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Thursday, July 24, 2014

BAG REVIEW: Balenciaga Giant 12 Gold Velo in Black + Spot A Fake Balenciaga Giant 12 Gold Velo

If you're into Balenciaga or you want to buy a Balenciaga bag soon, the Velo is definitely what I would recommend (aside from the City) because it is a very functional, practical, roomy bag that goes well with anything. It also has this very versatile look that it can serve as a great day bag and a chic purse for night time as well.

Balenciaga Velo is one of the brand's most iconic day bags. It comes in the classic and Giant 12 hardware. Here's a quick description of this bag from

Hand stitched handles • Removable and adjustable shoulder strap • Top zip closure • Leather tassel zipper pull • Front zip pocket • Interior zip pocket with Balenciaga embossed leather label • Double phone compartment inside • Leather framed mirror • Made in Italy

Balenciaga Velo Classic and Giant 12 both have the same size, but they differ in a few ways. The Classic has tassel zipper pulls, decorative tassels, and comes with aged brass hardware, while Giant 12 (which comes in two types of hardware: Gold and Silver) comes with medium- sized studs and leather flap zipper pulls.

The City and Velo pretty much have the same features and look, except for some minor differences. If you wanna know how to spot a fake Balenciaga, click HERE.

Disclaimer: This authentication post is only intended for the featured bag.

Is Balenciaga Velo the right bag for you? Click READ MORE and find out!

Tony Moly Peeling Me Aloe Soothing Peeling Gel Review

Here's a review on Tony moly Peeling Me Aloe Soothing Peeling Gel.

Price: P478.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Tony Moly stalls and stores


Many brands are starting to come up with their very own water- based exfoliators-is this a sign that it will soon trump the good ol' gritty scrubs? It's possible! We'll see how that goes in a few months or years, but if you've been meaning to try it, here's one from Tony Moly called Peeling Me Aloe Soothing Peeling Gel. 


This product is a water- based exfoliator that removes surface dead skin cells gently to reveal a more even, softer, and brighter skin. Contains Aloe extracts to soothe skin right after exfoliation.

Product comes in one size and with a pump dispenser. However, once the dispenser pops out of the bottle, you cannot push it back any longer-it doesn't even come with a close/open option nor a stopper.

More about this product after the cut!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Skechers SKCH+3 Sneaker Wedge: Taking Fashion to new heights + Skechers Glorietta 2 Store Virtual Tour

I was invited to Skecher's event a few weeks back and they said that they will 'elevate my style'. I wondered what that meant and the only way to find out was to go!

The event was held in Skecher's concept store in Glorietta 2 (which is pretty huge, btw).

From being a brand that specializes in footwear, Skechers has now expanded to clothing, intimates, bags, and timepieces making them an ultimate lifestyle brand.

So the fashion elevation is courtesy of this! Skecher's SKCH+3 Sneaker Wedges. This is one of my favorites, really. The pink one I have, I use it every weekend because it's comfortable and gives me a little height boost, not to mention it's so stylish that I don't have to rack my brain over my outfit plus this product has combined two of my favorite footwear in the world: sneakers and heels.

Skechers SKCH+3 combines comfort, lightness, and style to compliment a busy, city gal's life. It's a high- cut sneakers made with soft suede and woven canvas upper, and includes a hidden 3-inch heel that's artfully built within the shoes. The secret to its super comfy body is the shock- absorbing midsole, cushioned sole, and flexible rubber traction. It also has three straps for a more secure stride.

When I got my pink one before, there weren't a lot of colors and styles, but now, they have AN AWFUL LOT! Click READ MORE and see my top picks! ;)

Nina Ricci La Tentation Flash Giveaway (Giving away 3 Limited Edition Perfumes and more!)

Giveaway time, my beloved readers! These past few days have been so gloomy so I though of warming it up for a little with these limited edition goodies from Nina Ricci, courtesy of Prestige Brands Philippines.

La Tentation De Nina is a new, limited edition fragrance of the house of Nina Ricci-it's bursting with joy, love, spontaneity, and beauty, which is just the perfect elixir to spray your blues away. Three winners will get the chance to take home one bottle each, plus exclusive Nina Ricci necklaces and an ala-Moleskine exclusive Nina Ricci notebook to boot!

Click READ MORE and start joining!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow Dark Brown 01 Review

Here's a review on Etude House Drawing Brow in Dark Brown 01.

Price: Around P128.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in all Etude House stores and counters


If you look beyond the syrupy, saccharin appeal of Etude House (For the record, I'm not saying it's bad-it's just that it could be too much and too young for other people), they actually have pretty good products like Drawing Eye Brow-it's a budget- friendly, good eye brow shaper/filler that defines your beauty arches naturally.


This dual- ended brow product comes in 6 shades to suit various skin tones and hair colors. It features a triangular- shaped pencil with a precise tip that mimics hair strands for a very natural definition.

The pencil has a very convenient cut, I must say, because the tapered tip allows it to suit any brow shape. The precise tip, however, tends to become dull overtime.

On the other end, you'll find a medium- sized spoolie that feels firm and size is good because it fits a variety of brow shapes.

Swatches after the cut!

Avon Naturals: Fresh From Nature

Mother Nature is indeed the best source of all things good: From the healthiest foods down to the most effective skin care regimens, you can trust Momma Nature to provide that for you. And when it comes to utilizing nature's bounty, there's Avon.

Avon harvests Nature's tried and tested skin care ingredients, and bottled 'em up in the best- selling Naturals line-it is an array of wholesome, fruity, floral concoctions that pampers you from head to toe, and they also come in a new, sleek look! I have never seen a body care line this extensive! More about these body treats courtesy of Mother Nature after the jump!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Let us not forget: QUALITY

I attended an event one time and had a small conversation with one of the heads of the company, sort of a quick update between us and what we have been doing as I've been with that person in a couple of events. He mused to me about this famous fashion blogger that they hired for a campaign-the Blogger attended the events, delivered all the posts and social media whatnots, but when they've submitted the posts to the mother company for a review (the campaign was for an international brand that's being distributed locally), the heads did not like it. I actually read that Blogger's posts and though I was trying to look for positives, the blog posts really lacked quality.

Photo Credit:

I'll make this short and sweet for those who want to make it big and those who are already 'up there' in the Blogosphere: No matter who you are, what you've become, or what your status is in the Glittery universe of Blogging, you cannot hide crappy work. Crap is crap, quality is quality. You cannot just bank on your popularity or the fact that Blogging is the new PR frontier and every PR company and brand wants a piece of every Blogger. Things get old and even if I can't say the same for Blogging as it's fairly new, you, too, will get old. People will get tired of your "This is a shampoo", "This is a lipstick", and "Color is red and I love it." antics-people (from brand people to ordinary readers) will still and eventually look for quality: your raw thoughts, opinions, and the things that set you apart from the rest.

L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup in Caramel Beige W7 Review

Here's a review on L'Oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup in Caramel Beige W7.

Price: P899.00
Bought From: Free
Other Locations: Available in leading drugstores, department stores, and supermarkets


Alright, I'll say it: L'oreal has the best affordable foundations evah! I only tried two of their foundations-this and Lucent Magique-and I love 'em very much. No wonder why most of my makeup artist friends have this brand in their makeup kits!


This product comes in 15 shades that cater to warm, neutral, and cool undertones. Formula is made with the Precise Match Technology that enables the foundation to melt seamlessly onto the skin, leaving an undetectable trace of makeup-just pure, natural flawlessness, gorgeousness, and evenness!


Click READ MORE and find out how you can have better- looking skin with this foundation!
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