Chapstick Mix Stix Strawberry Banana Smoothie And Lemon Berry Sorbet Review

Here's a review on Chapstick Mix Stix Strawberry Banana Smoothie And Lemon Berry Sorbet.

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I can vividly remember the luscious scent of Chapstick Cherry Lip Balm as I write this blog post and memories of my first affair with makeup are now playing in my mind. I think every 20 something year olds has had Chapstick as their go- to lip balm for at least once in their lives; It's such a classic!

Now Chapstick is delighting us again with a new product called MixStix, a fun lip balm that not only cares for the lips, but brings out that child in us too.


MixStix is a dual- ended lip balm that features two complementing flavors that you can wear alone or mix and match. It promises 8 hour moisture. Flavors available are Strawberry Banana Smoothie and Lemon Berry Sorbet.


Relive your childhood by clicking READ MORE. ;)

So here's what the lip balms look like. It's basically two Chapstick balms merged into a longer lip balm tube or a full Chapstick balm sliced into two, placed on extreme ends, and given different flavors. Between the two flavors, Strawberry Banana Smoothie is the more fragrant one.


Lemon + Berry on my lips

It's as soothing, soft, and moisturizing as the good ol' Chapstick that I grew up with and I just get nostalgic every time I use it! I prefer Lemon Berry Sorbet because it's the lightest in terms of scent. The fragrance of the lip balms has moderate sillage and goes away after a few minutes.

MixStix is only P140.00 each and I'd say get the two so you can experiment more and create more fun combinations. Here are the ones that I made: Strawberry Lemon, Banana Berry, Strawberry Banana Lemon, and Fruit Salad (I combined the four flavors!).

I think Chapstick did a great job with MixStix: It's a brilliant way to re-introduce their product in this competitive world of lip balms and it has re-awakened my love for it!


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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have very dry and chapped lips recently because of using different lipsticks everyday. I hope this chapstick mix will work for me. Whew. Thanks for sharing!
    PS: I think I saw this on sample room, will try to avail from there, tho. hihih :)

  2. believe it or not,i have not tried Chapstick yet.i'm the Nivea-balm kind of girl.been seeing this on watson and at times i'm tempted to try.hmm maybe i should get this time?since i love the tutti fruity kind of balms! :) hehe.thanks for this review ms. m!

    much love from

  3. Chapstick was my first ever lipbalm. I had the cherry variant, too. I guess Chapstick has been a part of every girls' teeanage years. The new Chapstick design was so cool- two flavors in one tube! I just wish that the other end was tinted so there will be an added option.

  4. Wow Chapstick made lip balm more fun! I like your Fruit Salad combi hehe. My lips are always cracking and I'm bored with my current mint lip balm.

  5. just bought mine , strawberry banana smoothie. sarap haha, prang pagkain lng :)
    the price and quality thumbs din for me :)

  6. I remember way back 2011, when i was mending my broken heart from a breakup and i decided not to cry anymore but to make him regret it by making myself better.. i watched michelle phan's videos and from then on i fell in love with makeups and skin care :) and she insisted in the videos that to fully pamper yourself you have to moisturize your lips as well! It was actually my first time to realize that lip balms are not only for lip tints but for beauty regimen as well!! :) simula non, lip balms especially chapstick has been a staple in my beauty cabinet :)

  7. Oooh nice! I'm gonna try this after I'm done with my EOS lipbalm. :)

  8. I still have few lipbalms on my stash from chapstick, nivea and baby lips.Till now hindi pa rin ubos. Haha. I don't know sometimes I forgot to use them. Now, I'm tempted to try this one na naman. I'm sure I will love to try your experiments too;)

  9. I grew up on Chapstick! Even my daughters like it because of the scent and they can use it in school (theyre in elementary pa lang, take note lol). Its a great idea since you get to have 2 flavors for the price of one.

  10. I love chapstick... and I'm eager to try this duos... I think I'll go first with strawberry-banana combo!

  11. Not fond of chapstick. But I noticed this specific balm on sampleroom. Might avail of a sample :)

  12. So much love for affordable lip balms! <3 Mababaw na kung mababaw pero sobrang #achievement para sa akin kung mauubos ko yung lip balm ko bago mawala/masira/whatever sya! HAHAHA.

  13. This one's really interesting! It really got my attention and persuaded me to buy one. The reintroduction of Chapstix is really successful. Lalo na ngayon na marami nang lip balm na available. :) Mas gusto ko yung strawberry banana because I love sweet smelling balms. :) I hope magkaron na din sila ng tinted lip balm, yung talagang noticeable yung tint. :)

  14. I remember owning the cherry lip balm and loving it! This is such a nice concept! I love lip balms and I love trying out different ones! I always like to switch up my lip balms though I am not even half way of what I currently use at the moment. So I think this is a really good idea when you're already getting tired of applying the same flavor, you can just twist the other end and apply the other flavor!

  15. Chapstick was the first brand of lip balm that I've tried way back in high school and immediately, when I saw these in Sampleroom, I availed of the sample right away! I have the Strawberry and Lemon but I use the strawberry end more. It is very affordable and can last me up to three or four months maybe!
    How did all four tastes like, Miss Martha? (^-^)

  16. Been using Chapstick since forever! This looks yummy!

  17. Wow this is unique. They're double ended :))

  18. Jessy: Oh, how I wish I can empty a lip balm again! With so many lip balms in my stash, it's just impossible to do that!

    Trisha: It's still one of my staples up to this day! :)

    BloggingDanna: Hi and welcome to my blog. Yes, they're super unique and yummy- looking too!

    Cath Uri: Same here haha. I can't just seem to finish a product. :p Going back to chapstick, I love how playful this concept is!

    Abegaill: I hope so too! My fave is Lemon berry sorbet. Reminds me of fruit tarts! :D

    Anne: Did you get one? How do you find it? :)

    Mommy: Same along with Bonne Belle haha! The four flavors, if combined together, tastes tropical, but it's more on the strawberry side because this has the strongest scent. :)

    Melanie and Gail: Let me know how you find it. :)

    Dessa: Cool! YOur daughter's a kikay in training na haha. :D Agree with your observation. This lip balm makes you feel like you bought two products for the price of one!

    Janine: Awww, great to hear you were able to bounce back. I love Michelle Phan and I look up to her because she's so successful. :) Anyway, yes, lip balm is really important especially if you have dry lips like mine!

    Hanna: Glad you liked it! :D

    Chalee: Then maybe you can try this one. :)

    Ericka: Same here! Well, I have perpetually dry lips even if I don't wear lipstick. :p

    Jhake: Yeah, it's like all 90's girls grew up with Chapstick!

    Jeremy: Don't mean to be an enabler, but I think you should try this Chapstick product just because it's super cool and tasty. :D

    Cj: yoU'RE welcome! Really? You haven't tried chapstick yet?! You're missing half of your life! LOL. Kidding aside, Chapstick is a really good product. :)


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