The Past, Present and Future of Snoe Beaute

Me with Jen and Gen, founders of Snoe Beaute and beauty bloggers Shen and Iya

 With a little over two years of existence in the beauty industry, it's hard to imagine how Snoe Beaute has managed to position themselves quickly as one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the country, given how tough the competition is in the market today. And with a string of stalls, a couple of boutiques (and more opening soon), an army of products, dozens of features in glossies and blogs, and billboards popping up around the metro, it's pretty hard to believe as well that Jen and Gen are only getting started. In their first- ever blogger event, I remember Jen telling me that she wants to make Snoe Beaute the biggest and number one beauty company in the country. Indeed, she meant every single word she said.

I digress. Going back to your roots is one of the ways to prepare for the future. One must reminisce how it all started in order to avoid doing the same mistakes, and to pick up some important lessons that had been left behind. In the 3rd blogger event of Snoe Beaute, the brand goes back to recount its milestones, celebrate the present, and plan for the future.


Here is the ever sweet and downright funny Leny, one of Snoe Beaute's first- ever employees. The company loves her so much because she's such a go-getter and hardworking gal. I love her too because she's very entertaining: There is never a dull moment whenever I am speaking with her. In here, she's posing with Snoe Beaute's first- ever products. Click READ MORE and let us recall their timeless classics, plus find out the fab array of products that they have just released, and the exciting products that you should look forward to in the future!

 Oldies but goodies: Here Comes The Sun Sunblock, Emu skin care line, Glam Jams, Snoe White Mask, and S Skin BB Cream. Among the bunch, my favorite is the Emucleanse Facial Wash. How about you? What is your favorite? 

 Snoe's first- ever makeup release, Poudre Extraordinaire, which is apparently one of the brand's best- sellers. I love this too, although I don't wanna spoil the fun so just await my review!


Here are Snoe Beaute's freshest releases:

 Anti- Acne products infused with Purewhite-DC, a derivative from Crown Wood Fern, a plant native in Korea. This type of Fern is becoming increasingly popular in most anti-acne products because it has been found to be a great antibacterial ingredient.

 Awesome Poresome: A pore minimizing and sebum- controlling skincare line.

BBfied- A pigment mix used to transform base products instantly into makeup, and to infuse them with the benefits found in BB Cream.

Rouge Deluxe- Lipstick, Lip balm, and lip treatment in one. My current fave shade is Bite Me.

 Hyperfunction Foundation: A skincare- based liquid foundation

 Meet the newest hero in town, Hair Heros Invisible Wonder Cleansing Oil Shampoo. It smells so lovely!

 Parallel CC Cream: Folks, this is the future of BB Cream. In a nutshell, CC cream is a more color- correct face base infused with the benefits of BB Cream. FYI, Snoe Beaute is the first- ever local brand that has released their own version of the CC Cream.


Bright. Better. Big. These are the best words to describe the future plans of Snoe. We have a lot of things to look forward to from the brand and I'm telling y'all now, it's going to be exciting!

Speaking of the future, I have met some of the young beauty gurus in the making. Incidentally, they're also my avid readers and I am so happy for finally meeting them in the flesh!

 Iya of Missplpify

 Eyah of Eyahnisms

 Gen-Zel of Gen-Zel Kisses

 Iza and her lovely daughter.

I had fun with everyone! And to all the new beauty bloggers I've met in the event, see you all soon and welcome to the wonderful world of beauty blogging! Enjoy!

As for Gen, one of the beauty and brains behind the brand, the future is definitely brighter as she is expecting her first angel! Congratulations in advance!

So what's in store for Snoe Beaute in the future? A LOT. Expect more makeups, new heroes joining the Hair Heroes line, wigs, and many more surprises. Without a doubt, Snoe Beaute is one of the forces to be reckoned with. 

In the meantime, let us enjoy their current offerings and do let me know what product/s you want me to review first!

To know more about the brand and their new products, please visit SNOE BEAUTE on Facebook and follow SNOE BEAUTY INC. on Twitter.

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  1. I'm sooo glad to meet you as well Martha! You have the word Model written all over you! You're so statuesque and gorgeous!



  2. Wow, you're so sweet as ever. Thank you for posting our photo together :"> You're really incomparable. I'm proud to be a fan! More power Ms. M! Finally, I was able to talk to you in person yay! :"> Hope to see you again :")

  3. thanks for sharing!! the cc cream is really interesting! hope you could share a review on the cc cream ^_~

  4. Sad that I missed the event ):

    But love your classy look here and the neon/edgy necklace. Hope to see you again sometime, Martha!

  5. So happy to meet you!!!:) I'm a fan!:) HAHA!! Will tweet you our pic!:) Hope to see you again, Martha!:)

  6. Lovely event! too bad I wasn't able to make it :( love the haul! hope to see the reviews soon :) God bless!

  7. Hello Martha! Twas great seeing you sa event :) Wala nga lang tayo photo kasi na drain na yung battery ng digicam ko. Lot's of stuff to review :D Will wait for your reviews. Hehehe!

  8. Kinikilig ako.. :) You remember me :)) I was actually stunned when I saw you.. ang pretty..

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    THank you Martha your sweet :)

    Eyah of Eyahnism :)

  9. hi miss martha! waiting for the reviews. I've been eyeing on that poudre phenomenon and that CC cream. I'm using here comes the sunblock, hair and body glaze (your review about it helps before buying it,lol) and their soaps (citronella, oatmeal, bleaching and kojic with glutha) in fact i'm on my second soap of kojic with glutha, needed to hoard, some of their products are on sale now. loving it to bits ^_^

  10. OH WOW! It is such an honor to have met you Ms.Martha! Thanks for posting a picture of me and my daughter. :) Hoping I could meet you again.

  11. Soo nice to see you, Martha! Please do review the eye serum. (I'm thinking of buying it.) I'm excited for the new Hair Heroes too. :D

  12. Hi fellow bloggers! I'm happy to have met everyone. See you all soon! :)

    Patty and Janet: Noted! :)

  13. ang gaganda ng mga beauty bloggers ng pinas.walang sinabi ibang bansa sa talino at kalidad ng bawat bloggers na pinoy!!! i salutte filipino bloggers <3


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