resist Night Emulsion (P2,750.00)and Creamy Cleansing Emulsion (P3,250.00). These are for anti-aging though so you can give it to your mom, aunt or older sister, unless you need it.

You also get the following vouchers.

Total value of the box is over P2,500.00++ including the value of the vouchers. It's not your usual BDJ Box where you get full- sized samples, but Ibuki is a line that you should try. I love the Refining Moisturizer because I noticed that my skin felt really healthy and looked lifted after just one usage. I'm excited for the young ones to try out Shiseido's first- ever skin care line for our generation and above all, to discover how nice their skin care products are. Oh, FYI, Ibuki, so far, is Shiseido's most affordable skin care range. :)

Agree! With healthy skin, you feel genuinely beautiful and more than confident to take on the world! :)

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Oh the box is full of Shiseido products! Forgot to subscribe huhuhu. Sayang! I love seeing posts about BDJ box, and most especially the products in it <3 And I agree that beauty is power! Being beautiful not just on the outside makes you bolder & courageous :)

  2. Another nice set of box from BDJ. Never fails to impress! Making me want to subscribe to them >_<

  3. If you really want to have that young looking skin better to invest on skincare.this is what ive learned from shiseido workshop last april6 s boutique nila sa rockwell well bdj box is the best susbcription box pra skin. ;) they never fail to excite us i love this augbox ;) two thumbs up

  4. Amaaaazing. Iba talaga ang BDJ Box!! The best, even as compared to foreign subscription boxes! I'm drooling!


  5. I have never tried any shiseido product since they're pricey :( but i have hears tons of good reviews about them :) maybe its time i give it a try. Im also itching to subscribe to bdj box, do you think i should give it a go? :)

  6. Wow that's a lot of shiseido goodies! I haven't tried shiseido skin care products. only eyeshadow ones. :) Lucky bellas got the opportunity :D

  7. Is carmex suitable too? I've been wanting answers to this question too. :) Thanks! :)

  8. Mary: yes you should! BDJ Box just keeps on improving! ::D

    Fati: Maybe you should subscribe! :D

    Angel: Yeah, I could understand you. Saw a couple of int'l beauty boxes and they were meh. :p

    Rhain: True! The subscription is really worth it! :)

    Cates: Hi there and welcome to tbj! You should! You'll get your money's worth. :)

    Louise: Hello! Well, there's still September, October, November, December, and so on and so forth! :D

    Robin Flowers: Hi and welcome to tbj! Thanks! :D


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