Estēe Lauder Nutritious Rosy Prism Radiant Gel Emulsion and Radiant Vitality 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser Review

Here's a review on Estēe Lauder Nutritious Rosy Prism Radiant Gel Emulsion and Radiant Vitality 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser.

PRICE: Foam Cleanser- P1,700.00; Radiant Gel Emulsion- P3,750.00
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Last year, I had a real glimpse of what dull skin really looked like as it happened to me. My realization was quick: I was staring at the mirror one time, viewing my face as a whole then my eyes just widened and I gaped at how my skin looked; it looked 'gray' (I'm exaggerating, it didn't look gray, but it had that color aura!), as if it has lost its fire and will. LOL. Oh, are you familiar with the Stresstabs commercial? My face looked similar to that of the leads in the commercials before they took Stresstabs. Gosh, I did not know that chasing your dreams can be detrimental to your skin! LOL!

I thought I was just seeing things until a colleague pointed it out to me: "You always look tired", she said in one of our meetings then bam! That became an eye-opening moment. I thought, my skin probably looked REALLY DULL AND TRIED, and it's not good for my health as well as my image so I decided to take action: I developed a daily stress- busting routine that included spending 20 minutes of prayer and meditation, staying active, drinking lots of water, trying to get a full 8 hours of sleep, and using dullness- fighting skin care; I used Estēe Lauder Nutritious skin care, a fatigue- fighting skin care range that supported my healthy habits and brought back my skin's lost radiance, restored its suppleness, and even regenerated my youthful, pinkish glow!


Designed to treat dullness, fortify skin with antioxidants, and restore radiance, Nutritious is Estēe Lauder's newest skin care range that treats these first signs of aging; Nutritious is categorized into two collections: Nutritious Radiant Vitality and Nutritious Rosy Prism.

What's the diff between both lines? Nutritious Radiant Vitality is powered by Pomegranate Nectar Infusion that deposits precious antioxidants in the skin to combat free radicals, toxins, and to fight fatigue; this new skin care property is supported by Cranberry, Wolfberry, and Bluberry, aiding the skin in its natural renewal process. Nutritious features 3 products: Radiant Vitality 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser, Radiant Vitality Energy Lotion (Fresh Moist of Intense Moist), Radiant Vitality 2-Step Treatment.

Nutritious Rosy Prism, on the other hand, fights sallowness, another form of skin dullness, by bringing back skin's natural rosiness; this line is also powered by Pomegranate Nectar Infusion, but it is joined by Pink Peony extract that helps fight excess Melanin production that contributes to a sallow look. Nutritious Rosy Prism features two products: Radiant Gel Emulsion and Radiant Essence.

In sum, if you have dull, stressed- looking skin, go for Nutritious Radiant Vitality; if you have dull, sallow skin, go for Nutritious Rosy Prism.

Left: Radiant Gel Emulsion; Right: 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser

The gel has an energizing citrus-rose fragrance; it's aptly named as I find its consistency to be in between a gel and emulsion; it's not too heavy and not too light that I use it as a moisturizer for day and as a sealant for my serums at night. It takes a while to be absorbed due to its unique texture so I don't put too much during the day, but at least it doesn't leave a sticky residue. What I love about this product is it makes me feel that my skin is always properly moisturized even if I use a small amount only; the consistency of this product is really good and concentration is right for its price!

2-in-1 Foam Cleanser is a silky, foaming gel; it's prolly the most luxurious facial wash I've used in a while. Formula is high foaming, but the highly silky consistency combats the dryness that the sudsy formula may bring after rinsing. Why is it called 2-in-1? Because you can use this product as a rinse off mask: leave a light layer on your skin for 10 minutes then rinse off; no need to use a separate cleanser because it is also cleanser in itself; what an economical product! It has a citrus-pomegranate scent.


After 2 months of consistent usage

Stressed? What stressed? At first, it didn't feel like it was doing anything to the skin because I had the assumption that the ingredients were 'too gentle'; antioxidants, flowers, and fruits...nothing new in there as I've seen and encountered them in other similar skin care products already. But what made the difference is how these products were formulated and the ingredients, utilized to address skin concerns. After one month, my skin was beginning to show signs of radiance: it looked clearer and 'happier', and I noticed that I was regaining those youthful, dewy spots on my cheeks once more. 

It's been two months since I started using this product and I've already hit pan on the gel emulsion, except the cleanser because that thing is mighty concentrated and I only need a pea- sized amount, always. My skin now looks healthier, youthful glow regained, dullness gone, and methinks it even supported my anti-acne regimen in the last 2 months (had a major break out 2 months ago!). Look! My cheeks have a hint of rosiness too! I felt like this line erased a year's worth of skin fatigue and dullness!

Based on experience, I recommend that you mix and match products from Rosy Prism and Radiant Vitality collections for a multi- targeted regimen; no, the products won't clash because in my opinion, they have the same base, but just different actives.

Nutritious Radiant Vitality and Rosy Prism are indeed nutritious for the skin; I believe they work the same way as multivitamins and supplements: they boost skin from within and support its structure, therefore, I dub this collection 'multivitamins for the skin'! I'd go back to this range again if my skin 's looking dull again and I'd recommend this to you if you want to combat the tired- look on your skin and look your age or even a bit younger! :)


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  1. The eight (8) hour sleep mantra is hard to keep ;( I wish I slept more during my childhood days hahahaha

  2. I always feel dry all the time. I might try to imitate your routine. 😆

  3. wow.. your skin is so looking fresh here ms m.. do this line has a target age bracket? last time I used (brand name) and it was not intended for my age range so my face breaks out.. it was all red for 3-4 days and very itchy.. good thing it healed after a week..

  4. I am 22 years old, do you think it is suitable to already use such products? I'm having doubts of using one pa kasi. Pero I also think that it woukd be better if I start using this products earlier for prevention? What do you suggest Ms. Martha? :)


  5. You're glowing from within! Reminds me of another multivitamin brand, hihihi! Gosh, i need that but i can't afford that... aaargh! Yes, i agree that it's okay to use both of the products as long as they have the same base. Now you're getting all the benefits from the products. You don't just have a healthy body but a healthy skin as well.

  6. wow! it looks promising! you have nice glow after your 2 months usage of the products. :)

  7. I went to the mall and tested it out. OMG! It felt divine. I think I need this! Haha

  8. Mukhang kailangan to ng balat ko! Kaso ang mahal na naman! Hahaha Glowing yung skin mo Ms. Martha :)


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