Contact lenses are formally used as a prescribed form of "medicine" to people who suffer minor eye disorders. It comes in clear and colored versions, and in different sizes and shapes to fit a certain eye shape. Contact lenses have made dealing with eye disorders easier, since it is a handy alternative to eye glasses.

But contact lenses nowadays have surpassed its medical use. It is now a popular form of "cosmetic", as it is regarded nowadays as one of the instant beautifiers. Contact lenses have evolved into another variant: Cosmetic Contact Lenses.

In the fashion world, different times call for different trends. Fashion is taken to another level through the use of these cosmetic contact lenses.

The "doll" look, anime, and cosplay craze paved way to the rise of the cosmetic contact lenses. One of the popular types is the "Big Eyes contact lenses". These lenses resemble those of a doll, your favorite anime character, or even Puss in Boots in the Shrek series. These lenses don't come in cheap. They're priced at around 50USD in (approximately 2,200php).

And the "Crazy" lenses are introduced. These are like tattoos on your eyes. It is unthinkable, that being fashionable can come to such a point. But our fascination over hypes has led to the invention of these fad-olous contact lenses. Indeed, people have gone CRAZY over trends!

Nowadays, it has become a commodity for those who want to set the trend in a "different" way. But contact lenses are quite expensive, so it's only for those who can afford it. Luxury clothes, bags and shoes will always have a cheaper replica. And the same goes for contact lenses.

Being fashionable is now within reach! Contact lenses are a dime a dozen in flea markets, side streets, and bazaars all over the metro. You can even shop for them in the comforts of your own home by just a single click on the net. Price ranges at around 190php- 750php (approximately around 4+USD- 16+USD). You can even get it cheaper if you plan to hoard. Not only that, contact lens solutions are available for as low as 150php (approximately around 3+USD).

Tempting? Before you decide to haul for contact lenses and sport different eye colors and looks everyday, watch this video first.

**This is an episode of Imbestigador showcasing three stories. Please click on the third avatar of this video to redirect you to the FAKE CONTACT LENS part.

STORY COURTESY OF johnnikkol at

Dorris, a hairdresser, got an eye infection after using "fake contact lens" she didn't buy from an eye specialist.

These contact lenses are not approved by the Department of Health, and selling them is considered illegal because these are regulated items and classified under medical devices.

However, you can buy so many of these at malls - in Quaipo, Divisoria and Victory Mall in Monumento.

And with the price ranging from Php 400 - Php 1000, anyone who wants to look "cool" can buy it.

*Dorris was taken to an optometrist by the local tv show. The doctor's finding was a small tear caused by the contact lens that didn't fit his eye shape.This gave way to the bacteria living in the lens to penetrate his eye through the tear, thereby causing an incurable and permanent damage caused by infection.

Cheap and fake contact lenses come in two types of packaging:

Foil- type

Bottle- type

Not only that, you can also find cheap contact lens solutions and cute contact lens accessories such as the case and solution bottle: All at budget- friendly prices.

I hope the video is enough to convince you that you should NEVER buy cheap contact lenses.

For my foreign viewers, here are the reasons pointed out by the video as to why you should only purchase contact lenses from authorized retailers:

- Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) is a local government sector that regulates the cosmetics/food/drugs/supplements that are purchased and consumed by the public. If the items are not approved by BFAD, these cannot be sold. Licensed products bear the "BFAD- APPROVED" seal. The show has found out that these contact lenses are illegally sold in the market because these have not been submitted to BFAD for approval.

- The Integrated Philippine Association of Optometrists (IPAO) worked hand in hand with the show by testing some samples brought in by the tv program. According to the findings, the contact lenses are highly contaminated with different sorts of bacteria that can lead to infection and permanent damage. Contact lens production should pass strict hygiene standards. The fact that these are contaminated, means that these have undergone sub- standard processing and packaging.

- This is one of the reasons why Dorris developed an eye infection. Our eye shapes depend on what we're born with. Some eyes are flat, some are rounded. Some are small, and some are big. So contact lenses come in specific shapes and sizes to comfortably fit a particular set of eyes. If you're wearing the wrong pair, chances are, it could cause eye strain and bruising.

You may have a buffet of contact lenses to suit your outfit and mood, but you only have a pair of eyes to last you a lifetime. I have nothing against the contact lens trend, but bear in mind that you should never settle for anything less when it comes to dealing with sensitive body parts.

Disclaimer: The photos used in this entry are for the purpose of representation. These are not by the tv program or the tv station. These have been sourced from the internet. However, I did not include the names of the sites from which these have been taken from for the sake of protecting the credibility and integrity of the site/seller. If ever you come across a site/seller that bears any of the photos in this entry, please take note that these sites/sellers are not involved and have not been investigated in the tv program. Please purchase at your own discretion, as I am in no authority to authenticate any contact lens brand sold online.

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  1. I wear prescribed contacts as I hate wearing my glasses outside of home. I've wore prescribed colored contacts for years but after a while, the novelty wore off.

    I was surprised to find that these colored contacts that a lot of beauty/youtube bloggers/gurus wear can be had without prescription and worse, come in a one size fits all!

    I don't understand how anyone can wear a one size fits all type contact! When you have to wear contacts by prescription, you have to get fitted for them. Otherwise, they would move around your eye so much when you blink. That's massively annoying!

    On top of that, how can anyone want to spend money on something they would stick in their eyes without knowing if the company that makes them is producing them in sanitary conditions? All it takes is for one bad eye infection and you could alter or lose your vision. For me, my vision is much more important than trying to look cool.

  2. this scared me a lot.. the reason why i stopped fantasizing about circle lenses!!!

  3. nikita: thank you for the comment. I wore contact before 'cos I wanted to look "cool". I got a pair from Acuvue and it wasn't cheap! Yes, I even get fitted for it prior to purchase. So when I was starting to see contact lenses sold here, there, and everywhere, I couldn't help but raise a brow.

    donnarence: maybe if you'll get from dueba, it's fine. but if you're purchasing it from anywhere but optical shops, it's not advisable.

  4. I never really jumped into the cosmetic contact lenses craze. Especially after seeing how they are packaged in just bottles and I don't even know where those come from. I was just sure that those aren't from optical shops because they are so cheap. I don't want to put something on my eyes that I'm not sure is safe. And now here's the Imbestigador clip.

  5. thanks for this Martha! Kakatakot naman nito. Ang dami ngang nagkalat ng sellers at ang mumura ng prices...

  6. ive long been wondering why optical shops are not selling the brands of colored contact lenses many a beauty blogger are talking and raving about. this definitely answers it.. thanks!

  7. pammy: after watching the program on tv. i wanted to get a hold of my laptop and blog about it immediately!

    kim: you're welcome kim! sobra! baka matunaw pa mata mo!

    damnvixen: thanks too damnvixen!

  8. I went to EO before, and bought the Emotion dolly lens. Sadly, I could not wear it for more than two hours. I don't know, but some optical shops are kind weird these days. I also wonder if the circle lens that are being sold in our country really came from Korea. Most lenses that come in vials say that they are approved by KFDA. So far I have not experienced any problems with the Geo Dolly lens and Sparkle Dolly lens, but I heard that there are lenses sold in the bangketa for 50 pesos per pair!!!! I think the victim bought bangketa China-made contact lenses.

  9. Hi! This is a very informative post. You should keep on posting to educate the people about wearing fake contact lenses.
    Anyways, if you guys really want to wear contact lenses, you should first consider an eye check up. Then, you can choose if you really want to wear It's better safe than sorry, right?

  10. Some contact lens are fake. You can see it in the sticker, color and font naman. But the problem in the video is, nagpalitan sila ng contact lens na dapat HINDI gawin. And before bumili ng contact lens, make sure it's an original lenses and kung first time gumamit nito, 14.5 or 14.2mm muna ang gamitin.

  11. I personally think that these are very useful, especially to those people who use contact lenses rather than eyeglasses.


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