FAN MAIL FRIDAYS: How To Highlight

Happy Friday everyone! I'm feeling a little industrious lately so I decided to make a video for this segment. We don't have a question right now, but a request. This one is from Cat:

Hi Ms. Martha!

Hope you can do a tutorial on how to use highlighters. Thank you!


Ack! Sorry, I look kinda' sleepy here. I filmed this around 3 am!

Here you go dear! Enjoy! :)

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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. loved it! quick and easy. hope you can do bronzing next time :)

  2. i love the idea of putting a powder highlighter over the cream highlighter!:) Thanks for this useful tips!:)

  3. Now I know why I tend to over-highlight some times. haha I don't clean my brush when I have to soften the sharp edges. Thanks Martha! Quick easy, but very informative! :)

  4. hayy kakatuwa nmn first tym ko to hear ur voice lavet! i read ur blog on a daily basis before i sleep kasama ka sa ritual ko. keep up d gud work!

  5. Great tutorial! Easy yet pretty! :))

  6. i love your voice <3 ty for the tutorial!

  7. this is great and fun too.more tutorials like this martha.^_^

  8. You're so cute! Thanks for the tips! :)

  9. Super love it!!! Quick, easy and very comprehensive! :)

    BTW, I think I was too sleepy while I was watching this (watched it now, at 7am...)... Muntik nang magpop yung mata ko nung may nakita akong nakasmile sa likod mo... hehehe... kala ko meron tao biglang sumulpot, yun pala, doll/mask cya... hehehe... not actually creepy, nagulat lang ako... >__<

  10. Angela: Hahaha! Those are my friendly Kabuki masks! :D Well, at least they woke you up! LOL! :D

    Carina: Hello and welcome to TBJ! You're welcome! :D

    Jenny: Thank you! :)

    Eloisa: Noted! :)

    Miz Eloise: Awww...That's so nice to read! :D Thank you also for being one of my avid readers. :D

    Katrina: Hi there! Oh I've been meaning to mention that too..Just forgot about it completely because I was reaaaallly sleepy already when I filmed this! Hehe! :D

    Harmony and Mitchie: You're welcome girls! :D

  11. Natawa din ako nung narealize ko na its a mask... I had to replay the tutorial to confirm na hindi ako namamalikmata... XD

  12. nice n comprehensive to martha natutunan ko tuloy agad.


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