"Manos" is a Spanish word that translates to "Hands" in English. Recently, I got to try this brand new relaxing spot at Burgos Circle to treat my hardworking "Pies" (pi-yes) (feet).

The saying "Hardwork has its fruits" rings true for Manos' customers because its location is pretty hard to go to. I had to climb this looong flight of stairs to get to its location. There must be an elevator somewhere in the building, but it wasn't visible. When I have reached my destination, I have finally understood why people flock this place.

Who can blame these people? Manos is truly a relaxing and peaceful place, not to mention it's the only nail spa in the area. And methinks its location was chosen by the owners for a purpose. If you get a chance to sit in one of their seats facing the window, you'll get a pretty nice view of Burgos Circle. That, plus a massage or nail service, equals happiness, relaxation, and meditation (lol).

The ambiance of the salon is pretty homey. It reminds me of my room, and I love the balance of its vintage-country-contemporary interior design. It's not too pink, bright, and generic, unlike some nail salons. The walls and decor were painted in clean and cool colors, and they have helped me relax more in my pampering session.

Tired of reading the same ol' magazines? Then take a pick from their books!

No ma, they do not use generic and unbranded clear nail polishes. They use Orly!

Price is pretty affordable. I forgot the price range of their manicure treatments, as I rarely have my tips done in nail spas. For the pedicure treatments, regular treatment is around P250.00+.

The reason why I'm not fond of going to salons is because I can't stand sitting in a chair for hours. And I'm happy to know that Manos offers a quick pedicure treatment that's done in 30 minutes flat! At least I can have my favorite salon treatment every time I need it. And the speedy pedicure treatment only costs P180.00!

Service is awesome too. I've booked an appointment via their FB fan page, and I got a call from them a few seconds after my booking. Unfortunately, the place was still packed until closing time. After a few minutes, they called me again to ask if I still wanted to continue my appointment 'cos someone has cancelled a session. I said yes, and I lived happily ever after. Haha. :)
Now that's what I call CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Another cool news for me is that they do not charge for their branded nail polishes. Well, they do charge for their Chanel nail polishes, but that's understandable, as I know the cost of Chanel's nail polishes. But for Orly, China Glaze, and Zoya (yes, you've read it right. Even Zoya) nail polishes, they DO NOT charge for it, unlike some nail salons that would make me pay for their polishes at a price that can already afford a value meal in McDonald's (I wasn't paid by McDo).

What's more important is, my pedicurist (lol) did not inflict a single wound on my toes.

I'm happy with the service, happier with the price, and would be more than happy to go back.

*Manos is located at the 2nd floor of building with a BDO and Eastwest bank at the ground floor, and it's right across UCC Cafe.

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5 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This is the only mani pedi spa I've seen that offers books instead of magazines! Looks promising. :)


  2. the high ceiling gives a sophisticated yet homey look.. :) wanna try here sometime.. :D

  3. tanya: thanks dear! :D they also offer mags too, but the books are truly refreshing! :D

    theresa: you should! :D

  4. The ambience is really warm...initially I thought it was a resto..teehee...kinda far lang from my place..:(

  5. will eventually do once we hit the metro.. :)


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