Review: Snoe Rouge Deluxe Lipsticks

Here's a review on Snoe Rouge Deluxe Complete Lip Care

PRICE: P399.00
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Rouge Deluxe is one of Snoe's newest products in their makeup line. Snoe claims that it is a complete lip product that moisturizes, soothes, heals, and colors your lips at the same time. Currently, it comes in 6 shades including a limited edition shade-which happens to be my most favorite among the bunch- called Bite Me.

Packaging is made of plastic. It's aesthetically appealing, although I am not very partial to the feel of plastic tubes.


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 L-R: Bite Me, Chili Pepper, Just Peachy, Precious Pout, Vintage Rose, Heavenly Pink

 These lipsticks have good staying power. I tried rubbing the lipsticks off my arm and look, they have persisted! The lipsticks stain for a bit but they can be completely removed by any makeup remover, except Just Peachy and Chili Pepper, the shades that have the toughest stain among the six.

Uniformly, the lipsticks are smooth, soft, pigmented, and have a satin finish. They have this scent that I can't quite describe but for a clearer idea, recall the scent of natural cosmetic oils such as sunflower, jojoba, and macadamia mixed with a hint of bubblegum. It's a little strong at first, but the scent eventually fades. What I love most about Rouge Deluxe is that it does not dry out my lips--not at all!

Here are the lip swatches:

 Vintage Rose

 My most favorite shade among the six. It's a midtone Rose shade. Definitely the perfect color if you want to sport a clean, fresh look!

 Heavenly Pink

 Heavenly Pink is a pastel pink shade, reminiscent of MAC's Saint Germain. I even think that it is a good dupe of the latter. However, this is my least favorite shade because in general, I do not like how pastel pink shades would fare on me and how it would wash me out. If you like Saint Germain, then I would recommend this!

Precious Pout

 Precious Pout is midtone cool pink shade with a hint of coral. I like the way it brightens up my face.

 Just Peachy

 Just Peachy is a hot red orange shade. I don't even think that there's a peach undertone in it! I don't own MAC's Lady Danger nor have I tried it but based on the swatches in the Internet, I think this is a good dupe.

 Chili Pepper

 Chili Pepper is a clean true red shade. I think it will compliment a good range of skintones.

 Bite Me

 If you've been reading a lot about runway trends for fall, the statement black lip is one of the IT makeup looks this season. I have been looking for a good and accessible black-violet lipstick and I think this is it! Bite Me is a black shade with violet undertone. It's a little off if worn on an ordinary day but since I attend a lot of themed events, this baby will be perfect! I know for a fact that there are some known issues with black lipstick such as its streakiness and how it would settle badly into fine lines after a few hours of wear but so far, I haven't experienced these problems with this product. Out of the six, this is the only shade that settles into a semi- matte finish and stays put until you wipe it off, although it still needs a little retouching during wear. Nevertheless, it's a good black lipstick because it does not need any special technique whatsoever to make it look decent on your lips-It's just a swipe and go!

In conclusion, I think this a pretty good line: The quality is good and most especially, the shades don't look cheap at all! I hope Snoe will expand the line soon!

So far, what's your favorite shade among the six?

For more information about this line, please visit SNOE BEAUTE INC. on Facebook.

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24 Lovely Thoughts

  1. their shades are really addicting..i guess snoe they really go for leveling up.^_^

  2. Hi Ms. Martha! I just want to say that I really love Rouge Deluxe's Vintage Rose too! I'm using it everyday because it compliments my skin tone very well. Have a great day! :)

    Bea :)

  3. Vintage Rose looks so clean and pretty! Ang blooming lang. Bite Me looks great on you! Snoe nga lang yung may plum/black lipstick na maganda. I like Chili Pepper, because I can't get enough of red lipsticks. :)

  4. Blackened purple/violet really seems to be in these days. I have one from wet'n wild megalast vamp it up for Php 299

  5. I've been curious about these lipsticks. Great swatches! Bite Me is the most striking.

  6. Oohh! I like Precious Pout. I've been looking for a pink like that. I hope it would look that pink on me, though, because the same shade of lipstick can look different on people with differing skin tones.

  7. maganda nga ang vintage rose. looks like my lips only better kinda shade. i swatched heavenly pink parang barbie lips. kaya lang my lips are so chapped kata i ddnt get it. btw i like hw u showed un whole face m khit n its only a lipstick review. it really gives a clear idea how it will luk lyk if worn

  8. Those lipsticks look lovely! They're kinda expensive though. It would be hard for me to collect all the shades! Haha.

  9. Snoe's lipsticks look really beautiful. I've been reading all raves on their products. Wishing to try them out soon. Maybe have to include them on my wishlist. :) That black one needs some courage wearing, you definitely own it sister.

  10. I've got Snoe's toner. :-)
    sadly, it didn't work for me. As to this lipstick, I think it's kinda cool! :-)

  11. just peachy and chili pepper looks so gorgeous :D

  12. I have Vintage Rose Ms.Martha! :) And because of this review, I think I might be adding Just Peachy, Chili Pepper and Precious Pout! They look good on you and I think it is wearable on any dress or any occasion. :) Thanks for this!

  13. Yeeh I like the precious pout on you Ms. Martha! :) ganda...

  14. I officially want Just Peachy thanks to your post!

  15. i love snoe <3 Chili Pepper, Just Peachy, Precious Pout is on my wishlist <3
    i forgot which blog ive read but she use that pastel as a lip stain, and the color payoff is good, :)

  16. Sis basta lippie halos lahat bagay sayo :D But bet ko for this line is vintage rose, just peachy and chilli pepper.

  17. I got the Just Peachy shade during the Snoe Event and I love it. :) I think the heavenly pink would not match my skin tone too! hahaha!:) Will check out the Vintage Rose and Chili Pepper soon!:)

  18. Bought Precious Pout today because of this review! Love how the color looks on my lips! :) It's confusing though that it says in its box that it doesn't contain parabens, yet it has methyl paraben as one of its ingredients. Other than that, I'm pretty happy about my purchase. Will buy Chili Pepper next. :)

  19. I love each of these shades on you especially the Precious Pout. Thanks for this review. :)

    ~ Yette

  20. i'm curious about this because of my fondness for snoe and here it comes, the most awaited swatches. ^_^ i'm not considering buying this, because of the price. i think there are lots out there that are way cheaper but gives good quality. But i'm liking the vintage rose, it looks good on you ms. martha.

  21. I'm sooo gonna get Just Peach soon! Been obsessed with the shade Bite Me too!



  22. Bea: Hi there and welcome to TBJ! Great choice! I wear vintage rose on a daily basis too because it's so easy to wear. :)

    Mark: Yup! It's good! How I wish you could try it. LOL. :D

    Iya: Same! It's so unique! :)

    Patty: Thank you for your thoughts! :)

    Yette: You're welcome and welcome to tbj! :D

    Jas: Really? There is a contradiction in the ingredients list? Didn't notice that though. But hey, you're right! At least we're happy with Vintage Rose! Enjoy your lipstick! :D

    Mitchie: Great choice! :) The last two shades you've just mentioned will definitely look great on your morena skintone. :)

    Kath: Hi sis! What did you get during the event? I think Precious Pout will look marvelous on your skintone. :)

    Gellie: same sentiments! :) I guess it's the winning shade based on everybody's comments. :)

    Jenny: Yup, Heavenly Pink (which I suppose is what you're talking about) leaves a pink stain. I don't like it though :)

    Alexis: Go get it na dear! :D

    Iza: Hello! That would be great for Christmas then :)

    Nikki: Hello and welcome to TBJ! Well, there's nothing that saving up can't attain! *wink

    Sincere: Thank you! :)

    Miz Eloise: Hi there! Thank you for the compliment. Yup, that's how OC I am when I review products Hehe. Glad you appreciated it. :)

    Harmony: VERY gorgeous :D

    Belle: Hey there! :D Thank you! :) I hope Snoe opens a branch near your area soon :) Well, it's in the works already so please keep an eye for it. :)

    Aviva: Hi! Oh I totally agree with that. If you're a little fair, maybe it'll look a little warmer on you. :)

    Eula: Hi and welcome to TBJ! :D Agree with your comment on Bite Me. It's definitely something that every girl should own-well that is if you're an adventurous person. :)

    Rae: Hi Rae! I guess people are just looking for a good alternative to dark red for the holiday season. OR--people are just becoming more and more daring nowadays. Heh! I had one from Wet N' Wild too and it's called Black Orchid but the quality sucked big time. :p

    Helen: Hi there! Thanks for sharing! The quality of Chili Pepper's color is not at all cheap that's why I like it too. :)


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