Etude House Mascara Remover Review

Here's a review on Etude House Mascara Remover.

Price: P198.00
Bought From: Etude House, Festival Mall
Other Locations: Available in all Etude House boutiques


Etude House's Lip And Eye Makeup Remover is one of the best, cheap (not to mention has the biggest size) makeup removers I have used and I can stick with it for life. Unfortunately, everyone is thinking of the same thing too as it's always out of stock in my nearby Etude House branches at Market! Market! Greenbelt 3.

I found myself in Etude House at Festival Mall last month and had hoped to find that favorite eye makeup remover of mine and guess what? It was out of stock there too, but they had this: Etude House Mascara Remover. I grabbed two bottles right away just in case! After finishing a bottle, I could say that this would be one of my go-to eye makeup removers because it's SO AFFORDABLE!


This remover is intended to remove mascara and all types of eye makeup quickly to avoid stressing the lashes and skin surrounding the eye.

This is a dual- phase makeup remover. The clear liquid is oil that helps loosen mascara and the pink liquid is just like water, which is probably there to dilute oil so it can be rinsed off easily from the eyes and skin.

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Be sure to shake the bottle before usage!

Consistency is like watery oil and it has a light Rose scent. It is gentle to the eyes, albeit it can cloud the vision for a while due to oil-it rinses off easily though! It does remove almost all sorts of eye makeup easily and even yields a fresh sensation to the skin, but it struggles for a bit with Japanese mascaras most especially with Majolica Majorca and Heroine Make. With these mascara brands, I always have to do a second round of cleansing every time.

I would say that its 'One Shot Clean' promise is only 70% true and this still makes Lip And Eye Makeup Remover the undisputed Etude House eye makeup remover for me as it proves to be better when it comes to removing those stubborn Japanese mascaras-the only problem is it's always out of stock so I wouldn't mind purchasing this as an alternative. It's not super duper effective, but at least it still works in the end, plus I won't say no to P198.00! :D


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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'm never without a dual-phase makeup remover. Especially for travel, mawala na ang cleansing oil, huwag lang ang dual-phase. It works just as well on the rest of the face, so it's my lazygirl one-stop makeup remover. I didn't purchase from the last EH major sale, since I still have the Maybelline one hoarded. Haha. But I'm 95% sure that my next makeup remover purchases will be from EH. They're so affordable! Looking to get this and the Happy Teatime Cleansing Cream. :)

  2. I want to try Etude's Lip and Eye Makeup remover but as you said, always ALWAYS out of stock! Luckily, the Lucky Chinatown branch doesn't have that much customers so not most products go out of stock. like in SM Manila. XD

  3. I agree, laging out of stock yung lip and eye makeup remover. :/ Minsan pati Bifesta out of stock din. :) But this one is worth the try, super cheap! I was expecting it to cost more than 300 pesos. :) I don't mind consuming a lot as well because it's so affordable naman.

  4. Im not really much of a mascara wearer but I agree that those Japanese mascaras are tough to remove. Will try this out when I see one.

  5. really ms m! nasa festival lang kayo last time!!! sayang sana nameet ko ulit kayo!!!

    hmmm this one is now on my list! hope i could grab one from EH located in SM Sta Rosa..

    i havent tried their EH Lip and Eye Makeup remover for iam much happy with Bifesta.. but i will still give it a try =)

  6. hi!~ i am also into etude house products and i sooooo love this mascara remover~ I totally agree that this is a one shot clean remover... I am in my third bottle now ^_~ btw, i love your blogs!!!!!~


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