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Saturday, August 23, 2014

MAXI-PEEL: Reveal your real beauty + Let’s Talk About Exfoliation and Exfoliants

Maxi-Peel has this new campaign called “BagongGanda, BagongPag-Asa” wherein they featured Maxi-Peel users in short and sweet testimonial videos over at Youtube. In sum, the users recounted how Maxi-Peel has changed their skin and the way they look at themselves (and the way others see them) in general.

The video that I related to the most was that of Sherry, a night shift nurse. In the video, she said that people used to refer to her skin as “nakakadiri” (disgusting) because of her grave breakouts, especially on the forehead area, which was greatly caused by late night sleeping and it was inevitable due to the nature of her job.

I’m sure writers can relate to what I will say: most of us have whacked biological clocks because our ‘inspired moment’ knows no place and time - some are inspired during the day, others at noon, and the rest, at night or even dawn. In my case, that moment hits me at midnight, not to mention I have work and other things to attend to during the day so I can only sit down and write when all my tasks are through. Even if I’m not pre-occupied during the day, I still wait for that “inspired moment” to come because I do not want to churn out ‘blah’ blog posts just for the sake of updating this blog. I love what I do so much that sometimes, my skin gets compromised. Like Sherry, I suffer occasional breakouts especially on the chin area due to the same reason: late night sleeping. (Cheers to all nocturnals out there!)

People can be so unforgiving sometimes. A friend who I hadn’t seen in a long time and I’d seen a couple of months back jokingly told me “You have pimples? You’re a Beauty Blogger, right?” Duh-as if Beauty Blogging makes me vulnerable to being human! Like Sherry, that moment also encouraged me more to find the perfect mix of products to help me deal with acne and when I found it, I did not let it go just like how Sherry treats Maxi-Peel. Sherry and I might suffer breakouts every now and then, but we’re not worried anymore because we know we can always turn to our preferred skin defenders!

So! Maxi-Peel-to the uninitiated-is locally made by Splash Corporation-it is a classic and popular drugstore skin care line built by Dr. and Dra. Hortaleza. It started out with peeling solutions and later on expanded to a full-blown range that features complementing products such as sunblock cream, moisturizing cream, concealing cream, Facial Wash, Cleanser, Exfoliant Cream, and Soap. This line promises to reveal better skin, deliver a lightening effect, and combat dark spots to boot.

The big question is: How do you use it and how does it work? To understand better how peels (specifically Maxi-Peel) work, let’s have a mini discussion on exfoliants and exfoliation. More about that when you click READ MORE.

Friday, August 22, 2014

FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: Solutions for Oily Lids

I just finished with an at-home RF Treatment for my abs and thighs to compliment my workout routine. (Hey, if I can get leaner faster with the help of this, why not, right?) I'll talk about that soon, but for now, let's check out this query from Dessa:

Hi Martha, 
How can I prevent my lids from being oily? I want to put on eye makeup, but in the middle of the day, it tends to pile up on my creases. 

Photo Credits:

Hi Dessa!

I have oily lids too-they can even get really oily during summer-and this has pushed me to look for ways to remedy them so I can make my eyeshadows last or look decent at day's end, at the very least. These techniques worked mighty well for me and I'm happy to share 'em with you and with everyone! Click READ MORE now for my tips. :)

Kiehl's Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream in Light Review + Swatches

Here's a review on Kiehl's Actively Correcting and beautifying BB Cream in Light.

Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in: Kiehl's Greenbelt 5, Powerplant Mall, SM Mall Of Asia, Trinoma, Alabang Town Center, and SM Aura


Hey, my favorite skin care brand, Kiehl's has a released a new family member in the Dermatologist Solutions line-which I believe is their most sophisticated and effective skin care range to date-called Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream. Let's check it out!


This multi- action BB Cream promises to conceal imperfections with its buildable coverage, protect skin with SPF 50 PA+++, and correct skin tone irregularities with its clinically proven formula with high levels of Vitamin C. Non-comedogenic, allergy- tested, and dermatologist- tested. It comes in four shades: Fair, Fair/Light, Light, and Medium.


More about this skin- quenching product after the cut!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tomato Swap Watch: I think I just got the best wristwatch ever

During my senior high school days and my entire college years, my closet was filled with clothes for Tomato because I found their clothing quite trendsetting (but not trashy) for that time, plus their items are really affordable: it's afforded by my measly student allowance or my mom's shopping budget ceiling for me (lol)-either way, it's AFFORDABLE!

Tomato has been around for 10 years and they have impressed me so much because they're still around and continued to innovate to cater to the youth's fast, ever- changing taste in fashion. Tomato is celebrating their 10th year this year and I celebrated with them in their Glorietta 2 store!

The highlight of the event was their 10 Collection (to commemorate their 10 successful years in the local fashion industry) and the Swap Watch range.

Tomato's Swap Watch, the watch line that made Tomato a must- have in every fashionista's closet, is a super fun and creative way to wear watches: you can change the colors of the straps to match your outfit and mood, and switch the watch faces to compliment your style or even personalize it! Not only that, it's very affordable too! No wonder it has gained a cult following amongst the trendy Pinoys!

There are a lot of straps to choose from from neutrals to brights and retails at P350.00 for the solids and P500.00 for the printed ones. For the faces, you can choose from the Tomato- exclusive DIY faces (P1,000.00), classic faces (P500.00), limited edition faces such as UAAP and NBA collections (P750.00), or make your own (P1,000.00)-the latter, you can use any photo you like be it a quote, a photo of you, your special someone, your kid, your friends, your favorite character, or even your dog! Swap Watch is the best way to personalize your style and make it uniquely you!

First up, we were asked to go to the Swap Watch DIY counter to personalize our watches. Want to know what I came up with? I'll show you after the cut, plus check out Tomato's latest collection and I'll tell you how you can personalize your very own Swap Watch!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

HOW TO: The Korean 12-Step Skin Care Regimen

I believe one of the reasons why a lot of people are so into Korean stars (or anything Korean for that matter) right now is because they have enviable, petal- soft skin that's so otherworldly. Admittedly, I, too, admire the look and texture of their skin-even if I'm just staring at them in glossies, on TV, or on billboards, I could  already 'feel' how nice their skin is!

Not in the photo: Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Serum

What's their secret? Well, it's not really a secret-it's hydration, the core of Korean skin care regimens-this has just reinforced the fact that Hydration is the key to nicer, healthier- looking skin! Aside from that, they have long, meticulous skin care routines too. To give you an idea, the most basic is the 10- step regimen which is comprised of 10 skin care products and the extreme one is the 14- step regimen, which is comprised of 14 skin care products-the skin care routine alone can last for 45 minutes to an hour!

The one I'm showing to you guys today is the 12- step regimen. How do they do it, really? What products do they often use? You'll find out after the break!

Winner of my Kipling Bag Giveaway

Super quick announcement! But before that, I'm hoping that you're all having a pleasant day. Today, I'm announcing the winner of my Kipling Bag giveaway so find out who she is! :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Repetto EDT: As Graceful As A Ballerina

I believe every little girl's dream is to be a Ballerina or participate in a Ballet class, at the very least. It was a dream of mine, but a Ballet class meant spending a fortune on my mother's part that time. I was a very understanding kid so instead of Ballet, I joined a theatre workshop to express my artistic side-it was cheaper, but I've come to love it because it involved more than dancing-there was acting and singing too! I loved it so much that I chose it as my course in college.

Still, I remain a fan of Ballet. I am always left in awe whenever I watch a Ballet performance: bodies gliding through the stage in sheer grace, hands and feet that flutter and float lightly in the air like a strand of satin ribbon, and the way a Ballerina gets lost in the music until she becomes it-Ah, Ballet is an art that plucks at your heart's chord strings and leaves your entire being swaying in delight.

What's all this Ballet nostalgia? Well, it is because Repetto, a world- famous fashion brand that started making Ballet shoes and dance footwear (and the rest is history) since 1947 is launching something grand, an important milestone in the fashion house's artistic history. In 1947, Rose Repetto created the much- coveted dance shoes made in cousu-retourne (stitch and return method) for his choreographer son, Roland Petit. In 1956, Madame Repetto created the famous Cendrillon Ballerina for dancer-turned-actress Brigitte Bardot for Roger Vadim's film "And God Created Woman". In 1970, Madame Repetto created the Zizi Shoe for her daughter-in-law, Zizi Jeanmaire and later on became singer Serge Gainsbourg's favorite shoe that he amassed a collection every single year.

In 2013, Repetto came back, bringing with them a bit of high art history with a modern twist through Repetto EDT, the first fragrance of the iconic French label.
A fragrance inspired by no other than Ballerinas, Repetto EDT is a smooth, elegant fragrance that sends you spiraling into the world of Ballet. Première Danseuse, Dorothée Gilbert, is Repetto's latest ambassador and the face of this new graceful elixir.

See the world premiere of Repetto EDT's official commercial after the break.

Smashbox 24 Hour Photofinish Shadow Primer Review

Here's a review on Smashbox 24 Hour Photofinish Shadow Primer.

Price: Around P1,000.00+
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in Beauty Bar stores


Smashbox has built a brand new business around their primers-I don't know about you, but methinks because of the primers, Smashbox has established themselves not only as a PRO makeup brand, but also a Primer brand. It seems that when a makeup newbie asks for a list of must- try primers, Smashbox is always part of the list! That said, here's a new must- try Smashbox primer in my books: Smashbox 24 Hour Photofinish Shadow Primer. It's like UDPP, but cheaper and has way more product!


Smashbox said that this studio- tested eye primer can withstand Yoga Classes to after- hour cocktails with your girls. It promises 24 hour staying power, intensifies color, sweat and humidity- resistance, and prevents creasing, color transfer, and smudging. It comes in one shade only called Barely There Sheer.

Size is 0.41oz 12ml whereas the repackaged UDPP is at 0.37oz or 11ml. Price in US dollars is similar ($20), but with Smashbox, you get an extra 1ml. Product comes in a travel- friendly squeeze tube.

More about this awesome eyeshadow partner after the break!
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