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 For the past few months, I don't remember myself being in such a peaceful state as I've been working too hard for my own sake and my blog. To be honest, I am tired--so tired that I don't think a premium massage could rejuvenate me. Don't get me wrong-I am not complaining. I've been so blessed and I will forever be grateful for how benevolent God has been to me this year but for someone who has been working like a donkey, allow me to say I feel tired.

Anyway, I had a lovely day today. Just this afternoon, I was lounging in my bedroom with an empty mind and a cup of coffee in hand, while silently savoring the warm rays of sunlight hitting my face as it filled my bedroom with its golden glow. My sunday tracks composed of Maria Mena, Corinne Bailey Ray, Rufus Wainwright, and Damien Rice filled the air, and my Beagle was silently sleeping near my feet. Birds flew across the sky and I could hear the faint laughter of children from afar. I never knew time could be this slow.

In that precious moment of silence, I felt a genuine kind of happiness from within me-it's the kind of happiness I feel when I have found something that I've lost for a long time. And in that placid moment, I've finally found the cure to my tiredness and that is solitude--sheer, unobstructed solitude. I've realized that I've been so busy that I did not have the time anymore to reconnect with myself, my spirit, and the cosmic forces around me. (Yeah I believe in them) All the realizations and conversations I just had with myself was enough to replenish my depleting energy, and awaken a stronger sense of purpose that I never knew was there. Sometimes, sitting down and staying quiet is just the best thing to renew yourself. As Occam's Razor would put it: "The best answer is always the simplest solution." 

From now on, I will make it a point to return to tranquility and beautiful isolation in order for me to move further. I will always look forward to coffee, music, my bedroom, and the melodious sound of silence.

Speaking of the things that I'll look forward to, I just received a pleasant gift.

 Contained inside is a relatively new brand in our country, Fairydrops, and new products from K-Palette. I can't wait to see what they have in store for me and for you guys.

And finally, we have Syoss, another brand new hair care line made by Schwarzkopf. I think I want to take a bath tonight (which is very uncharacteristic of me) because I want to know how these products work.

One of the things I look forward to as well is the continuous growth of the beauty industry in our country: Talents are emerging, local beauty brands are starting to earn their much deserved attention, and more and more international beauty products are hitting our local shelves for our convenience. I think it's going to be very, very big next year. I can't wait to find out where it will go.

How about you? What are the things you're looking forward to?

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. oh.. we're all thankful that you and your blog exist.. you never knew what changes you have made in improving ourselves especially with our confidence of beauty. :)

    you deserved all of the treats you are receiving Ms. Martha.. :) God Bless you always! ♥

  2. awww. hard work really does payoff ms. martha and you really inspire us to be better in blogging :) 2 thumbs up for you!! ohhh I love syoss! they make my hair soft <3 i can't wait for reviews about the beautybox haul :D God bless ms. martha!

  3. At some point we all need to be just alone and think things over. Sometimes it's the sound of silence helps us realize how beautiful life is no matter how busy our days are. A good choice or music really helps!:) I love this post!:)

    On a lighter note, I'm drooling over your goodies!:) hehehe.. Will wait for your reviews!:)

    PS. It was nice meeting you at the Snoe event!:) I'm a fan!:)


  4. im looking forward to new things coming in my life... new work experience, new chances to improve myself, i love new things! i can't wait to read your review about the k-palette products. ^_^

    had a lovely sunday too... just unwinding... :)

  5. im looking forward to establishing my career.
    i've seen those fairy drops in some bloggers, yay cant wait for your review.
    it seems promising :)

  6. I always look forward to weekends because I go to Batangas (our hometown) to relax...

  7. Thanks for sharing girls! :D I hope you'll have a blessed week ahead. :) Can't wait to share what I think about Fairy Drops and K-Palette's products! :)

  8. Thanks for sharing girls! :D I hope you'll have a blessed week ahead. :) Can't wait to share what I think about Fairy Drops and K-Palette's products! :)


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