Last Minute Hauls and Gifts :)

Just went around for a bit today to complete my Christmas gift list. I've also received a couple of gifts from some of my favorite brands last week. To these brands, thank you for your support and trust! :)

 This little book of miracles is my gift to my BF's dad....

 While this brand spankin' Blackberry Curve 8500 is my gift to my BF. I think he'll love this as a replacement for his old, beaten up cellphone. We've been together for over 5 years and I figured, it's now time for me to give him something worthwhile. :)

Click READ MORE and see the gifts! :D

Something from Zen Zest :)

 I LOLed at this card right after reading it. If you may recall, Zen Zest had a Diva Off challenge with some of their favorite beauty and fashion bloggers and I won the grand prize. I haven't been practicing my singing skills for a long time now so thank you, Michelle, for letting me know that I still got it! :D

 Inside the gift box are posh versions of her best- selling Home Fragrances. I got a Christmas Tree Fragrance, (interesting!) Cabinet Deodorizer, and Kitchen Fragrance.

 I am not sure if they are available for retail though, but you can always drop by at any Zen Zest store/stall to inquire. If they are, then I think they make an impressive Christmas gift!

 Ooooh...This box from Mandom Philippines is quite heavy. I wonder what's in it? Shoes? LOL!

 Well, it ain't a cool pair of shoes, but they're quite awesome as well! I got four bottles of Bifesta, a very popular makeup remover in Japan. Anybody here who have heard of or used this product? Let me know how you love/hate it! :)

 Something from Revlon: They sent me a loot of their brand new Colorstay Overtime Mascara and Age Defying Pressed Powder products. Yay to more makeup!

 A rather useful gift from Sample Room: I love pillows and this one is another great addition to my collection. It's so fluffy! Thank you very much, Team Sample Room!

To end this post, here's something I picked up today from Laneige's Shangri-La Mall branch. I was almost at the brink of buying their Water Sleeping Pack because I've read so many raves about it online. Looks like I don't have to anymore because I got two, plus deluxe samples of the Yogurt Peeling Gel, Yogurt Repair Pack, and Water Bank Essence. Laneige is one of the brands that I'm looking forward to discovering this 2013, so stay tuned for the reviews next year! Oh, Thank you, Laneige Philippines! :)

That's it! Happy holidays! Avoid the Christmas rush by checking out my Last- Minute No- Stress Gift Guides for men and women. They're coming up next, so stick around! :)

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Got one of the bifesta from singapore. It works wonders..doesn't sting your eye, and it is water essentially it is really good for you skin.

  2. Yay! The singing sensation :))) Excited much for 2013 because you got new stuff to review like the Madom and Laneige.

  3. omg the packaging of revlon so cute~
    ive been reading a lot of reviews in laneige, and they all love it~ cant wait for your reviews :)

  4. i didnt know you can sing! i thought of you as a dancer more than a singer :D

  5. Yanny: Why thank you for the compliment because I have always wanted to be a very good dancer but alas, God had intended me to be a singer haha. happy holidays!

    Jenny: Noted! Thanks and merry xmas!

    Kath: Same here! :D Thanks for being an avid reader for the entire 2012. Cheers to 2013! :D Happy holidays!

    Dappletheworld: Thanks for your thoughts! I'm on my second day of usage and so far, so good. :D Merry xmas!

  6. i love book, and when I saw the 365 daily affirmations, I wanted to look for this and start to read for the 2013.happy holidays!:)

  7. congrats Martha and happy holidays :)


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