Commodity fragrance line arrives in Manila!

Perfumes are always aspirational; they're always patterned either after a persona, a celebrity, or a certain disposition in life. While it's great to be promised these aspirations that will bring out the best in you, take you on a different level, and put you in a different light, sometimes, you just want a scent that simply describes YOU; all your sensibilities, your passions, and all things that are essential to you. 

I believe we are now in a time where beauty is becoming more and more personal, hence niche brands with curated offerings and sans heavy tones of commercialism are on the rise like Commodity, a luxury lifestyle beauty brand that's apparently taking Sephora by storm since its launch in 2015.

Commodity was started in 2014 by London- based entrepreneurs Konstantin Glasmacher and Ash Huzenlaub; in an interview with Forbes, the idea for Commodity was born out of a trip to Duty Free when Huzenlaub recalled how he felt so bombarded by fragrance marketing; he then felt the need to create something that is minimalist and connected to his sensibilities, and then set out to create the brand.

Fragrance is not only art but also a personal journey for Commodity, thus it serves as a platform where creatives, artisans, and entrepreneurs gather to curate and create without boundaries. More than a brand, Commodity is a community. 

Commodity has over 50 gender- neutral products under perfume, bath, body, and hotel amenities categories; what makes the brand even more special is it's cruelty- free and sustainable. Art of Scent brought in the perfumes, soaps, and votive candles. 

WHITE COLLECTION- Bright, fresh and uplifting. Great daytime and summer fragrances.

BLACK COLLECTION- Dark, complex, mysterious. Bold, warm fragrances perfect for night wear.

PLATINUM COLLECTION- Rich, indulgent, luxurious. Bold yet moderate fragrances suitable for day or night time.

The perfumes come in 10ml vials that are great to bring when traveling. Gift sets are also available for wide range sampling and perfume mixing and matching.

Aside from the perfumes, the candles are a must- try too! My personal favorites are Orris and Tonka Bean.

And my perfume of choice? Orris from the platinum collection; the first time I smelled the fragrance, the concept of duality immediately popped in my head and my Gemini self immediately fell in love!

Commodity EDP perfumes start at P6,000.00+.

More about the technical and scent review on Orris soon. For now, visit ART OF SCENT on Facebook for more information about the brand.

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  1. Sana maamoy ko to Ms. Martha..sakali sa MeetnGreet..hopefull

  2. I love their brand name.. very catchy that their perfumes are for everyone’s commodity. I love how they name each perfume and also how they created each collection to easily identify one’s preffered scent.

  3. Air sign ka din pala Miss Martha.
    It's quite pricey but their concept is interesting.

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  4. Broke my heart when I saw this on the floor. Anyway, I'll wait for you in depth review...Ican clearly imagine scents based on your on point description.

  5. Wow! For sure this would be interesting for those people who love perfume and collecting them as well. I think the White Collection is perfect for our all year round summer/humid weather. The Platinum Collection looks promising too!

  6. Im a fan of scented candles!! I also love the packaging. So classy!! πŸ’–

  7. Lakas mka yayamanin ung packaging ang ganda 😳

  8. For sure bet to ng mga mahilig sa perfume (including my sister eheheh) im quite not into perfume.

    Pero wow this perfume is truly collectible . Parang ang ganda tingnan ng vanity or bedroom table na may magandang packaging ng perfume like this 😍😍😍😍

  9. OMG, eto ugn nabasag? huhu, my heart. Ang mahal niya pati :(


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