Mary Kay Facial Highlighting Pen Review

Here's a review on Mary Kay Facial Highlighting Pen.

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The burning question is: Do we really need highlighters? I say not really because IMO, it's one of those makeup products one can live without, not unless you have shadowy parts on your face, aging skin, or dull skin appearance. If you're dealing with the skin concerns aforementioned, you could use a helping hand from highlighters. Here's one from Mary Kay.


Mary Kay's handy dandy cream facial highlighter comes in an ultra convenient pen-style packaging, and contains light- diffusing pigments that optically lift the complexion. It comes in one, universal shade only.

The product is dispensed through this brush so you can apply and blend the product onto your skin all at once. However, I find that it's not that efficient for blending as the bristles tend to accumulate some product and turns a lil' sticky. I blend the highlighter with a finger or concealer brush, but I prefer the former more as it is fuss- free.

Surprisingly, this product turned out to be more than just a highlighter. More about its different uses after the jump!

It's a light beige shade with peach undertones, making it pretty unique as almost all highlighters have a yellow undertone. It's pigmented, but consistency is sheer and light. Texture is smooth, coverage is medium to heavy, and finish is semi- matte. The remarkable thing about its payoff is it lets my skin's natural texture to peep thru, therefore it doesn't appear too obvious and unnatural.


Face with light foundation and powder

I was a Lion in my previous life. :D

Wanna know where to apply highlighter on your face? Check out the photo on top. :)

This product applies and builds up smoothly and evenly. You can apply it before or after powder and no, it won't cake because it has a powdery finish-just remember to blend it well. The 'after powder' technique, btw, will work best on oily skin as the natural sebum will give the product some slip and prevent it from caking. On dry skin, however, I think it's best applied after liquid foundation and before powder to prevent the matte finish from emphasizing dry areas.

Mary Kay Facial Highlighting Pen when blended skin just had a 'cup of joe'.-it looks extremely 'awake' in this photo. Check out the sides of my nose-the depth of my expression lines were kinda' minimized. :)

The effect it gives is subtle, and I love that it doesn't have any glitters to produce that 'light- diffusing' promise. (Because glitters make you shine, not glow and the latter has a nicer and more organic effect.) Wear time is pretty good on my oily skin-it lasts for a long time and doesn't crease or cake even if the weather is pretty humid.

The peach undertone gave this product a multitude of uses. It can:

1. Conceal dark circles- apply a sheer layer before your regular concealer. The light- diffusing effect will also create a more luminous- looking skin.
2. Cover up dark spots- peach is very good for minimizing the intensity of dark spots, albeit it can only conceal light to medium discolorations.
3. Hide expression lines- fill up those lines with the product and blend according to their pattern to create the illusion of a more even complexion.

If your tired skin needs a lil' boost, especially this mad, busy season, I would suggest this product because aside from its brightening properties, it can conceal as well. The handy pen packaging makes it ultra convenient and lets you put that glow on your complexion anytime. :)


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Nice review.
    I like your pictures without and with highlighter, I can see the difference ;)

    Makeup Demon blog
    Makeup Demon Bloglovin

  2. Well at least now I know how and where to apply highlighters :D I am still keeping up with all these make-up applications and techniques...
    I was once a Mary Kay BC but I again stopped because I needed a rest..never actually tried their makeup yet except for the Lash Love mascara which I totally adore because of its wand except for the formulation which tends to be powdery when removed.

  3. this is perfect on me (since im wearing eyeglasses) perfect for highlighting dark areas on my face =) lalo na yung inuupuan ng salamin sa ilong ko hee hee

  4. Wow, this is kinda expensive for a highlighter! :) But it did make a difference as seen on your photo! :)

  5. waah i like it! this is one great product based on your pictures Ms.Martha. i like how it conceals the discolorations on face. It can also hide the expression lines, hihi that i have a lot at the moment.

  6. YSL also have a highlighter! It's called Touch Eclat! I love this. I will buy this soon. Much prettier than Mary Kay!,default,pd.html?dwvar_141YSL_color=1%20Luminous%20Radiance&start=2&cgid=makeup-touche-eclat

  7. now i know what's the use of a highlighter. i have seen it on many make up tutorials but never knew the use of it.

    it became clearer when i saw the with and without shots.

    i realize that i need it.. i have to hide some dark spots on my face.

  8. Makeup Demon: Thank you! :)

    Katrina: Thanks for sharing your insight. :D

    Stephanie: Yes, I know touche eclat but 'tis a lil' pricey. :p

    Leilani: Let me know how you find it if you decide to buy it! :)

    Issa: Was actually surprised to know that it really makes a difference haha!

    Rhain: Yup! This is useful when it comes to creating fake nose lines haha :D

    Winnie: Cool! There was a point wherein I wanted to be a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant because I wanted to get the Mary Kay Barbie haha!

  9. I totally love makeup. Not that I really get to use it. But as a kid, I loved looking at makeovers from old seventeen magazines sent by relatives from the States. I dreamed of Bonne belle, Love's baby soft, Cody's natural blush... I thought that when I finally had money, I'd totally buy all these. But before I knew it, I was a mom, and now I appreciate the few key pieces of makeup I have--bb cream, eyeliner, gel blush and a good face illuminator/highlighter (having a weak chin and forehead). But, highlighter eludes me the most as they are quite expensive. My favorite ever was one from Body Shop that I had for years--very subtle, w/out glitter--but is now phased out, and I haven't found a replacement. It seems from your description that Mary Kay fits the bill. Anyways, I find myself always reading your blogs, enjoying the makeup experience vicariously through your words. But now I'm at another stage of makeup obsession -- finding the perfect tools for my 14-year old daughter, particularly as she goes to Japan to represent the Philippines in the Asian International Children's Film Festival. She will be attending the glamorous award ceremonies without me (sob, parents are not allowed) and I want to get the perfect subtle highlighter and budge-proof mascara for someone like her who doesn't know how to use makeup. Too bad there's no Maybelline Dream Lumi here. =( Would you recommend Mary Kay? Or any other more budget-friendly brand? =) Thanks, Martha!

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