My Favorite Glowing Trio from Pixi By Petra cosmetics

Pixi by Petra Makeup Fixing Mist, H20 Skin Tint, and Colour Correcting Powder Foundation.

PRICE: H20 Skin Tint- P1,250.00; Colour Correcting Powder Foundation- P1,095.00; Makeup Fixing Mist- P995.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available at and Glamourbox counters in selected department stores


Pixi is one of the beauty brands available here that I wish would get a lot of attention; their products are really good, well thought of, and there's nothing that I dislike or despise. It's a very good brand that's all about skin and making it glow.

Speaking of glow, here are my top three favorite Pixi base products that help me give that enviable glow, a glow that's so nice, it's like you're healthy, happy, and just had 8 full hours of uninterrupted sleep haha!

Pixi by Petra Colour Correcting Powder Foundation is a perfecting powder foundation that promies to soften, mattify, and color correct. It promises buildable medium to full coverage and powder is infused with Aloe Vera, peptides, super fruit, coffee, and a multi-vitamin complex for makeup that cares during wear and helps it last all day.

H20 Skin Tint is a light coverage tinted face gel with English Camomile and Lavender to soothe, Rosewater to moisturize, Green Tea for antioxidant benefits, and is Paraben and fragrance- free. I have already reviewed this in detail so please click HERE to see my review.

Top: H20 Skin Tint Warm
Bottom: Colour Correcting Powder Foundation Warm

The powder foundation has a silky texture and yields a semi-matte finish; I like that the finish is a fresh kind of matte: lightweight- looking and feeling, doesn't feel heavy, and blends seamlessly onto the skin. It is unscented.

Makeup Fixing Mist is made with Rosewater and Green Tea for hydration and glow. It promises to prolong makeup and keep it fresh- looking, while adding a soft focus finish.

The mist has a nice rosy scent. It's light, refreshing, and feels hydrating, and gets absorbed properly. I like how my makeup looks instantly fresh after spritzing this on.

Here's me wearing the powder and skin tint, and finished off the look with the mist. The powder and skin tint are so easy to use: in fact, I can apply the tint with just my bare fingers; it's easy to achieve a quick look with these products; I used these in this 5-minute glowing skin makeup challenge for proof!

The powder and tint can last the whole day, but needs to be retouched at least once or maybe more for other skin types; it's okay with me because these are not pro/high performance products anyway; they're everyday makeup. I love using the powder foundation to retouch because it ain't heavy!

This trio gives me a healthy, glowing look that's perfect for any type of day; it's a need for me now because I've been so stressed lately due to a lot of things! Thank goodness for makeup, I can easily hide those away! For the stressed career woman, mom, or basically anyone who kinda' lost their glow, this favorite glow trio of mine from Pixi will help!


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  1. Whoa! I'm obsessing over your glowy look! Flawless! I don't think Pixi could ever let us down. I've heard many good reviews about their mists! Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!


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