New Skechers Underwear: Fashion Down There with Skechers

So what's new with Skechers lately? You wouldn't expect it, but this major fashion label has finally come up with their own underwear collection!

Presenting Skechers Underwear Collection, a luxe set of intimate wear for the young men and women of today. Patterns and prints come in a dozen of styles ranging from hip, chic, wild, sporty, and girly with touches of ribbons and lace for women, and plaid, solids, classy, and cool for men.

Check out some of the styles they offer plus the ones I got after the cut!

Women's Collection

Men's Collection

Each underwear comes with their very own reusable plastic case to protect them during travels.

I got casual, feminine, and chic designs for my knickers!

Skechers Underwear Collection is nothing above P500.00. For more information about this collection, please visit SKECHERS PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ohh so that's why you got Skechers underwear as Christmas gifts, I was wondering about that haha. It's nice to see them try other products aside from shoes. Hope their new venture will be a success!^^

  2. It's good that skechers is expanding their brand to new products but I would love them more if they expand more on their shoe designs. hihi ☺️

  3. I couldn't imagine skechers going into this line...hahaha...perhaps if it were sports bra or something similar...but dainty ones?
    if the quality is as good as their name is...then why not? and from the looks of it...they're cotton which is actually what i prefer than those lacy or satin ones.

  4. I was surprised at first when I saw this ad in Glorietta and was like, "Skechers? Underwear?" Haha. But I like what I've seen so far in regards to the patterns and designs and they look like they're great quality. I'll pick up a few items myself soon, I think!

  5. I agree with Alyzzon. They should focus on their shoe collection. I was surprised when you posted it before on IG (i think?). Haha!

  6. I agree with u girls! I love their shoes, but I would think twice sa underwear... hehehhehehhe

  7. I dont think skechers will last with the underware stuff unless its marketed well~

  8. hmmm..parang bench and penshoppe lang for me..what makes them unique anyways??? :))))

  9. Kat C: They actually gave it to me. Hope they have brassieres! :D

    Roxanne: Hmmm...maybe the quality? That I'll know after a few washes. :D

    Carmela: Same thing with any product-it all boils down to great marketing. :)

    Arian: Yep! Was surprised too. So far, I like the cotton undies. Very soft and they fit nicely, although I don't think they have big sizes.

    Winnie: Me too! I love cotton undies and this is why I want to check out their range.

    Allyzon: Thanks for sharing your insight. :)


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