Casmara Cosmetics: Spain's Leading Skin Care Brand is now here+Spanish Facial at Diana Stalder

Last year, we’ve experienced a bevy of Asian and American product releases and store launches in our country. And seems like 2012 will be a year of European brands invasion. Soon enough, the Philippines will become one of Asia’s beauty Meccas! Yay! No need to pre-order abroad any longer! :D

Recently, I've talked about one of Italy’s popular makeup brands, Royal Effem. And I’m going to tell you now about Spain’s most- recognized skin care brand, Casmara Cosmetics. It has finally debuted in our shores!

Casmara Cosmetics is a professional cosmetics company located in Valencia, Spain. For 37 years, Casmara Cosmetics has been known all over the world for their innovative skin solutions, painstaking product research and development, product manufacturing and distribution. Presently, Casmara Cosmetics is being distributed in over 60 countries.

Casmara Cosmetics does not have any makeup product in their selections. They only offer skin care products, treatments, and their world- famous masks.

When someone hears or reads the word ‘Cosmetics’, lip, face, and eye products first come to mind. Actually, the term ‘Cosmetics’ is used to refer to any treatment done to restore and improve the face and body. It is not to be confused with ‘Makeup’, a more apt term for anything that is topically applied to improve a person’s appearance. However, ‘Cosmetics’ is a general term, and it can also refer to ‘Makeup’.

What’s up with their world- famous masks? Casmara’s masks are not your ordinary facial masks. They’re in pure powdered form, and you can only purchase them from and use them in any dermatological clinic that offers Casmara products and services. I recently had a taste of the Spanish Facial+Casmara Mask during Casmara Cosmetics’ launch at Diana Stalder, National Life and Insurance Bldg., Makati City. FYI, Diana Stalder only uses authentic Casmara Cosmetics products for their Spanish facials.

According to Ms. Ruth (from Casmara Cosmetics), Casmara’s masks have long been existing in our country. The masks are being offered both in high- end and masstige clinics all over the Philippines, but a majority of them do not explicitly state that their masks are by Casmara. Why? That, I do not know. Company strategy, perhaps? But why is it important to know if a certain dermatological clinic is offering authentic Casmara masks? Apparently, there is a Chinese skin care company (the name escapes me right now) that has recently imitated Casmara’s masks-- same colors, same textures, same consistencies, and same fragrances, but price is cheaper than Casmara. But I doubt if the efficacy is the same as Casmara’s. And this Chinese company is manufacturing for derm clinics all over the world too, including the Philippines. If you want to get the real thing, get it from Diana Stalder. They offer Spanish Facials using authentic Casmara Cosmetics products and masks.

Choose from Diana Stalder’s wide array of exclusive Casmara facial services. Diana Stalder’s aestheticians were trained in the art of ‘Spanish Facials’ by one of Casmara Cosmetics Spain’s beauty consultants.

Casmara Cosmetics Exclusive Spanish Facials:

WRINKLE PREVENTION (Absolute RT4 Retinol Treatment)
SHINESTOP ACNE CLEAR (Selective Dermopurifying Shinestop Treatment)
BOTOX ALTERNATIVE (Rgenerin Inhibitor Contracture Treatment)
LIFT AND FIRM (Intensive Q10 Treatment)
NACAR WHITENING (Nacar Professional Treatment)

The Casmara mask is not inclusive if you purchase any of their Spanish Facials. Why? Ms. Ruth explained that the masks and products are so expensive, and they’re afraid that their Spanish Facials would be too costly for some of their patrons. That’s why they gave their patrons the freedom to choose whether they want to end their session with a mask or not. But I’m telling you, the masks are worth the try. The results showed right after my session!

Casmara Masks:

C-40 Bi-Phase Soya Mask (recommended for people over 40; w/ Bilberry extracts; anti- aging; all skin types)
Reaffirming Mask (recommended for Oily and Acne- prone skin; toning, detoxifying, purifying)
Vitamin Vegetable Mask (for all skin types; promotes skin lightening; has Dill to promote collagen synthesis)
Nova New Mask (for dehydrated skin; restores skin’s water balance)
Regenerin Mask (best for delicate and sensitive skin; has Linseed and Aloe Vera; soothing and regenerating)
Green Mask (for damaged skin; has Green Tea and Lavender extracts; prevents aging; soothing; relaxing)
Sensitive Mask (for sensitive skin; has Violet and Oat extracts; soothing; improves skin’s firmness)
Green Tea Mask (for tired and damaged skin; diminishes cellular aging; anti-stress and revitalizing)
Re6tense Mask (for flaccid skin; for all skin types; has Kiwi and Poppy Seed extracts; refreshing, soothing, and reaffirms skin)

I went for the Goji Antioxidant Spanish Facial+Reaffirming Mask. Check out how my Spanish Facial went!

Regular room: It only allows two clients at a time. Feels more secure and private!

My aesthetician for the day cleansed my face with Diana Stalder’s exclusive Vanishing Cream. It effectively removed every single trace of makeup. It’s unscented and gentle too!

Casmara Cosmetics is the first company to introduce the ‘Monodose System’, the first in the skin care world. It is an exclsuive facial format that determines the specific and ideal amount of products for your face. Casmara facials use the Monodose System all over the world. The products you’ll receive depends on the Spanish Facial you purchased. I got Goji Antioxidant, so I received these ampoules with powerful berry extracts. The aesthetician used 6 Casmara products that are divided into 6 ampoules. The following products are:

1. Non- abrasive exfoliating cream w/ extracts (for gentle exfoliation and unclogging of pores)
2. Toner
3. Light Hydrating Cream Serum w/ anti- aging extracts
4. Follow- up Liquid Serum w/ antioxidant properties
5. Moisturizer
6. Post- treatment cream+Sunblock

Ampoule 1 has a light consistency and light floral smell. It feels very luxurious on the skin.

Ampoule 2 is a water- based kind of cream that gets absorbed quickly. It leaves skin feeling fresh and smooth.

Ampoule 3 is a watery kind of serum. It dries up quickly, and leaves skin feeling soft and supple. It is followed by Ampoule 4, a moisturizer that preps skin before the mask.

Here’s the mask. I chose the Reaffirming mask because Ms. Ruth said that it has powerful oil absorbing properties, and it can leave my skin looking matte and fresh all throughout the day. Since I can’t wear makeup right after having a facial, I chose this one so I wouldn’t have to worry about my oilies for the rest of the day. It’s also the most recommended mask for people with oily or acne- prone skin as it has powerful detoxifying, toning, and hydrating properties. And take note, Casmara Masks are not ready- made, nor pulled out from a foil pack! They're in powder form, and mixed during the session. I love it because the active ingredients remain fresh prior to usage, which means they're 100 times more effective than those ready- made face masks.

Boo! Haha. The mask feels really cold! It’s as if the aesthetician’s putting a sheet of ice on my face. It was a bit irritating at first, but I got used to it eventually. It has a relaxing peppermint smell. I fell asleep a few minutes after the aesthetician applied the mask completely on me.

If there were a caveat, it’s the fact that you can’t talk to anyone for 30 minutes! Haha. But you can ask the aesthetician to skip putting gunk on your eyes and mouth, should you find it weird and bothersome.

After 30 minutes

The liquid mask dries up to a solid, gel finish, which makes it very easy to remove. FYI, Diana Stalder will also let you take your mask home because it’s still good for another 24 hours. Just pop it in the fridge when you get home, and use it the next day.

Ampoule 6 is applied right after the mask. It soothes skin, keeps it from getting dry, and protects it from artificial and natural UV rays.

And for the final touch, the aesthetician ran a Bioptron device all over my face to close my pores, and keep bacteria and dirt from entering them.

Voila! Check out my nice and healthy glow! Before the facial, my face looked dull, and its texture looked pretty gritty. (Oops! Forgot to take a pic) How I wish you guys were with me in my session so I could’ve let your hands touch my face. My face never felt this soft, and never looked this smooth! The mask indeed made my face look matte for the rest of the day. Some of the visible pores on my nose were tightened by the intense cooling effect of the mask. I highly recommend the Reaffirming mask to people with enlarged pores. It just magically erases those annoying holes!

Thank you Diana Stalder and Casmara Cosmetics for the wonderful treatment!

When I got home, I decided to use the mask for one last time. I can’t pop it in our fridge ‘cos my brother might think it’s Jell-O! Yikes!

Hmmmm. It’s not as good as it was when it was freshly peeled off from my face. The face mold was completely gone, and the mask crumbled into square patches. Well, I’m partly to blame as well because I never went home right after my facial, and I didn’t know that the Reaffirming mask needs to be refrigerated as quickly as possible. I didn’t ask the aestheticians for some guidelines though. The mask still felt cool and moisturizing, but it kept on falling from my face.

My advice to those who will try Diana Stalder’s Casmara Facials and masks: 1.) Bring a ziplock for your mask 2.) If you can, go home right away because the mask needs to be refrigerated asap.

Diana Stalder and Casmara Cosmetics also gave me some samples of their follow- up, take- home treatments namely the Stabilizer Serum, (which must be applied the next day prior to moisturizer) and a sample of their Hydro Absolute RT4 Retinol Cream. (My night cream for the next two- three days)

The Stabilizer serum is very watery, and it acts like a toner. I like it because it sorta’ made my moisturizer feel light than what it already feels.

The Hydro Absolute cream has a light floral fragrance and lilac color. It immediately made my face feel soft and smooth. My skin looked pretty radiant the next day.

In terms of customer service, I'm impressed. My aesthetician was very patient in answering all my queries about Casmara Cosmetics. And she really knows what she’s talking about. Forgive me dear aesthetician, for I have forgotten your lovely name. :p

One has to bear in mind that in any skin treatment, consistency is key. If a person desires to see astounding results, he/she should religiously follow a particular skin treatment. My first trial was impressive, and I think my skin could’ve improved significantly if I continued with Casmara’s treatments. I don’t have that much skin problems, so I rarely go to derm clinics for a facial. But if you can afford to splurge on facial treatments, or if facial is part of your skin maintenance, try these Spanish Facials and Casmara Masks in your next session!

Visit Diana Stalder in Facebook for more updates.
Good news! Casmara Cosmetics is giving away free Spanish Facials! So join, join, join! :D

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