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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Safeguard Derma Sense Skin Care Line Review 1

Here’s a review on Safeguard Derma Sense Skin Care.

Price: Face And Body Wash- P120.00; Facial Wash- P199.00; Body Bars- P88.50/set of 2 90g bars
Bought From: This is a Sponsored post. Products were provided by Safeguard
Other Locations: Available in all leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores


The good ol’ Safeguard soap has played an important role in my life, especially in terms of hygiene: From Dog bites, scratches, wounds, to general cleansing, and from my bright- eyed, childhood days up to today, Safeguard has always been there to the rescue whenever I’m in need of disinfection and cleansing.

I still use Safeguard, but my hygiene needs have already changed over the years. Disinfection is still a priority, but I equally prioritize beauty as well so I prefer products that protect and beautify my skin (and prevent Acne!) at the same time. Here comes Safeguard to my rescue once again with the new Derma Sense line that promises germ protection and skin care. I’m mighty curious on Safeguard’s take on skin care so I am excited to try out this bunch!

I’ll be documenting my journey with this line, specifically with the Derma Sense Facial Wash For Acne Prone Skin, in a two- part blog post series.

Let’s begin!


Derma Sense is the newest skin care range by Safeguard and it is designed to fight Acne- causing bacteria and maintain a healthy skin. The range features Body Bars, Face And Body Wash, and Facial Cleanser in Acne Prone and Sensitive Skin variants.

Derma Sense For Acne Prone Skin- formulated to get to the root of Acne by getting rid of bacteria that cause it along with excess oil and dirt, inflammation, and pore blockage. It is dermatologically- tested and promises to reduce Acne by up to 89% in 8 weeks of consistent usage.

Derma Sense For Sensitive Skin- designed to cleanse sensitive and easily- irritated skin. It is dermatologically- tested, Alcohol, Dyes, and Fragrance- free, and cleanses deeply yet gently without compromising the skin’s defense layer, thus I believe it is suitable for normal skin as well.

My first impressions on this promising skin care range after the jump!

Friday, May 29, 2015

FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: If I weren't a Beauty Blogger, I'd probably be...

Happy Friday! Thank God it's getting cooler nowadays because I finally wouldn't have to worry if my dogs will die of heatstroke plus the plants in our front lawn will get to live longer. :D

I got this contemplative question in my Blogger Contact Form from one of my readers, Leane. She asked me if I weren't a Beauty Blogger, what would I be/be doing instead?

So hi, Leane!

Wonderful question! It's just in time for #FlashbackFridays. :D

Like you, I've been wondering as well where I'd be and what I'd be doing if I did not become The Beauty Junkee. There are actually a lot of options for me because I'm not that picky with work as long as it pays really well, but I've whittled down the list and chosen the top 4 professions that I'd probably be in if I weren't a freelancer/Blogger. I'll share them with you after the cut. :)

Happy Skin Instabeauty Blur Cream Review + Swatch

Here's a review on Happy Skin Instabeauty Cream.

Price: P1,299.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Beauty Bar stores; Happy Skin Online


Blur Creams/Foundations are proof of Instagram's influence on today's generation. Nowadays, it's not enough to wear plain foundation-it should be foundation that blurs like Reyes or Amaro and beautifies like VSCOCAM or Afterlight haha! I think there's nothing wrong with these standards just as long you know why you want what you want and you have a healthy sense of fantasy and reality.

So yeah, going back to Blur Creams/Foundations. What are the ones you have encountered in the market lately? I'm still new to these products so I haven't encountered a lot: First one was The Body Shop Instablur Primer and the second one is this: Happy Skin Instabeauty Blur Cream. Oooh! Let's check it out. :)


Instabeauty is the latest face base to join Happy Skin's growing roster of makeup products. This multitasking, lightly- tinted primer-cum-foundation claims to smooth fine lines, blur enlarged pores, even out and brighten the skin tone, and has anti-aging properties. Happy Skin also said that this product can be used under makeup. Currently, this product comes in one shade only.


Product comes in a soft, squeeze tube.

Check out my swatches of this product after the break.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Make Up For Ever Unveils New Colors of the Aqua Matic Collection

Do you love wearing eyeshadow, but unfortunately your lids are super oily and you perspire so much that you don't know anymore where all that sweat is coming from? :p Or do you simply want an eyeshadow that's suitable for the rainy season? If your answer is YES to these questions, then you're reading the right blog post because I'll muse about Make Up For Ever's Aqua Matic eyeshadow, a true, waterproof eyeshadow today!

Aqua Matic by Make Up For Ever is a retractable, smooth, waterproof cream eyeshadow that comes in mat, metallic, frost, and diamond finishes. The secret to its lasting formula is MUFE'S exclusive combination of Polymers, Film Formers, and Pigments. It's actually more than waterproof-it's sebum- proof and tear- proof as well!

Make Up For Ever Philippines has recently launched new colors for the Aqua Matic Collection for the summer season. After the break, I'll show you how waterproof these eyeshadows are plus the newest colors to join Aqua Matic's growing shade range.

KATE by Kanebo Cover Concealer For Cover in NB (Natural Beige) Review + Swatch

Here's a review on KATE By Kanebo Cover Concealer For Cover in NB.

Price: A little over P600.00
Bought From: Watsons, SM Aura
Other Locations: Available in all Watsons and SM Department Stores


I found myself in front of KATE's display cabinet while I was shopping for bath essentials in Watsons SM Aura last week. I realized right then and there that this brand actually has a lot of interesting stuff to offer and silly me, why didn't I think of exploring them before given that I looove Japanese beauty brands. 

"Now's a great time." I told myself.

So I saw that KATE has pretty good powder foundations with options for morena skin tones-a lil' pricey, but I am loving the texture and coverage. They have Freshel, a sub-brand that offers skin care such as watery moisturizers (watery moisturizers?! I think my oily skin will love those!). I also saw foundations, BB Creams, and primers that are all formulated for tropical climates. Exciting! I'm like a kid who fell in love with a new toy. :D

But what caught my attention is this product: KATE Cover Concealer For Cover. It looked cute, it was pretty affordable, and it had promising coverage when I swatched it. I am running low on facial concealers right now so it was the perfect excuse to buy it and I have been using it everyday since the day I got it because it conceals really well plus staying power is amazeballs-it's perfect for oily skin types like mine!


According to Kanebo, this is a high coverage, highly- adhesive cream concealer designed to conceal dark marks, visible pores, blemishes, and dark circles. Infused with water- soluble Collagen extracts to care for the skin. It comes in two shades only: LB and NB.


Product comes in a 4g tub. Overall, I'm liking the feel of KATE's packaging: they look kinda' luxe to me.

More about this great facial concealer for oily skin types after the jump.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fitness Update: Now A Bro + Gold's Gym review

This may be the most boring fitness update I will ever write. Well because I can't show any significant progress yet, but yeah, let me just update everyone on where I am in my fitness journey.

So it's been 3 months (or was it 4?) since my last update. There have been a few changes in my body and weight: Firstly, I lost 3 lbs. Wohoo. Lastly, I could finally do a Negative Pull Up with Isometric hold on top without the aid of a pull- up band so yay. 

However, my arm joints began to hurt as days went by. I consulted a fitness expert about this and he said that the only possible explanation behind this is my back is not strong enough to support me on top of the bar and as I go down from it negatively, thus I end up transferring my entire weight on my joints unconsciously. He's basically saying that I'm putting 151lbs. and 92% muscle mass on my joints every time I do the pull up. I had my reservations on his observation at first, but when I did the same pull up while focusing on my joints and back at the same time, I realized that he was right: My weak back couldn't handle the demand of the exercise, thus my joints have no choice but to save me even if it's not their job. My back muscles still have a lot of growing up to do.

I've researched about the best progression exercises for strict pull up and all sources and experts agree that aside from band and human assists, Lat Pull Down machines are highly recommended to use in order to progress to your first strict pull up properly and safely.

So where do I find a Lat Pull Down machine? In a bro gym.

Ladies and Gents, I'm officially a bro.

ArtDeco x Emilio De La Morena Collection Review + Swatches

Here's a review on ArtDeco X Emilio De La Morena Collection.

Price: To be revealed within the post
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Beauty Bar Stores


I'm getting fond of reviewing makeup collections lately 'cuz they're so fun to write about. That said, I'm looking forward to new makeup collections to swatch and review! :D

Today, let's look at ArtDeco's latest makeup collection for Spring/Summer 2015 made in collaboration with esteemed fashion designer, Emilio De La Morena. I won't beat around the bush any longer-let's go straight now to the collection. :)


This makeup collection is all about freshness and light as it's comprised of pretty pastels in soft textures. Click HERE to know more about the inspiration behind this collection.

 Ready for a mega swatch? Click READ MORE now! :D

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

5 Lovely Hand Creams

I am OC by nature, but it's not that severe. It only manifests in a few things like locking the car (I have to double check this, always), checking if the LPG valve is shut (I have to double check this always, too!), and having dry, taut hands. I just hate having dry hands and feeling the calluses and roughness so a hand cream is a daily must- have for me.

Below are some of the hand creams I swear by. What made me love them so much is because they showcase all the characteristics that I'm looking for in a hand cream: genuinely moisturizing, lightweight, fast- absorbing, and fragrant enough to mask the smell of food and sweat.

1. Bobbi Brown Extra Hand Cream

- Bobbi knows hand creams just as much as she knows makeup. Her first hand cream is one of my perennial favorites (even if it's pricey haha) because it smells sooo good and yields a demi- matte finish despite its emollient consistency.

- This pot of delectable moisture is my go-to hand cream for night time-it's night cream for the hands!

My other three favorites after the jump.
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