MAC World Aids Day Celebration + MAC Gives Back To Yolanda Victims

Let me tell you about Janna.

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When I was in college, part of my CSWD requirement was to interview challenged persons such as prisoners, battered women, rehabilitating drug addicts, and HIV- afflicted people. Being the leader of our team, I chose the last group as I've always been curious to know how they feel like knowing that they have an incurable disease and they're literally counting the days of their lives. Through a thorough research, we found someone who was willing to be interviewed and her name was "Janna". (Who was 22 years old then) Janna's tall, slender, pretty, and medium- complexioned, and she has this pair of perpetual smiling eyes. She spoke like any other person, laughed light- heartedly just like the rest of us, but the difference is she is afflicted with this nightmarish disease.

As Janna recounted her story on how she got HIV, (she was infected by some foreigner guy whom she had a one night stand with) me and my team literally sobbed like babies, but one thing that stayed with me was how she recalled her unfortunate tale: She told it like it was nothing. No tears, no shivering voice. She was firm and solid, determined to tell everyone her story hoping that we would all learn a thing or two from it. She played as a victor, not a victim. When we asked how she could stay this strong despite her situation, she just shrugged her bony shoulders and said bluntly that what's done is done and there is nothing that she and any person can do for it to be undone. Instead of wallowing in self- pity, she just decided to live a life of purpose by living her dreams, helping as much people as she could, and serving as an example to people who are suffering from HIV like her. Amazing. That was a hard feat considering she was stigmatized at first by her friends and family. For a moment, I envied her peaceful disposition.

After hearing that statement, I felt kinda' ashamed of myself, specifically on how I used to deal with things. I enjoyed self- pity whenever I fail and I had this negative fatalistic outlook about life. Janna was one of the people who somehow changed the way I view life, and her story taught me that no matter what happens, it's all good in the end because all events and things contrive to lead us to our very purpose. 

This interview happened 5 years ago. I stayed in touch with Janna after that fateful interview, but lost connection with her. I was able to contact her sister last year via Facebook and learned that Janna died 3 years after the interview due to HIV and lung complications. She was almost 26. All I could do that time was just shed a tear for her and thank God for he made me meet a very remarkable person.

I remembered Janna when I attended MAC's World AIDS Day Celebration at Glorietta 1, Makati City. MAC has always been a staunch supporter of HIV- afflicted individuals through the MAC AIDS Fund.

The event was graced by celebrities, Bloggers, and Press people. Bianca Gonzalez hosted the event. Bianca is not only a huge MAC Cosmetics fan, but also a huge supporter of humanitarian and causes like this. More good news after the break! :)

The event highlighted MAC Philippines' latest milestone for 2013. They have just donated P2,494,000.00 to Positive Action Foundation Philippines, a local charity that supports Filipinos afflicted with HIV by providing nutrition, treatments, medicines, and emotional and spiritual support. Maybe Janna was-at one point-supported by this foundation! :)

The donation was made possible by the VIVA GLAM Lipstick line. The massive cash donation was from the accumulated sales of Viva Glam here in the Philippines. This is why everyone shouldn't think twice about purchasing a lipstick from the Viva Glam line!

On top of that, MAC International has just donated $100,000.00 (approximately P4,000,000.00) to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. 

Each and everyone of us was treated to a lip makeover using the Viva Glam lipsticks.

Beauty Bloggers supporting the cause. Baby Askmewhats joined us too! :D

So sad that I had to miss MAC's Divine Night launch last November, but glad I saw it in the store! The Mineralize skin powders are sooo purty! :)

Stylist Josh Orbeta and Style Bible's Ira Nopuente celebrated with MAC Cosmetics Philippines too!

And to quote one of the songs in Rent: "To people who are living with, not dying from disease." Through Viva Glam, let us show HIV patients that there are still 2,494,000 reasons (or more!) to live. More power, MAC. Continue what you're doing. :)

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  1. Such a touching story. But I do agree with her. We shouldn't wallow in pity cause it will only lead to our own destruction. It is normal to grieve and cry...but after, it is best to move on and do something else to make the most of what you have right now.

  2. ive been moved by this post ms m.. thank you for sharing this one..

    dapt talaga we should live our life to the fullest! Give thanks to our dear God for every blessings he gave us..

    hugs ms m!

  3. Aww..So sad to hear about Janna.

    This is good news for makeup junkies out there, at least you know you are not the only one who will benefit from your purchase.

  4. So good of MAC! besides of making good quality makeups, they give back to victims also. :)) this really makes my heart melt because such high end company decides to gives back on aids patients and on typhoon victims ♥♥♥

  5. Good job MAC and to the supporters of this campaign! They are not only promoting the physical beauty to provide on women, but also they have good hearts to share the blessings to Yolanda victims. :)

  6. Thank you girls! this is why I urge everyone to support the viva glam line. :)


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