DIY Facial Foam from Dewytree + Youtube Video

I've a soft spot for foaming cleansers because I like the plush texture and how it makes my face really clean, plus it reminds me a lot about the bubble bath moments of my childhood.

I read about Dewtree's DIY Facial Foam system and got really curious to try; Dewytree Philippines got in touch with me not long after and sent me the kit for my amusement and to let you guys know that washing your face need not be boring; it can definitely have a fun, personal twist!


Dewytree is a mid-range Korean skin care brand that has just arrived in the Philippines; they pride themselves on natural, hydrating skin care. DIY Facial Foam is a three- piece set with products that can be used individually and together as well. Products are as follow:

Dewytree Nature Source Pulling Cleansing Water
Dewytree Nature Source Sea Salt Powder Wash
Dewytree Micro Bubble Pump

Powder Wash ingredients

 The powder wash comes with a stopper; how nice!

Here's a close- up of the powder wash; it looks like detergent and foams up fairly quickly; it doesn't leave the face taut and dry, and has a nice lavender scent.

Meanwhile, Pulling Water is similar to cleansing/micellar water, but Dewytree's version has an uplifting lemon scent. It rids the skin of makeup pretty well, but isn't really effective in removing waterproof mascara.

Here's the Micro Bubble Pump. It's a manual pumping tool with a holed disc that helps produce thick, frothy bubbles; the result is a rich foaming cleanser that's great for normal and oily skin types.

P.S. You can use the pumping tool with other facial cleansers as well!

PPS. You can also use plain water for this mixture, but to make the creation less drying to the skin, Pulling Water's hydrating benefits will keep the skin plump, dewy, fresh, and hydrated.

Now watch my tutorial on Dewytree DIY Cleansing Foam:

Dewytree DIY Facial is a fun addition to your me time in the shower and makes it even more personal. This trio is very economical too and since they serve individual purposes, you get more than what you pay for.


Please visit DEWYTREE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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  1. Yah! ang galing hihihi. Dko pa napanuod ung video pero will definitely watch it! ☺😍

  2. The bubbles are so cute and iba talaga ang Korean products when it comes to skin care, ang dami nilang naiisip lol! I hope they'll be affordable and we can soon see them sa market :)

  3. What a fun twist to incorporate to my facial cleansing routine! This brilliant product, though gives the impression that it will require more minutes to prepare, I think will cut down my facial cleansing time even more since it kills two birds with one stone. I use Micellar water to remove my makeup with a cotton round and use my favorite facial cleanser afterwards. It combines those two steps and eliminates my usage of cotton rounds. Saves time and money! I wonder how expensive it is though?

  4. Looks fun to do but I may not have the energy and patience to do these steps after a long day. Haha.

  5. Wow, more Korean beauty brands entering the Philippine Market. Awesome!

  6. This looks so fun! *runs out to check dewy tree*

  7. Korean brands are its best when it comes to packaging and pakulo! Someone should call these kinds of products as skintertainment! Lol. I am intrigued about the scent, lavender and lemon smells like relaxing and energizing to me. Also, it is nice that you can use the bubble maker for other facial washes as well. I never heard of Dewy Tree before but I think I will get addicted with the brand <3

  8. Ang saya parang naglalaro lang ng bubbles! ^_^

  9. Never tried any Dewytree before, and I would like to try it coz I'm more on skincare. Ang cute mo talaga sa youtube.


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