Orogold: Skin Care For Modern Kings And Queens

Maybe if the kings and queens of the ancient past have been reincarnated today, they are probably using Orogold as skin care; I've been seeing this brand in malls and have always admired their luxurious displays and products, but never really got the chance to get to know the brand better; just lately, I've been formally contacted by Orogold Philippines to humbly introduce this luxury skin care range that is infused with 24k Gold; I must have been the chosen one! :p

Orogold redefines luxury skin care with a range that features one of the most precious ancient beauty secrets: Gold. Understandably, Gold is a precious metal and a valued currency, but what made it even more precious for skin?

Let's go back to where it all began.

Photo Credits: pioneerthinking.com

A long, long time ago, even before Beauty Bloggers/Enthusiasts came into existence, Queen Cleopatra (which I believe is the mother of us all, Beauty Bloggers) has already established various beauty regimens and tested nearly every potential skin care beautifier known to humankind and one of which is Gold; it is said that Cleopatra loved sleeping with a gold mask on her face every.single.night; a lot of Cleopatra's skin care regimens have been revived and are being used up to this day, and the latest one is using Gold as skin care. Actually, Cleopatra isn't the only one who used Gold in skin care; it's just that she's the prominent antique icon, but the ancient Romans and Japanese have used it in their skin care regimens too.

What are the benefits of Gold?

- Gold has ions that help stimulate the skin, encouraging blood circulation
- Gold may help stall Collagen decrease in the skin
- Gold helps in improving skin elasticity
- Gold may help treat acne as it is known to have anti-inflammatory properties
- Gold makes the skin glow

Photo Credit: orogoldcosmetics.com

Orogold 24k Gold Mask Regimen, one of their star treatments

Gold is becoming a standard in luxury skin care and one of the first brands to acknowledge its potency and properties is Orogold; the brand was launched in 2008 and is available in over 100 retail locations in 20 countries.

Plain Gold is made up of large particles that are impossible to be absorbed by the skin considering the size of our pores; Orogold uses 24k Italian Colloidal Gold or Nano Gold to ensure that your skin will experience the luxurious benefit of this ancient beauty ingredient. Aside from Gold, Orogold also utilizes various tried and tested botanical extracts, peptides, and other luxury skin care ingredients such as Caviar to care for the skin.

Below are the lines that comprise Orogold's core collection, which is more targeted to mature skin:

1. Cryogenic Collection (Orogold Exclusive)- A precious collection with Mother of Pearl, Gold, and Diamond dust that address deep expression lines.

2. Termica Collection- a self- heating skin care range that stimulates blood circulation and pampers the skin. Features precious peptides to fight aging.

3. DMAE Collection- a firming collection with Gold, Dimethylaminoethanol, and Vitamin C.

4. Caviar Collection (Orogold Exclusive)- Caviar, Gold, and Vitamin A and E to boost skin's health and radiance.

5. Nano Collection- comprised of Gold, Lavender, Seaweed, and Vitamin E extracts to infuse skin with antioxidants; for dull, tired- looking skin.

6. 24k Bio-Brightening Collection- A brightening skin care range that features Gold, Lactic Acid, and Kojic Acid.

How about for younger skin? There are Orogold products for us too:

1. 24K Daily Essentials- a for-all-skin types collection that infuses skin with moisture with Gold and Sunflower Seed Oil

2. Oil Control Collection- controls sebum and acne with Gold and Tea Tree extract.

3. Collagen Collection- With Gold, Beta Glucan, and Vitamin C to stimulate Collagen production.

4. Vitamin C Collection- With Gold and Vitamin C to energize skin and boost radiance.

My main concern with the brand is there are just a ton of products that I don't really know which one to go for. One nice thing about them is they highly suggest a personalized Orogold regimen, which may involve products from a few or all of their existing lines; in my skin care assessment, I noted that my skin type is combination oily/normal and my usual concerns are mild to moderate acne and dullness, and they came up with this skin care set that's specially curated for me:

1. Orogold Oil Control Cleanser (P6,100.00)
2. Orogold Vitamin C Serum (P9,100.00)
3. Orogold Daily Essentials 24k Deep Day Moisturizer Cream (P6,100.00)
4. Orogold Daily Essentials 24k Deep Renewal Night Cream (P6,100.00)

This is the most expensive skin care brand I have ever owned!

Orogold screams luxury from top to bottom; just look at their fancy packaging! Each product is packaged in a precious box, making you feel as if you're opening a jewelry box.

Orogold's products come with an Authentication Certificate that simply states they're using certified 24K Italian Nanogold in all of their products; could this also mean that their products are being replicated somewhere else too? Because it's the only reason that I can think of as to why a brand would issue an authentication card; I don't know if Orogold products are being replicated, but it could be possible! To be safe, just buy Orogold right at the store or their official website.

Big spenders at Orogold will be treated to the Orogold VIP Card that entitles card holders to exclusive discounts, promos, and gifts. Orogold said that they take pride in their VIP relations program; to get the Orogold VIP Card, a minimum purchase of P50,000.00 is required.

Orogold is for modern kings and queens with a flair for luxurious and exotic skin care. Hope you learned something new about skin care today and Orogold. To know more about the brand, visit OROGOLD PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

Anybody here who's familiar with the brand? Tell me about it!

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  1. Wow this is extravagant skin care hahaha hope you could do a review on this if this really works :D

  2. I have heard already about it but never tried yet. I don't know if I can afford such expensive for cosmetics. 😆

  3. i am most curious about "Vitamin C Collection" and wow.. ang ganda ng packaging nila.. (as seen on the set given to you) para ring syang display! ang laking pearl! (birth stone for geminis)

    and yes.. they were soooo expensive!!! pang royalties talaga hihi..

    thank you ms m for handpicking me sa daming entries i was one of three lucky readers/fans..

    hugs and kisses

  4. Wow! This looks really fancy! And I must say, as an ordinary person, I think it's a bit pricey. I hope that it is worth the moola. :)
    Will wait for your review on it to see the magic of GOLD!!!


  5. Too expensive for me. Definitely for those who live like Kings and Queens. :)

  6. Hi, I’ve been a long time reader of your blog though I’ve never commented. However, this topic is a bit troubling to me and I wanted to give my two cents, for what it’s worth.

    To cut to the chase, Orogold has been receiving numerous complaints for aggressive sales pitches and fraudulent practises, amongst other things. A basic Google search will show many results about how Orogold sales people intimidate unsuspecting mall goers into buying their products (think of it as similar to the sales practise of Dead Sea products… more on this in a bit). There have also been complaints about how, to sell their products, they claim to give refunds however I have not read of a review from a person that has ever managed to claim their refund; I have read as well that in some Orogold stores they stamp your receipt with “no refund” upon purchase.

    Onto the Dead Sea product association, I have read somewhere that Orogold is an affiliated brand of Dead Sea. I haven’t done enough research to back this claim up but I can certainly see the connection. Furthermore, Dead Sea is being investigated for illegal practises around the world, and they have actually gotten in trouble over aggressive sales pitches, see http://www.timesofisrael.com/dead-sea-product-hawkers-skirt-law-decency/

    Finally, there are no proven studies to show that gold in skin care is beneficial. In fact, there are even studies to show that gold actually accelerates ageing and wrinkling of the skin, see http://commcgi.cc.stonybrook.edu/am2/publish/General_University_News_2/SBU-Led_Study_Reveals_Nanoparticles_Found_in_Everyday_Items_Can_Inhibit_Fat_Storage.shtml?=marquee3

    Please don’t think I’m bashing your blog, as I think you’re a wonderful blogger. I just wanted to share my opinions/what I’ve researched about Orogold to give other readers a heads up before they spend a tonne of money on these products!

    1. Dear Ms. Anonymous,

      I find your comment quite malicious or somewhat virulent to the brand. I have been a user of the brand from the time I have known it when I was based in Hong Kong and never did I encounter a bad experience from them. The products are so effective that the price of it is never an issue for me. Though it is pricey compared to the other brands but I can say that with all the freebies that you will be getting, discounts and all, it is worth getting for me. Let me add also how accommodating the staff are if you want to avail the free facial which I tell you is really a complimentary and again worth going for. May i also add that the facial you will be having I may say is an extra-ordinary facial that you can only experience at an establishment just like the Orogold clinic. The products are not entirely related to the Dead Sea products as this is what I confirmed before I availed it due to a negative experience from a certain Dead Sea brand before. Needless to say that the the experience I had in Orogold Hong Kong is duplicated here in the Philippines. To all readers of this blog, I can guarantee that all the pesos spent for this brand (specifically the collagen series) is worth a penny. Don't easily listen on things easily said by somebody you did'nt know if they tried using it.

      And for Ms. Anonymous, I suggest that you be sure to your judgment before you comment on something. A product this good would never be in the market for quite a while if they won't give visible results on their clients like me.

      To Ms. Beauty Junkee, it as a good thing that you featured this worthy of a brand to your blog and I'm hoping that you will also post your review on your experience trying the products and I can assure you that you will find it all worth it. Hoping to hear from the other Orogold users soon.


    2. Have been a user from their eastwood branch. I love this brand coz not only the Vitamin C serum is super good, they also treat me well. I suggest you guys visit one of their branches and try for yourself. Don't get too intimidated by it's price coz they're all really nice there and worth the experience. i think they offer free consultation as long as it's by appointment. Same goes to you,anonymous. Maybe you should visit them to validated your claims. Your comment is soo long ironically you never even mentioned if you have ever been to one of their branches. Marth please do a review of this please.. Thanks.

  7. What an interesting products because its my first time to heard about this. I wonde if its price point will dictate its quality(^-^) excited for the review.

  8. i've encountered this brand once, and yeah, they have expensive line of products. i think my boyfriend and i bought the products for the nail care (for our mothers), it's a promo so we grabbed it. and that's the only time i'll buy from them kasi super mahal talaga ng products nila..

  9. I read the comment from "Anonymous" that seems pretty helpful, it's a great insight for everyone to. Because that's the essence of your blog right? To give true reviews. Kudos! Will wait for your final say on this product Ms. Martha. :) 🙌🏻

  10. Been hearing a lot about Gold as skincare but haven't saw one review that actually prove it's working. I'll just wait for your actual review to see the worth of this expensive product. :)

    1. sharing a review i saw that might be helpful.


  11. I actually got their eye serum. Me and my girlfriend use it. We got it last year in century mall. We both see improvement in the lines around the eyes and we will probably get some more when it finishes. I also think its very pricy but we couldn't find anything else that can bring the same results... Just sharing ah ;)

  12. I have read an article about Orogold but not a review. I'll just wait for your review on this. Those beauty products are so precious.I wonder how does it feel when you have something so expensive on your face? This will only be in my dreams.

  13. Pangalan palang mukhang pang mayaman na hahaha. Di ako makashare ng thoughts ko ms. Martha sa mga reviews mo. Di ko pa sila nattry, masiadong expensive :(

  14. True naman ang sinabi ni ms anonymous (the 1st 1). Wala silang refund pero hindi yan nila sinabi sakin when they are convincing me na mag down to grab the "promo" available for that day lang. So I got so excited dahil "laking" tipid daw. Only to find out na mas mura naman pala sa abroad. So convert your peso to dollars. Binili ko lang talaga ang mga products na promo Kuno. Actually ang mali dito is ang policy na no refund. Sa down payment kong 1k, I was informed by staff na sya daw ang magbabayad nun para di na hassle sakin kasi no refund daw sila... and all (so that I will not get back my money).pero hindi ako pumayag kasi wala akong nakuha sa down payment ko so bakit hindi pwede refund?
    Ok naman talaga ang staff nila. Accommodating. There is wrong lang sa treatment or actions ng customer service satisfaction. I don't know Kung management ba ang may problema or ang mga staff sa store.
    And 1 more point, wala silang immediate action for concerns like this. Walang haharap na supervisor or manager.
    Definitely not recommending it.

    1. update:

      Ibinalik na sakin ang 1K ko. just this day. Im glad they did. pinapirmna nila ako ng received sa refund sa logbook nila. Andun din ang "Leni" na manager daw nila. OK naman lahat kasi ang gusto ko lang is maibalik ang nai down ko na wala akong napala.


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