New Crocs New You II: Because Crocs is fashionable+Win tons of prizes from Crocs!

Gone are the days when Crocs is just limited to cute toddlers. In the second phase of Crocs' NEW CROCS NEW YOU campaign, the brand raises the bar when it comes to ultra fashionable yet comfortable footwear.

Combining leather, textile, and strap details with the good ol' comfy rubber material, Crocs has released over a hundred new stylish footwear ranging from flats, wedges, sneakers, heels, boat shoes, and boots alongside the NCNY campaign. I tell you, the newest collections are just so fab and I can't help but wonder, "Are these really Crocs?"

Here's a preview of the fabulous pairs to expect from Crocs. Papers ready? Pens ready? Click READ MORE and start jotting down your Christmas wishes!

 Of course, Crocs will never forego the classic clogs that once ruled our closets. The classic clogs for kids now come in various color combinations and character- themed styles. And look! We also have cute booties for our boy tots!

 For stylish males, Crocs has one helluva handsome footwear collection. From casual trips to night events that require dapperness, guys will find a pair from Crocs!

 Oh how I wish I were a little girl when I've laid my eyes on this ultra cute collection for little girls! The little princesses in your lives will delight in Crocs' array of ballet flats, slip ons, and sneaks in character- themed designs and rainbow colors!

 Meanwhile, the ladies will also love the modish basic footwear collection. We have ballet flats, sneaks, and wedges in various textures, hues, and styles.

Ladies, these booties will truly make us sing in the rain! :D

Apart from this mouthwatering collection, Crocs Philippines has also released a minisite for the NCNY campaign.

At the landing page, you'll be greeted by the beautiful Laureen Uy, brand ambassador for Crocs. Joining her as Crocs' brand ambassadors are David Guison and Camille Co, fashion bloggers and mavens.

At the NCNY website, you will be entertained by an interactive questionnaire that will help you find your personal style using Crocs' newest collections, of course. It will also give you an idea on how to wear your favorite Crocs pair! At the end of the questionnaire, you will be asked to talk a lil' about your personal style and choices. And if you do, you have a chance to win any of the following prizes:

Weekend getaway for two at Shangri-La Hotel
New iPad
Tons of discounts vouchers

Wow, talk about having a very merry Christmas this year! So head on to the NEW CROCS NEW YOU MINISITE and start answering the questionnaire! Good luck! :)

 Thank you Crocs Philippines for this super wonderful pair! :D

I'll be at the Ayala Triangle Park tomorrow, and I'll take these mighty fine flats for a spin! :)

For more information about the campaign and the new collections, please visit CROCS PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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  1. I just love that violet crocs girls pair :) fashion + comfort. <3

  2. Jenny: same! :D

    Harmony: cute no? Argh! Unfortunately, they don't have those in my size. :p


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